Brock Lesnar talks to Paul Heyman about returning to UFC – why now?, who initiated talks?, more

Brock Lesnar (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Just before the start of Raw, Paul Heyman’s “Heyman Hustle” website released a sit-down interview between Heyman and Brock Lesnar discussing Lesnar’s return to UFC in July.

Lesnar said he made the decision because he wants to. Also, because he did not leave UFC on his terms “losing” to diverticulitis. Lesnar said he’s not returning to UFC to avenge his final loss in December 2011, but to avenge losing a battle against diverticulitis.

“I was faking it. I was faking it just to be in there. I was faking it that a disease [wasn’t] more powerful than me. I was faking it that I was more powerful than it. I want to go back into that Octagon. I want to have fun,” Lesnar told Heyman.

Lesnar also said he initiated conversations with UFC’s Dana White about fighting again. “Dana White didn’t call me up for this. I made the phone call,” Lesnar said. “You can’t get into the Octagon half-assedly. Nor would I make the call if I wanted to half-assedly get in the Octagon. I’m smarter than that, I know how dangerous it is. It’s a dangerous sport. I wouldn’t put my health at risk [like that]… I’m 100 percent all in. All in. No doubts in my mind. At all.”

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