6/15 Lucha Underground Viewers – how did the one-match show fare?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week’s Lucha Underground episode increased in the original airing, but dipped in total viewership for a one-match show determining the #1 contender to the LU Title. The show was also likely affected by Pop TV airing a TNA Impact encore.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

June 15: This week’s Lucha episode drew a total audience of 128,000 viewers.

The first airing drew 89,000 viewers, up slightly from 85,000 viewers last week.

However, the replay dipped to 39,000 viewers from 61,000 viewers last week, producing an overall decline.

The replay aired at 9:00 p.m. EST opposite the TNA Impact encore presentation on Pop TV, likely affecting viewership.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha drew a median age audience of 47.5 years-old, which was older than last week’s audience.

However, the original airing drew more adults 18-49 viewers and males 18-49 viewers.

The show lost a bunch of female 18-49 viewers, though, resulting in a split of 91 percent m18-49 and 9 percent f18-49.

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  1. I hate these one match episodes or one battle royal episodes that Lucha Underground has produced throughout their tenure. Seems like a way to take a week off for talent. Just my opinion on that one. They’ve been struggling this season.

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