RADICAN’S SHINE 35 iPPV Review – Historic title main event, Ellering vs. Blanchard, overall review

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

SHINE 35 iPPV (WWNLive.com)


JUNE 17, 2016


(1) Ivelisse won a Money in the Bank contract by defeating Santana Garrett, Kellie Skater, Mia Yim (Jade in TNA/on crutches with an injured ankle), and Nicole Matthews. (**1/4)

(2) Maria Maria & Luscious Latasha beat Rhia O’Reilly & the debuting Viper. (**)

(3) Kellyanne beat the debuting Chelsea Green from Tough Enough. (***1/2)

(4) SHINE tag champions B.T.Y. (Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson) beat Evie & Shazza McKenzie to retain the SHINE Tag Titles. (***)

(5) Rachael Ellering beat Tessa Blanchard. (***1/2)

(6) Su Yung beat Kay Lee Ray. (***3/4)

(7) Ivelisse (w/Amanda Rodriguez) submitted SHINE champion Taylor Made to capture the SHINE Women’s Title in a four-way match also involving SHIMMER champion Madison Eagles and TNA Knockouts champion Allysin Kay (Sienna). (****)

Overall Thoughts (8.0) – This felt like a really inspired show from Shine. The main event alone with the TNA Knockouts Champion, The Shine Champion, and The Shimmer Champion was already loaded enough, but then Ivelisse cashed in the MITB contract she had won earlier in the night, which met the match featured talent from TNA, Shimmer, Shine, and Lucha Underground. The match ended up capping off what turned out to be a really good show with some really good matches up and down the card.

The show got off to a bit of a slow start. Ivelisse being inserted into the MITB opener was a nice surprise, but the match itself was just average, as was the match that followed it with Latasha picking up another lucky win.
The show picked up from that point on and didn’t let up. Lead commentator Rob Naylor did a really good job of taking control and carrying Leva Bates and Trevin Adams to a really good call of the show.

Ellering vs. Blanchard was a really good back and forth match between two young talents that have a ton of potential. Some of the exchanges showed a lot of light, but overall both women did a good job of selling emotions with their facials. Blanchard seems to really be coming along nicely as a heel.

Yung vs. Ray was really good and the crowd ate up the action. They had a fun brawling segment near the bar and went back and forth until the finish with Yung putting Ray away with a sit down driver.

The main event felt like it was going to be flat, as the crowd didn’t seem to care for Eagles, Kay, or Made. Things really picked up once Ivelisse came out and cashed in her MITB briefcase that she had won earlier in the night. With all the titles on the line and women from multiple promotions competing against each other, this match felt special. Everyone in the match put tougher a great effort. Eagles is really underappreciated as a talent. She’s one of the best female talents in the world and doesn’t get enough credit for how good she is in the ring. She was really good in this match, as she threw some really nasty Germans throughout the match.

This match built like a roller coaster down the stretch with some really good multi-women spots and a killer tower of doom spot that really fired up the crowd. Ivelisse winning in the end was a nice touch as well and she seemed to be genuinely emotional after becoming the first two time champion in Shine.

“Shine 35” definitely deserves a look if you didn’t watch it live. The show built from match to match. The last two matches were really good and the main event capped off a fantastic overall effort from the roster. Thumbs up.

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