Valentino’s Magic, Memories & Mania: “La Bulla” – Unmasking Lucha Libre in L.A.

By Shawn Valentino, PWTorch specialist

Eddie Guerrero Lowrider - "La Bulla" wrestling event Los Angeles (credit Shawn Valentino)


MAGIC, MEMORIES, AND MANIA: “La Bulla” – Unmasking Lucha Libre in L.A.

This is a fascinating time to be a wrestling fan. WWE has a virtual monopoly in the industry, but there are also more options than ever to watch different visions of what is professional wrestling.

In Los Angeles, there are numerous independent promotions, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. One of the most interesting events I have ever been to was a Lucha Libre showcase called “La Bulla.”

It was an electrifying Mexican themed party at a park in downtown Los Angeles. I was a masked Luchador promotional rep for El Jimador tequila, and the event was an alcohol-fueled romp with a festive atmosphere and fascinating spectacle. Many even expected me to take off the tux and get in the ring! Here are some of the things I took away from the event.

(1) Sometimes it is fun to get away from the big stadiums and arenas and experience wrestling with an up-close and personal underground feel.

(2) These indy wrestlers work really hard at being clear cut heroes and villains in the context of the match.

(3) There was a beautiful exhibit of Lucha Libre art on display showcasing that wrestling is a respected art form in Latin culture.

(4) WWE is really missing out not having a main event star to capitalize on the Latin market.

(5) Even if you are disgruntled with WWE, there are opportunities to see a wide variety of wrestling events if you are a fan.

It was also special to see a low-rider designed by Batista as a gift to Eddie Guerrero, which was a reminder that the legacy of Eddie lives on, and he remains a hero in the community.  It was a memorable experience going behind the scenes at a Lucha Libre event, all while wearing a mask myself.

After being part of this spectacular event, I wanted to encourage all of you to research your local independent promotions. You may rediscover your passion for wrestling or you may just find a fun alternative to the WWE product.

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