PWTorch Report – TNA’s next “live” Impact special, have production workers been paid?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


– TNA’s next semi-live Impact is scheduled for mid-August as part of the timeslot change to Thursday nights on Pop TV.

After wrapping up this week’s Impact TV tapings, TNA is planning to return to Universal Studios in Orlando in August for the next set of tapings.

– PWTorch has also learned that TNA is still behind on paying some production workers from the beginning of the year, now 5-7 months after services were rendered.

TNA handed off the production aspect of their business to Aroluxe Media, but TNA is still responsible for payment.

Since TNA has been going through the process of trying to find an investor or buyer throughout 2016, while also trying to cut costs, the production pay continues to be an issue.

There are signs of cutbacks on the TV broadcast, where replacements are filling in for former production workers who are no longer working the tapings.

4 Comments on PWTorch Report – TNA’s next “live” Impact special, have production workers been paid?

  1. How is it that Dixie can have the money to sign a big free agent like Moose yet still be behind in paying the production staff? Unless she’s running a Ponzi scheme of sorts.

    Is Dixie a wealthy person in real life?

  2. I think we will hear more about the pay issues soon, many of the workers are organizing together to take legal action against TNA.

    They just keep digging a bigger hole, and running 6 days next month is just more $$ they don’t have. They will eventually run out of production staff in Orlando willing to gamble on getting paid. That would mean flying in extra people, which adds to the overall budget/debt to run each event.

  3. dixie’s father runs a billionaire company of course she is rich by not selling she is thinking of herself not the talent.

  4. It seems that Aroluxe may of invested more $ in TNA last week, and was able to pay Universal for next months tapings in advance. Universal was not willing to accept any more late payments. Hopefully Aroluxe will pay the staff that has been waiting for months to be paid.

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