7/18 WWE Superstars Results from Raw TV

WWE Raw TV Taping Report
July 18, 2016
Providence, R.I.
Report by Sean Ryder & Jay Duddy, PWTorch readers

Prior to Raw, WWE taped this week’s Superstars matches…

Superstars Results

(1) Summer Rae beat Alicia Fox. Quick match. Bad finish. Quick roll-up after a bump into the turnbuckle.

(2) The Usos beat The Dudleys. The Usos were booed big time. Very pro-Dudleys crowd. Bubba tried to turn the crowd by teasing a table spot. Hot tag after Devon missed a top rope headbutt. The Usos made another big comeback to boos. Uso kicked out of a reverse 3D, then the Usos hit a superkick and Uso splash for the win.

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