WWE PPV REAX – Battleground 0-10 Poll Results, Best Match, Reader Feedback

The Shield WWE Title match - Battleground PPV - July 2016 (photo credit WWE.com)


WWE Battleground PPV Polls 7/24

– Rate Battleground 0-10…

  • 8-10 Score – 41%
  • 6-7 Score – 39%
  • 5 Score – 15%
  • 3-4 Score – 3%
  • 0-2 Score – 1%

– What was the Best Match of the PPV?

  • Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens – 75%
  • Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Reigns – 16%

WWE Battleground PPV Reax 7/24

– Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent (6.5): Best Match: The Club vs. Cena & Enzo & Cass. Worst Match: Natalya-Lynch, although it wasn’t bad at all. Good “secondary” show. The Styles six-man tag was loads of action, although the promo by the faces prior to the match was a little long. Wyatts-New Day was strong as I’d expect.

The triple threat WWE Title match was also strong, with Roman Reigns returning to the crowd animosity that he left. There was something “TVish” about having Stephanie, Foley, Bryan, and Shane at ringside, but the post-match “locker room” celebration was a good touch. Zayn-Owens put on an excellent performance. I like the Darren Young/Bob Backlund pairing…fun.

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