Video – Lilian Garcia further explains why she left WWE

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Lilian Garcia - "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro"


Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia addressed her decision to leave WWE to care for her ailing father on “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro.”

“Being at WWE is no longer an option,” Garcia said. “Being on road, skipping work, that’s never been me…you just can’t call in sick or take a leave of absence there, it just doesn’t happen. So it’s the right time for me to be gone from WWE for sure. I can spend way more time with him which is priceless.”

Garcia said her dad tried to convince her to stay with WWE, but she knew that wasn’t the right decision.

“I can’t even imagine being on the road right now. If I was still there, my heart. I would literally take off and be on a plane and be like, ‘What the hell I shouldn’t be on a plane right now.’ I want to enjoy every second I can with him. So I’m glad I’m not there for that reason. I miss the fans tremendously, I miss the show, I miss everybody I work with. I wish I would’ve even gotten to say goodbye, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. It was just these decisions that were happening so quick and everything. But I do have to say one thing. WWE fans are incredible.”

Garcia said she’s still making herself available for any type of special event or special project that she could be part of, so she’s not completely done with WWE.

“If they were to call me to do something special…totally. I’d be all over it. It’s just a place that has really been good to me, and has been a wild ride,” Garcia said.

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