9/14 Lucha Underground Viewers updated with big DVR audience

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


With a lot of attention on WWE’s programming Wednesday night, Lucha Underground’s Season 3, Week 2 episode tumbled in total viewers from the season premiere.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

September 14: Lucha Underground totaled 154,000 viewers, down 12.5 percent from the season premiere.

The first airing drew 99,000 viewers, down from 128k last week.

The replay then drew 55,000 viewers, up from 48k last week, but not enough to make up for the drop in the first airing.

DVR Update: Lucha Underground added 43,000 DVR viewers – one of the highest totals in the show’s history.

This brought the total audience to 197,000 viewers…

  • First-Run airing: 99,000 viewers
  • Replay: 55,000 viewers
  • DVR viewing: 43,000 viewers

– DEMOGRAPHICS: LU drew a median age viewer of 56.5 years-old, much older than 50.6 for the season premiere.

As a result, Lucha’s adults 18-49 audience fell 35 percent from last week.

Within that, males 18-49 viewership was nearly cut in half, while females 18-49 viewership stayed the same as last Wednesday as one bright spot this week.

The resulting split was 66 percent m18-49 and 34 percent f18-49.

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