VIP AUDIO 9/22 – Thursday Livecast – Keller catches up with Mick Karch on wide range of topics from Heenan and Bockwinkel to Reigns and Ranallo (86 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch editor Wade Keller talks live with Mick Karch, one of the tenured pro wrestling announcers currently active. They discuss a wide-ranging list of fascinating topics from the contributions and legacy of the late Nick Bockwinkel and how he is underappreciated by today’s fanbase, to Bobby Heenan’s continued active appearance schedule and what made him so great, to a discussion the state of wrestling announcing and how it could improve and why it’s faltered over the last 10-20 years, have crowds in past generations dating back to the 1970s ever rejected babyfaces and cheered heels at the rate they do today and is it a solvable problem, to the changes in the attitudes and approaches of indy wrestlers today compared to 30 years ago, and much more. The scope of this discussion is vast, and Karch brings insights and anecdotes few others today can provide based on his decades of experience active in pro wrestling, which includes a continued busy schedule in Minnesota and the East Coast, along with his current viewing of the WWE product weekly.

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