DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REPORT 10/12: Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Evans, Sexy Starr, Pentagon Dark

Rey Mysterio arrives at Lucha Underground (c) El Rey Network


Lucha Underground Report
October 12, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #6 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a recaps of Mysterio-Chavo, Wagner-Sagrada, Mundo-Dario, and Famous B-Son of Havoc.

Backstage: El Dragon was prepping in the locker room when suddenly Chavo Guerrero attacked him with a chair. Chavo hit him over the head several times. He ran into Rey Mysterio as he left. Mysterio walked back to find Azteca unconscious. Rey then yelled at Chavo very dramatically.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show. He hyped the main event of El Dragon Azteca vs. Pentagon Dark (yeah that match ain’t happening). Vampiro then threw to Santos to kick off the night. 

In ring: Santos introduced Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr. Next out was Sagrada and Havoc who came out on a motorcycle.



B and Wagner dove to the outside and missed Havoc and Sagrada. Havoc and Sagrada then dove onto them and continued to dominate on the outside. Havoc took Wagner into the ring and they traded moves back and forth. Havoc tagged Sagrada who got manhandled by Wagner. B tagged in and continued to beat down Sagrada. Wagner came back in the ring and beat down Sagrada. Sagrada fought back and rolled to tag Havoc. Havoc took control and attempted a pin which B broke up. Havoc beat on B then tagged Sagrada. Wagner took out both Havoc and B then let B get the pin.

WINNER: Dr. Wagner and Famous B at 4:30. NOTE: The bell never officially rang to start the match.

Still to come: Sexy Star vs. Jack Evans and El Dragon Azteca vs. Pentagon Dark


Vignette: Follow the white rabbit. They’ll be here soon.

Announcers: Striker reported on the injury of El Dragon Azteca. He then hyped that next week Prince Puma will face Mil Muertes. Striker then threw to the ring.

In ring: Santos introduced Jack Evans followed by Sexy Star.

2 – Gift of the Gods Champion SEXY STAR vs. JACK EVANS – Gift of the Gods Championship match

Star and Evans fought back and forth for the majority of the match. Towards the end, Black came out and leaped onto the ring barrier. Mundo then attacked Star from behind and gave her a spear. Evans tried to roll up Star but she kicked out. Drago and AeroStar came out and to take down Black and Mundo. Fenix came in the ring to distract the referee which allowed Star to hit Evans with a low blow with a kendo stick then roll him up for the pin.

WINNER: Sexy Star at 9:14 to retain her title

Still to come: Pentagon Dark vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.


Dario’s office: Dario told Chavo that Dragon won’t be coming back from the hospital so he will face Pentagon. Rey came storming in and confronted Chavo. They briefly brawled. Dario said tonight the match would be a three way with Pentagon.

In ring: Santos introduced Pentagon Dark.

[JD’s Reax: Is Pentagon a face now? He was playing to the crowd and giving out high fives. He has been cheered ever since his turn so maybe they just decided that now he’s a face.]

Stage: Dario came out and said that the match tonight is now a three way. He told Santos privately the new opponents. 


In ring: Santos introduced Chavo and Rey to the ring.


Mysterio took out Chavo to start. Pentagon launched Chavo to the outside. Mysterio took out Pentagon then dove onto Pentagon hand Chavo on the outside. Rey beat on Pentagon while Chavo grabbed a chair on the outside. Pentagon kicked Chavo in the face. Pentagon beat down Chavo then took out Rey. Pentagon sit up a chair in the corner across the ring. Rey tried to roll up Chavo. Chavo fought back then got taken out by Rey and Pentagon. Pentagon knocked Rey to the outside then fought Chavo. Pentagon then switched his focus to Rey. Rey set up Pentagon and Chavo for 619. It hit Chavo but Pentagon ducked it and hit a package pile driver for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark at 9:23.

Post-match: Rey avoided getting his arm broken by Pentagon. Chavo then attacked Rey and hit him with a chair. Chavo hit Rey’s knee with a chair. He then set up Rey in the corner. Chavo hit the ref then hit Rey’s leg again. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Does Rey have no more friends? Where was Puma, Fenix, AeroStar, or Drago to save him? Is Pentagon a face? He acts like one in his entrance and during the match but then he tried to break Rey’s arm and didn’t help Rey at all? I’m so confused! I hate triple threats but this one did make sense from a storyline perspective. I just wish that they would have waited and built to Rey vs. Chavo. I liked having less backstage segments because when they happen infrequently they mean a lot more. Highlight of the show for me was that they built and hyped next week’s main event of Mil Muertes vs. Puma.

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