MCMAHON’S TNA IMPACT WRESTLING REVIEW 10/13: Live ongoing coverage including Eddie Edwards title fallout, Gail Kim vs. Maria, Bennett vs. Cody


OCTOBER 13, 2016


ANNOUNCE TEAM: Josh Mathews and “The Pope” DeAngelo Dinero.

-The show opened with the Impact graphic and highlights of last week’s program, where Eddie Edwards beat Bobby Lashley to capture the TNA World Hvt. Title.

-Edwards makes his entrance into the Impact Zone as Mathews welcomes us to the show. Mathews said that Edwards is already trending worldwide …

“Honestly, as I stand here right now in front of all of you, in front of the people at home and in front of Wolves nation,” Edwards said, “even holding this belt in my hand, it doesn’t feel real to me. This moment is something I’ve imagined my whole life, and this moment has happened.”

The crowd began to chant, “You deserve it!”

Edwards then thanked his family, friends and Wolves nation. He said that he could not have won the title without the support of all of those people. Edwards said that 14 years prepared him for this moment and he’s now the man atop Impact Wrestling.

“Lashley,” he said, “I faced you two times before and you beat me. You beat me fair and square. But this time, something was different. Something in my heart and in my mind, I just knew I could beat you and I did just that!”

Edwards said he never gave up. He said that this is going to be a fighting champion, and will represent Impact to the best of his ability, and someone would have to kill him to take the belt from him. Edwards said the the proved Lashley could be beaten, and he’ll do it again.

Lashley’s music then hits and he walks to the ring with a purpose. He hits the ring and immediately takes down Edwards and throws some punches before grabbing his throat with two hands and tries to choke him on the mat. After releasing the choke, Lashley grabbed the belt and looked at it but Edwards came back with more fight. Lashley then hit a huge spear, twisting Edwards inside out.

Lashley told Edwards if he’s not going to run and hide, then Lashley said he would punish Edwards. Lashley demanded his rematch right now, and told a referee to get out to the ring.

With no referee coming, Lashley grabbed a chair. As soon as he entered the ring ECIII and Moose ran in to save Edwards.

McMahon’s Analysis: Not the greatest promo for Edwards, who has never been known as a great promo. The message was good, but the delivery was awkward and didn’t feel very genuine. It resembled a WWE scripted promo. His words felt forced. They need to do something different with Edwards and this just didn’t feel special enough for his first promo after winning the title.

-Backstage, the Tribunal approaches Aiden O’Shea and said they needed to talk to Billy Corgan right now. O’Shea said that he is an employee of Mr. Corgan, and he suggested that they make an appointment. O’Shea said The Tribunal hasn’t been impressive lately, and that message comes from Corgan. O’Shea said The Tribunal is on the bubble, and he suggested that they do something impressive.

-Jeremy Borash is in the interview area and he brings in Billy Corgan. Borash asked if Lashley would get a rematch tonight? Corgan said he has a real problem with Lashley attacking the champion. Corgan said, “poof” his automatic rematch is gone. Corgan said the Lashley would face the winner of tonight’s main event. Borash asked what the main event was? Corgan said he was going to go figure it out.

(1) ARON REX (c) vs. JESSIE GODDERZ – Impact Grand Championship match

[Round 1]

Prior to the match, Mathews noted that Godderz has a hamstring injury, and that’s why it’s taped.

Godderz scores a takedown to begin the match and Rex rolled under the rope to force a stand up. Back to their feet, Godderz again scores a takedown. Mathews references Godderz’s amateur background from high school as Godderz is using some amateur holds and takedowns.

While Rex has a hold on the mat, Mathews said that he’s trying to figure out what tonight’s main event is, and he’s keeping an eye on his phone.

With 1:30 left in the round, Rex backs Godderz into the corner and Godderz is then able to snatch a side headlock. Godderz moves into a top wrist lock.

Scores: Jessie Godderz, 30-27.

[Round 2]

Rex drops down and tries to roll through for a pin right as the second round begins, but Godderz kicks out at one.

Godderz then was able to lock Rex into another headlock and control him on the mat. Rex scored a double-leg takedown but Godderz bounces back up. Back to a standing position, Rex and Godderz trade takedowns and Godderz is able to apply an Adonis Crab.

Rex is trying to crawl to the ropes and he’s able to after being in the hold for about 20 seconds.

Godderz then puts an arm bar on Rex, controlling Rex yet again. Mathews said that he has never seen this sort of poise from Godderz before.

With 10 seconds left in the round, Rex was able to hit an elbow but it was too late to capitalize on anything.

Scores: Jessie Godderz, 30-27.

[Round 3]

Mathews notes that Rex needs a pin or submission in the final round in order to retain the title. Pope said Rex’s strategy hasn’t worked for two straight rounds, so he needs to change it up.

Rex is flustered outside the ring, slamming on the mat. Godderz holds the rope, inviting Rex back in the ring.

Two minutes left … they lock up and Godderz gets a waist lock broken up with an elbow. Off the ropes, Rex hits another big elbow, which forces Godderz to fall to the outside.

Now Rex holds the ropes for Godderz, inviting him back in the ring with 1:30 left. As Godderz came back in the ring, Rex hit a Revelator and scored the pin as the crowd booed.

WINNER: Aron Rex via pinfall to retain.

After the match, Rex applauded Godderz, who rolled out of the ring and walked slowly to the back.

McMahon’s Analysis: Is Rex a babyface or a heel? I can’t tell, and neither could the live crowd. They think he’s a heel, because after knocking out Godderz, they were clearly booing. If TNA isn’t turning Aron Rex heel, I genuinely have no idea what they’re doing with him.

-Backstage, O’Shea is outside of Corgan’s locker room. Lashley came out and said that he should be pissed off about things, but he’s willing to compromise. Lashley said he has a surprise for a few people tonight.

-Matt Hardy and Brother Nero are shown backstage. Hardy said that at The Great War, they won the greatest battle of all time. Brother Nero said he has repaid his broken brother. Hardy said he doesn’t want Brother Nero on the obsolete ladders, but he loved when Nero jumped on top of “Loco Steve.”

Hardy told the audience to join them, as they usher in the broken era.

-Backstage, Maria told Allie she will end Gail Kim once and for all. Maria asked where Laurel and Sienna are? Allie said that she has received an important email. Allie read the email, which said Allie, Sienna and Laurel were all banned from ringside for Maria’s match tonight against Gail Kim. Allie suggested that Maria win the match on her own, to which Maria screamed Allie was stupid.

-Backstage, Moose and ECIII are talking about football. Lashley walks into the room and says hello. Lashley said he just had a talk with Billy, and he realized he can beat anyone. Lashley said he would beat Eddie for his title, and then he would beat whoever he has to fight next week. Lashley said that ECIII and Moose are perfect for tonight’s main event.

-In the arena, Matt Hardy and Brother Nero come to the ring. Brother Nero looks a lot like Jeff Hardy. He doesn’t have the white contact lenses in and he isn’t talking funny. He’s just acting like Jeff Hardy, it seems.

Brother Nero is carrying his championship on his shoulder, while Broken Matt is carrying his championship in his mouth.

In the ring, Matt has a mic and said tonight is a celebration. Matt said that he sent Brother Nero on an odyssey months ago, to regain the tag team titles of the world. Matt said that Bound for Glory, Brother Nero repaid his debt to Matt.

The crowd chanted, “Brother Nero!” and Matt called it delightful.

Matt said his broken brilliance, and the personalities of Brother Nero, have established themselves as the greatest tag team in all of space and time, and that includes all tag teams. He said that includes all the other false champions, like the Bucks of Youth and the Days of the New.

Matt and Brother Nero said they would defend their titles again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again … you get the point.

Matt said they deleted the title reign of Decay. Matt told Brother Nero to sing a eulogy in remembrance of Decay.

Brother Nero then sang the “obsolete” song.

Matt then let out a great scream and gasped. He said he had a potent premonition. Matt said the next challengers for their titles would be determined tonight.

As Matt and Brother Nero celebrate with the crowd, The Tribunal attack from the crowd. Basile Baraka kicks Brother Nero in the groin. The Tribunal then stand over a downed Brother Nero and Matt Hardy.

McMahon’s Analysis: Unless they do something quickly, I’m going to have a hard time buying The Tribunal as a credible threat to Broken Matt and Brother Nero. The Tribunal, as Aiden O’Shea admitted earlier in the show, has basically done nothing lately. They have done nothing to deserve a Tag Team Title opportunity, but it sounds like they’ll get one for their sneak attack. With that logic, why isn’t everyone on the roster trying to jump Eddie Edwards from behind right now?

-A video is shown highlighting the differences between Mike Bennett and Cody.


-In the arena, Maria walks out on the stage and introduces Mike Bennett. There is what seems like some really poor sound editing here. It sounds like there is super heat on Bennett, who is coming to the ring without his music playing, yet most of the people seem to be just sitting there.

Cody is out next, “accompanied by Brandi Rhodes,” as Borash put it.

(2) MIKE BENNET (w/Maria) vs. CODY (w/Brandi Rhodes)

Cody and Bennett go face-to-face as the bell rings and then they lock up. After trading some early moves, the crowd starts a “Cody!” chant.

Cody tried for a beautiful disaster kick, but Bennett avoided it and rolled out of the ring. With Bennett on the outside, Cody hits a dive off the top rope to the floor.

Bennett eats a right hand but flips Cody over the guardrail. Cody tries to climb back over, and Bennett grabs him, hitting a DDT to the floor on the outside. Pope said that Cody is out cold. Bennett rolled back in the ring to start the referee count.

Cody is trying to get up. He gets to his feet and rolls back into the ring at seven.

Bennett fires off some kicks immediately, as Mathews said he smells blood in the water. Bennett hits some splashes and Cody come back with a pair of clotheslines and an Alabama Slam. Cody follows that up with a beautiful disaster kick off the ropes.

Cody goes to the top and misses a moonsault. Bennett hits a kick and then hits a pedigree for a two count. Pope said that pedigree was head games. Bennett goes to the top but Cody catches him. Cody climbs up with Bennett and hits a superplex off the top. The crowd is really behind Cody, who gets up and was about to go for his new American Nightmare submission move, but Maria yelled and distracted him, allowing Bennett to kick Cody.

After some punches while standing, Cody hits a Cross Rhodes for the win.

WINNER: Cody Rhode at 8:44.

After the match, Brandi Rhodes gets in the ring to celebrate with her husband. On the outside, Maria is trying to console Bennett.

McMahon’s Analysis: Good match, especially for regular television in 2016. It does feel like TNA is wasting Rhodes, who clearly has more support than Aron Rex and is clearly the bigger star of the two right now. I’m just not sure where you go from here with Bennett and Rhodes. You had the match and Rhodes won clean. We know that Rhodes gets an automatic title shot, which is TNA defining itself down, but that’s probably the next chapter in this story. My guess is that Bennett costs Rhodes the title in that match, setting up another grudge match before the end of the taping cycle. … That said, it’s hard not to laugh at Cody kicking out of a pedigree from Bennett. Take that, Triple H, I guess.

-Backstage, Moose cuts a promo. He said ECIII is his buddy, but once the bell rings, that goes out the window because if he needs to go through him to become champion.

-Coming back from the break, TNA aired its X-Division video, letting us known there is something X Division coming up in the next segment.

Prior to the match, Mathews said there was some buzz that Rockett didn’t deserve a title shot considering he’s been on TNA television for only one week. Mathews then threw to a video package to let us know who Rockett was. More really poor sound editing on D.J. Z’s entrance. It sounds like the crowd is going nuts and you can’t even hear his music faintly playing in the background. Then when the bell rings, the screaming and cheering suddenly calms down and the crowd you hear in the background during the match sounds much different than the crowd drowning out D.J. Z’s entrance.

(3) TNA X Division champion D.J. Z vs. MARSHE ROCKETT – X Division Title match

Rockett is considerably larger than D.J. Z. Pope said  will have to take to the air in order to get Rockett off his feet. D.J. Z tried to whip Rockett into the opposite corner but Rockett powered D.J. Z over the top rope to the outside.

D.J. Z is selling his back on the ground when Rockett goes over and hits a backbreaker for a two count. Rockett follows that with chops in the corner and he then sets D.J. Z up on the top rope. D.J. Z shoves Rockett off to the mat. D.J. Z tried for a missile dropkick and Rockett hits a dropkick of his own for a two count.

D.J. Z uses his speed to mount some offense, including a springboard clothesline off the second rope. D.J. Z tried for a ZZT but Rockett blocked it and then hit a leg lariat. Rocket missed a splash, which allowed D.J. Z to hit a ZZT for the win.

WINNER: D.J. Z in 4:50.

McMahon’s Analysis: The sound editing on this show has been insanely terrible. As soon as D.J. Z won the match, the crowd apparently went into an unrealistically long ovation for him. There used to be bad sound editing on canned episodes of SmackDown before as well, but this post-production is very, very noticeable, and quite honestly, it’s distracting. As for the match, it was OK. D.J. Z is good and has rising stock, but TNA literally gave a title shot to someone that they admitted we had no idea who he was. So, they aired a video so some of the audience would have a small idea of who Marshe Rockett was. This show has been all over the place …

-Backstage, Bennett is steaming. He said this place is out to get them (meaning him and Maria). Bennett said that tonight, he would have Maria’s back. Allie told, “Mr. Mike Miracle” that he’s also been banned from ringside tonight. Bennett told Maria that she had this under control.

-Maria makes her ring entrance. Prior to entering the ring, she went under the ring and pulled out trash cans, throwing them into the ring. Madison Rayne is again on commentary for this Knockouts match, just as she was last week. … Gail Kim makes her entrance next.

(4) TNA Knockouts champion GAIL KIM vs. MARIA — No disqualification match for the Knockouts Title. If Maria loses, she loses her power as leader of the Knockouts.

Mathews asked Madison Rayne about the time she attacked Gail Kim for Maria, and Madison said that she was trying to help her own career, and it had nothing to do with Gail Kim.

The match spills to the stage quickly. Gail Kim puts Maria in a rolling laundry bin, shoving it down the aisle and into the ring post. Gail then rolls Maria back into the ring and grabs a cookie sheet. Maria poked Gail in the eyes and then hit her with a trash can lid. Maria chokes Gail in the corner but Gail fight back with a boot. She come out of the corner and Maria hits a spinebuster for a two count.

Gail come back on Maria with her own trash can lids. Gail hits a clothesline and then a splash in the corner. Gail goes up top and misses a crossbody. Maria has a kendo stick and she stalks Gail Kim before attacking her back. Maria swings the stick but Gail catches it and turns it into Eat Defeat. Gail covered Maria and could have beaten her, but picks her up at two. Gail went over and grabbed a trash can lid, hitting an Eat Defeat on that for the win.

WINNER: Gail Kim in 4:58.

Madison Rayne said that this is a new beginning tonight for the entire division.

McMahon’s Analysis: The way Bennett and Maria and been booked, you almost wonder if they were on their way out of the company. This felt like a blow-off for Maria and Gail, although people seemed indifferent to it in the crowd. Maria’s not done yet, though. She probably still has a feud with  Allie upcoming soon.

-Backstage, ECIII cuts a promo on having to face Moose tonight. He’s interrupted by Eli Drake. ECIII again tells Drake to put the dummy button, so he can fight him. Drake told ECIII to stop worrying about the button, and start worrying about not choking against Moose.

-Backstage, Edwards is getting his ribs checked on by doctors. Cody walks in and asked if he’s OK? Cody said that he didn’t want to wrestle the champion like this. Edwards said that he respects Cody’s journey. Cody asked if he wanted to push their match off a little bit, but Edwards said that no, because he’s a fighting champion. Cody said that anything can happen on any given night. Cody told the trainer to take care of Edwards.

-Mathews said that Cody will challenge Edwards next week for the World Title. Mathews then asks Pope for predictions in the main event tonight, and they’re interrupted by three people, wearing masks, reading a script while sitting at a table. It’s a black-and-white video, very similar to the hacker group, Anonymous.

The voice said that they are the supreme defenders, and they will bring back clarity to Impact. The voice said that the masks are not to hide faces, but to show that they are not afraid to take a stand. A Martin Luther King quote flashes briefly on the screen, for only a few seconds, and the camera cuts back to the arena where Moose is making his ring entrance.

(5) MOOSE vs. ETHAN CARTER III — winner faces Lashley in a No. 1 contender’s match next week

After trading offense to start the match, ECIII and Moose go face to face and trade chops. Mathews said that ECIII and Moose shook hands prior to the match, which started during a commercial. Moose hits a dropkick and ECIII rolled out of the ring.

Moose was going to go for a dive but he held on the ring apron. ECIII then tripped him off the apron and they are brawling on the outside. ECIII smashes Moose’s face onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Moose gets caught in the jaw with a back elbow. ECIII whops Moose into the turnbuckle twice and hits a splash, followed by a suplex. Moose rolled to the outside to gather himself and ECIII gives chase. Moose hits ECIII with a right hand as soon as ECIII went to follow him to the outside. Moose hit what looked like an Attitude Adjustment onto the apron.

Back in the middle of the ring, Moose chops ECIII over and over. They then begin trading chops and uppercuts. Moose fires off some jabs and tries for a Gamebreaker but ECIII hits a kick to cut him off. Moose hits a pop-up power bomb for a two count.

ECIII reversed a Gamebreaker into a TK3 but Moose never left his feet. ECIII hits an ECIII splash in the corner while mocking Moose’s “Moose” pump. ECIII tries for a One Percenter but Moose reverses and this a Go to Hell out of the corner.

Moose winds up for a Gamebreaker but ECIII reverses into a backslide. After Moose blocked another One Percenter, he hit a Gamebreaker to the back of ECIII’s head for the win.

WINNER: Moose in 9:00.

-After the match, Moose celebrates in the ring when Lashley’s music hits. He walks to the ring and goes face to face with Moose as the show goes off the air.

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