DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REVIEW 11/2: Most solid show in a long time headlined by Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio


Lucha Underground Report
November 2, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #9 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

First things first: Long time fan of the Cubs. FINALLY CHAMPIONS!!!!!

The show opened with a recaps of Castro-Pentagon Dark and Rey-Chavo.

Announcers: Announcers are inaudible to begin. Striker introduced Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Stage: Dario said Matanza will defend his title in 2 weeks at Aztec warfare, but tonight H will defend his title by spinning the dial. The dial landed on Dario’s choice. Dario offered up a few choices then said his opponent would be Cortez Castro.

In ring: Santos introduced Matanza. His opponent tonight is Cortez Castro. Castro walked out with a broken arm.

1 – Lucha Underground Champion MATANZA CUETO vs. CORTEZ CASTRO

Matanza easily knocked over Castro. Matanza stomped on the cast. Matanza grabbed the cast and snapped it. Castro fought back with the cast in his hand. Matanza knocked him back over then hit wrath of the gods for the win.

WINNER: Matanza at 2:21 to retain his title.

Post match: Dario taunted Castro and told him to rest up.

Still to come: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero: Loser Leaves Lucha


Dario’s Office: Joey Ryan sat in Dario’s office and mocked Castro. Havoc walked in to Dario’s office with Mascarita Sagrada. Havoc said Sagrada deserves a match with Famous B. Dario said Havoc must beat Dr. Wagner then Sagrada will get his match and he gets to pick the stipulation. If Wagner wins, B gets to pick.

In ring: Prince Puma stood center ring. He said two weeks ago he beat Mil Muertes in the ring. He said beating him wasn’t enough. He said he put his mentor in a coffin and he will not stop until he does the same to him. Puma demanded a grave consequences match. Catrina appeared to accept. Muertes then attacked Puma from behind. The briefly brawled until Muertes was knocked out of the ring.


In ring: Santos tried to introduce Dr. Wagner but Famous B interrupted her and grabbed the mic. He said nobody will be famous because he already has his client. He then gave Wagner a formal introduction. Santos then introduced Son of Havoc.

2 – DR. WAGNER JR. (w/Famous B & Brenda) vs. SON OF HAVOC (w/Mascarita Sagrada)

Havoc knocked Wagner out of the ring then dove onto him. They continued to brawl on the outside. Back in the ring, Wagner hit a clothesline and took control. Both men exchanged chops with each other. Havoc hit a few moves and a spring board dive. Wagner caught Havoc on the turnbuckle. Havoc knocked off Wagner and hit a shooting star press for the win.

WINNER: Son of Havoc at 5:34.

Post match: Havoc asked Sagrada what stipulation. Havoc said next week he chooses a believers backlash match. He told all the believers to bring whatever weapons they want.

Still to come: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero


Vignette: White Rabbit

Announcers: Striker said next week will be Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes in Grave Consequences.

In ring: Santos introduced Chavo Guerrero to the ring. Next out was Rey Mysterio.



Chavo knocked over Rey early. Rey escaped and knocked Chavo to the outside. Rey took control of the pace. Rey tried to flip over Chavo but Chavo countered and slammed Rey. Rey escaped a submission and launched Chavo to outside and dove on him. Rey tried to leap onto Chavo in the ring but Chavo caught him with a kick. Chavo worked on Rey’s leg by knocking it into the ring post. Chavo planted Rey on the top turnbuckle. Rey tried to knock him off and ended up with a sun set flip. Rey then hit a springboard cross body.Rey set up Chavo for a 619 but Chavo Sr. Came in the ring with a chair. He threatened to hit Rey but hit Chavo then the ref called for the DQ at 10:20

Dario came out and restarted the match as a No DQ.

Rey set up both Chavos for 619. He hit Chavo Sr but not Chavo Jr. Rey leaped onto Chavo but Chavo put on a leg lock. Rey escaped then Chavo hit the three amigos. Chavo then hit the gory bomb but Rey kicked out at 2. Both men tried pins on each other. Rey set up and hit the 619 followed by a spring board dive for the win.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio at 13:44.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The most solid show in a long time. Not too many backstage segments which was good. When there were segments they were used to forward ongoing storylines and led to matches being built up. I’m so glad they have two matches announced for next week. This makes next week feel significantly more important now that there are matches announced.

I still have issues with the dial of doom, because there really is no suspense to someone winning. It also devalues the title to be in an opening match. I must say though this week more than others, I noticed how bad Striker is as a commentator. I men the dude is complimenting the Guerrero’s for cheating by saying they are smart? The guy is so tone deaf. He has no idea what it means to be a baby face commentator.

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