INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: Bayley said the extra year she was in NXT compared to Charlotte, Sasha, Becky is when she learned the most (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Bayley (photo credit Tom Gibson ©


The following are highlights of an interview conducted by Tom Feaheny (@ThomasFeaheny) with WWE’s Bayley…

-Bayley on the WWE Europe tour so far: “This is my 4th trip to the UK but it’s the first time I’ve been to France, Austria, Germany, so it’s really exciting to explore different places.”

On her time in NXT and waiting for a call up: “Its tough, but it’s all worth it, I was in NXT for almost four years. Now I’m in the WWE I’m traveling with them, making new friends, the new cities you go to – all the work in NXT has prepared me for this.”

On watching the other members of the Four Horsewomen getting called up: “There were times when I was frustrated, but I always felt lucky to be there, even when Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha got called up, looking back, the year I spent on my own in NXT was the year I learnt the most, I was fighting different levels of women and that helped me progress.”

On Charlotte & Sasha Banks main eventing Hell In a Cell: “It’s something we all wanted from the beginning from the day we met, that was our goal, to put women’s wrestling on the main stage, even bigger than what it was before. I can see women’s wrestling main eventing WrestleMania one day.”

She also spoke to Feaheny about her advice to those in NXT, her friendship with Sasha Banks and her motivation in the industry

Watch the interview HERE

Keller’s Analysis: It still might sound crazy to some, but I could see a WrestleMania headlined by women. It’d take a combination of one or two women really rising in terms of drawing power and crowd reaction, plus probably one of those WrestleManias where there isn’t a dominant male star attraction but rather an ensemble group of three or four equal main events on the marquee. I agree with Bayley that she benefited from not being called up at the same time as the other three. In fact, to this day, I think Sasha is hurt by having to come up in a group instead of being introduced as a solo act with the spotlight on getting over who she is and what about her stands out. Charlotte and even Becky have been more successful in this regard, I think.

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