11/30 NXT TV Review: No Way Jose vs. Eric Young, Samoa Joe vs. Tye Dillinger, Asuka vs. Matthews,

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 30, 2016

[Q1] FSU this week is being filmed from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Canada. NXT Women’s Champion Asuka starts the show after her hard-fought victory over Mickie James in Toronto.

(1) NXT Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Nicole Matthews

Asuku immediately looks to bring Matthews to the mat, and does, but Matthews gets to the mat. Matthews with forearms but Asuka welcomes it. Hip attack mid-ring sets up Yes! kicks, and Matthews is flat out on the mat. Matthews comes off the top but gets trapped by Asuka, Asuka can’t get armbars or an arm breaker locked in though. Big roundhouse stuns Matthews, Asuka Lock, tapout.

Winner: Asuka in 2:16.

(Reax: There is just zero believable competition for Asuka outside of Ember Moon in NXT right now. If they are not ready to pull the trigger on that, they will need to bring someone off the main roster, continue a feud with Mickie James, or just put Asuka on cruise control.)

Recap of No Way Jose and Rich Swann getting a beating from Sanity. Jose is billed to face Eric Young tonight, presumably as the main event.

Backstage interview with Samoa Joe asking about his rematch against Shinksuke Namakura in Osaka Japan. Joe’s on a tear. Suddenly he stops, Tye Dillinger says he wants a chance to prove himself against Joe. Joe runs him dow and reminds him of his loss to Bobby Roode at Toronto. Dillinger says he has ten reasons for Joe, but he will only need one then slaps Joe. Joe is enraged. I guess that match is on.

No Way Jose’s music hits, so it looks like Dillenger – Joe will be the main event.

(2) NO WAY JOSE vs. ERIC YOUNG (w/Sanity)

Jose with early advantage, beating Young into the corners. Young rolls to the outside for a break. Sanity climbs on the apron but Jose isn’t distracted.

[Q2] Jose clears Young from the ring again.

[ Break ]

Young drags Jose out of the ring. Ref distration from Young lets Alexander Wolfe involve himself in the match behind the ref’s back. The match is now in Young’s favor and he starts to wear Jose down. Young is getting some real heat here. The crowd rallies Jose off the mat, and a jawbreaker gets him free from Young. Jose starts a full comeback. Huge clothesline get Jose a two count. Wolfe on apron, Jose clears him. Jose with a visible three count but Nikki Cross has the ref distracted. Young with a wheelbarrow into a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Eric Young in 7:22.

(Reax: Good mach to show that Jose is the better wrestler but Young has a gang to win the match.)

Post-match, Nikki Cross runs back to the ring to hit Jose with a dropkick.

Backstage with Asuka. She denies a change in her personality. She just wants competition, but there is none left.

Samoa Joe goes to the ring. The interviewers asks Dillinger on his way there if this ws a rash decision. He reflects, and says that if he can’t win at the highest level that maybe he doesn’t belong in NXT. Dillenger fires up and vows to win.

(Reax: Another strong promo from the blossoming Dillinger.)

(3) TYE DILLINGER vs. NXT Champion SAMOA JOE – non-title match

[Q3] dillenger comes out strong, driving Joe into a corner, but Joe chops his way out. Dillinger then turns it around and sends Joe back into corners. Dropkick puts Joe on the mat and he rolls outside.

[ Break ]

Sillenger goes up top for Ten Perfect Punches in the corner, Joe puts him on the apron, Dillinger with the tenth punch, cover for one. Dillinger nails a slingshot splash but he can’t get a cover. Joe powers out of a Tyebreaker attempt, then smashes Dillinger’s knee with a unique maneuver. Kneebar, but Dillinger fights his way to the ropes. Joe is just grinding away on Dillinger now.

Dillinger starts to trade shots with Joe, runs into a scoop slam for a two count. Joe wraps Dillinger’s knee around the ropes to the full five count. Elbows from Joe in the corner, but Dillinger retailiates. Back elbow then an enziguri clobbers Dillinger.

[ Break ]

Joe is driving Dillinger around the ring with uncontested strikes. Two count for Joe but Dillinger remains resiiant. Dillinger is suddenly fired up. Clothesline and Joe is down, Dillinger manages to get up first. Joe whips him, but Dillinger continues the attack. Dillinger looks ready to end it. Ten stomps in the corner. The kneepadd is down, but the damage to the knee keeps Dillinger from getting Joe up for the Tyebreaker. Joe wants his triple suplexes, but a suprise rollup gets to. Superkick gets Dillinger another two. Dillinger looks like he is out of options and not sure how to win it. He preps the yebreaker, gets Joe up but Joe escapes and nails the spike slam. Powerbomb into a cover for two, Joes transitions into a Boston crap, transitions into a crossface, then rolls into the Coquina Clutch. Dillenger doesn’t tap, but the ref calls the match.

Winner: Samoa Joe in 15:05. Another outstanding match from Tye Dillinger showing his heart but his inability to quite win the big matches.

Post-match, the crowd cheers for Dillinger. He gives a little wave. Is Dillinger maybe on his way out soon? Or getting ready for something bigger?

FINAL THOUGHTS: Some solid in-ring work from No Way Jose and Tye Dillenger tonight, showing them to be potentially breakout stars.

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