12/18 WWE Raw Talk Recap – Post-Roadblock PPV: Cesaro & Sheamus, Sami, “Booker than began to stutter and ramble about flying walindas”

By Brandon Beauchamp, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 18, 2016


Because Smackdown is not allowed to keep anything good for themselves, we have Raw Talk, live on the WWE Network following the Roadblock End of the Line event. Our hosts Charly Caruso and Booker T welcomed us to the show Booker went into a little push for mayor again as he did on the pre-show earlier in the night. Booker said, “What a great plan orchestrated by Chris Jericho tonight.” He added that Kevin Owens may not have even known about his plans, which were interfering in the WWE Universal Title match to cost Roman Reigns the victory and allow Kevin Owens to keep the title. Booker said KO poured his heart out to Jericho at his locker room door and got no answer. Then in the 13th hour here comes his buddy. “They have each other’s back,” Charly said.

Guests: Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro barge into the set loud and obnoxious as if it was another pub bragging about being the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Booker welcomed the duo and asks how it feels. Cesaro said it feels sweet going from being in an arm sling earlier this year to being tag team champion. Charly asked Sheamus if he ever seen them as a team winning. Sheamus said, “Of course… me and baldy here made it a point to come back and become champions. Booker brought up Sheamus’s last title reign of 22 days.

Cesaro asked why Booker had to rile Sheamus up? Sheamus said that the past doesn’t matter, now is all that matters. Booker said that in the match they were like brothers, but after they were separate again, so what happened? Sheamus said, “I am number one and Cesaro is number two and I allow him to ride my coat tales.” Sheamus said that while Cesaro was having a romantic relationship with New Day giving them a hug, he held the belts up like he was supposed to do.

Booker asked who came up with the idea for the no tag finish. Cesar said it was a split-second decision, that he used his superior Swiss intelligence. Cesaro said he wouldn’t ride with Sheamus, but we are a team inside the ring. Booker asked how long this tag team is going to last. Sheamus said this was our goal since the best of seven series. He said they failed the first time, but realized at the bar they had an honest to god chance to win the tag team tiles and now they have.

Cesaro said Sheamus saved him this year from his losing career after being drafted in the second-to-last round of the draft this past summer. Cesaro said they worked so hard to come back and were overlooked, then they had the best of seven series and something happened. People started by saying, “We don’t want to see that match again.” By match seven they were chanting “Let them fight!” Cesaro said: “We fought our hearts out. Then Mick Foley threw us a curve ball and here we are.”

Sheamus said that there is nothing like the feeling of being here in WWE so many years and not be on the WrestleMania promo video. “What am I to think about when I see that?” said Sheamus. “But we’re here now and we’re the champs and tonight were gunna drink a bucket of Guinness.” Then the new champions walked off the set loudly.

Charly said they were an odd duo, but it works. Booker said that the best of seven series with your rival really does something to you in that you earn respect for each other. Booker said when they come together, they’re two different styles, but still champions.

Charly switched to Neville. Booker said he thinks Neville did right thing. He said he can do anything, but he has a mean streak. Charly wondered if he is inserting himself into the Cruiserweight Championship picture. Booker said he could go down there and hold the title forever much like Demetrius Johnson or Connor McGregor. Booker continued to say everybody in that cruiserweight locker room is on notice. Booker than began to stutter and ramble about flying walindas.

Guest: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn joined the set and Charly asked him how he felt after surviving Braun Strowman. Sami said it was bittersweet because it’s not the win he wanted, but it was a victory. Booker asked Sami what he thought he accomplished. Sami said nothing. He said he thinks it’s condescending to even have a time limit. Nobody thinks he can even survive Braun.

Booker said by six minutes the referee should have had to intervene. Sami asked Booker if he’s not familiar with his career. Sami said he always comes from behind. Booker continues to argue and push Sami. Booker said the referee saved Sami two minutes out of that match by holding off Braun when Mick Foley came down with the towel. “Braun could have destroyed you, but he had mercy on you.” Booker said to Sami. Sami said another couple of minutes and he would have beat Braun.

Charly asked Sami about Mick coming down with towel. Sami said in the ring is his time and nobody tells him his time is done.  “It’s done when I say it’s done,” Sami added. Booker said that if you are walking in the woods and you see a grizzly, you walk away. Sami said he has something to prove and he can hang with anyone on the roster, listing off several top names. Booker said he’s had a long career and that to get that far he had to pick his battles.

Booker said Sami has an opportunity to have a great career, but he doesn’t need Braun so just let it go. Sami said to Booker he gets what he’s trying to say, but he has to respect that Sami has to do things his own way and, if running into a brick wall over and over is what it takes, then that’s just how its going to go. Sami add that he was also a winner tonight. Charly asked Sami what was next. He said he didn’t know, but he’s not done with Braun yet. Then Sami left the set.

Lights Out !

Booker tells Charly he’s a motivator. Charly switched gears to talk about Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho and asked if Seth finally got rid of Jericho. Booker said Jericho did a great job till Kevin Owens got involved. Charly asked if Seth gets a title shot next or his match with Triple H. Booker said of course he deserves the next shot, saying Seth is one of the best Superstars in WWE.

The lights on the set went out it became pitch black. Booker asked if the Boogeyman was back. Clearly Booker is still having nightmares about his match with Bogeyman from WrestleMania 22, as we all do. Charly tries to light the desk with cell phones. The lights came back on. Booker asked if they shut the building lights off, yelling “We got a show going on here!” Booker continued on about Seth as the four-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair walks in the room.

Guest: Charlotte

Booker said “what a match” in regards to the 30 minute Iron Man match Charlotte just had with Sash Banks. Charlotte looked emotional and physically drained.  Charly asked what was going through Charlotte’s mind when the clock was ticking down and she had Sasha in the figure-four. Charlotte said she thought that she and Sasha have been rivals so long, she knew she had to finish it.

Booker asked how she turns it on to compete at that level. Charlotte said that it’s second nature. “I’m the greatest past, present, and future, I’m the queen of pay-per-view.” Charlotte said. Charly said that iron sharpens iron. She asked how Charlotte views her rivalry with Sasha and how does it resonate moving on. Charlotte cried a bit here and said Sasha makes her want to be better. Charlotte said when she started in NXT, she said she wanted to be better than Sasha was. She wanted to be the best, not second. She said Sasha gets under her skin.

Booker said this was the final match, that’s it,  but Bayley said she feels she is number one contender. Charlotte said, “This is the big leagues, not NXT, she doesn’t have a chance.” Charly asked who’s next? Copyright Bill Goldberg.  Charlotte was speechless. Booker laughed, suggesting she cleaned out the division. Charly asked what Ric might be thinking Charlotte said who cares what he thinks because, after raising Sasha’s hand, he’s a washed up has been. Charlotte said she hopes he watched her win, suggesting maybe she will pass his 16 titles. She said she hopes he sits there and wishes he was half the athlete she is.

Booker butts in and said he just can’t let her go there. Booker said Ric passed the torch to him and he respects him for that and Charlotte can’t let this eat her up inside. Booker continued to rant about Ric, saying she has to fix it, she has got to get past it. Charlotte said she is already past it. Charlotte said ,”Your welcome for having me on your show. Have a great night. Woooooo!”

Charly proclaims “We are now officially on the road to WrestleMania.” The she signed off.

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  1. Raw Talk is a terrible excuse for a show, and Booker T is the worst talker on Raw bar none. Why they continue to employ him is beyond me. Doesn’t he have his own promotion to run? They ran off Lita (who I was indifferent to) and King (who I love) and leave Booker? Why? Charly Caruso is no Renee Young. Talking Smack is hilarious and a must watch due to D-Bry and Renee understanding the format and using it to their advantage. Raw Talk is just garbage.

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