20 YRS AGO – WWF LIVE EVENT REPORT: Michaels vs. Austin, Sid vs. Mankind, Undertaker vs. Vader, Goldust vs. Jake, more

Steve Austin (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


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When: December 27,1996
Where: Uniondale Long Island, N.Y.
What: WWF house show
Attendance: 9,107 ($186.299)

(1) Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon beat Diesel & Razor Ramon when LaFon pinned Diesel after a spin kick. A little sloppy in spots.

(2) Faarooq beat Savio Vega. Faarooq ripped on Ahmed Johnson over the house mic. When a fan cursed a Faarooq, Faarooq responded, “Shut the hell up, we’ve got kids out here.” Savio made a comeback and hit some spin wheel kicks until Faarooq came away with a spinebuster for the win.

(3) Ahmed Johnson beat Crush via countout. Ahmed got a big pop during his ring intro. Crush went on early offense, but Ahmed came back with a sidewalk slam. They brawled to the floor where Crush threw Ahmed over the railing into the crowd (crowd throw #1). Ahmed recovered and dove over the railing, attacking Crush. Back in the ring Crush made a comeback. Ahmed teased that his kidney may be reinjured. As the match progressed, Faarooq finally ran in to double-team Ahmed until Ahmed made a comeback and double-teamed them both. Ahmed made it back into the ring before the ten count to win by countout.

(4) Goldust beat Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Didn’t they just turn Goldust babyface. I guess they assumed Long Island fans were all watching Monday Nitro last Monday – and perhaps for good reason, maybe they were. Goldust fought as a heel. Then it got more confusing because he got on the house mic and told everyone to be quiet or else he would “go out there and kick everyone’s asses.” He then gave Jake Roberts the finger. They didn’t lock up for about eight to ten minutes. The action once it started was pretty slow.

(5) Shawn Michaels pinned “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Michaels had the only advantage as Austin gave fans the finger. Austin soon made a comeback and hit a bodyslam. Austin then hooked on a chinlock, but Michaels recovered and hit an enziguiri. When he went to the top rope, Austin caught him with a punch. They fought to ringside where Austin attempted to piledrive Michaels on the floor, but Michaels backdropped out of it. Back in the ring, a few two counts later, they exchanged punches and then sleeper holds. Michaels then did the clothesline, kip-up routine followed by the top rope elbow. Michaels went for chin music, but Austin blocked it. They brawled on the floor and Austin picked him up and dropped Michaels over the railing. While this was going on the ref called for the double countout. Back in the ring Austin got on the house mic and called Michaels a piece of crap and said, “Let the match continue!” As Michaels lay there dead, Austin complained that he wanted the match to continue. Austin wound up going outside and getting Michaels and dragging him back into the ring. A minute later Michaels made a comeback and hit chin music for the three count. As Michaels celebrated, Austin snuck up from behind and hit a stunner to end his celebration. Michaels slowly rose to his feet after Austin left. Fans began booing. When Michaels got fully to his feet the boos got even louder and louder. As Michaels walked around the ring, his music began to play, but Michaels immediately signalled for the music guy to cut the music. He then stepped to the floor and circled the ring, yelling at the booers and high-fiving the cheerers. As he walked toward the locker room, the boos got louder, so he returned to the ring and looked around as the boos continued. Finally Michaels grabbed the house mic and something to the effect: “Five years of hard work and this is what I get? The next time you see me, I’m going to be a lot different, so I hope you guys like it and you can choke on it.” He then walked to the back, but right before he got there he put his arm up in the air a la Big Daddy Cool Diesel. A very interesting sight; the experience was just like at MSG and the Survivor Series with all of the booing.

(6) The Godwinns & Bart Gunn beat British Bulldog & Owen Hart & Justin Hawk Bradshaw when Henry Godwinn pinned Bradshaw after the slopdrop. Bradshaw subbed for the “injured” Billy Gunn. Not much of a match, so the fans entertained themselves by chanting “We Want Sunny.”

(7) Hunter Hearst Helmsley beat Marc Mero. Mero began on offense. Hunter took a powder three times causing ring announcer Howard Finkle to announce that if Hunter were counted out, he would not only lose the match, but also the title. Hunter then returned just barely in time to beat the ten count. They brawled to the outside. Hunter then took over offense, but Mero made a comeback with a head scissors. Mero then hit the top rope hurricanrana for a two count, but Hunter recovered and hit a backbreaker. Mero then hit the Merosault for another two count. However, in the end, out of nowhere Hunter pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and hit Mero for the pin. A good match, but the finish came out of nowhere.

(8) Undertaker beat Vader by DQ. Undertaker grabbed a chair and tried to hit Vader, but hit the ropes instead. It looked like Vader was actually trying to miss the chairshot because it looked like he didn’t want to take it. Vader was briefly thrown into the crowd (crowd throw #2). Then he made a brief comeback until he missed a second rope splash. Undertaker went for the chokeslam, but in the end Mankind ran in for the DQ, but Undertaker fought back and cleared the ring.

(9) Sid beat Mankind after a chokeslam and powerbomb. Before the match Mankind grabbed the mic and said, “It’s not too late to give Uncle Paul a Christmas Present, and that would be the WWF Title.” Mankind then grabbed the belt out of Finkle’s arms. Sid then hit Mankind with a boot on the floor. Sid then hit a hard chairshot across Mankind’s back, then threw Mankind into the crowd (crowd throw #3). Mankind ran to the back, however, and got a trash can, ran back out, tried to hit Sid with it, but Sid blocked it and nailed Mankind. Sid missed a charge into the turnbuckle and Mankind took over. A loud “Psycho Sid” chant began. Sid backdropped out of a piledriver attempt and attempted a chokeslam until Mankind stopped it by applying a Mandible Claw. He recovered, though, but Mankind regained control with a low headbutt. He then grabbed the urn and hit Sid with it for a two count. Sid sent Mankind to the floor, but then Undertaker attacked him. Vader then came down to combat that and attacked Undertaker. However, while all of this was going on on the outside, back in the ring Sid chokeslammed and powerbombed Mankind for the three count. Vader and Undertaker then ran into the ring. As Vader was choking Undertaker, Sid grabbed a chair to try to save Undertaker, but on the swing Vader moved and Sid hit Undertaker instead by mistake. When Undertaker recovered, he got up and hit Sid with a chokeslam. As Undertaker stood in the ring for a few minutes, as he was about to leave, Sid recovered and he hit him with a chokeslam. When Undertaker recovered, he saw Sid walking to the back, so he ran after him. They brawled up the aisle to end the show. A good set-up for the match at MSG they are promoting next month.

Notes: No return date was announced. The crowd was the biggest of the year – by a longshot – at the Nassau Coliseum. Finkle announced Shotgun Saturday Night could be seen in Long Island on Ch. 55, recently picked up on cable carriers as Ch. 28 on Long Island. The show lasted three hours forty minutes, longer than typical…

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