VIP AUDIO 5/3 – The Fix w/Todd Martin & guest host Bruce Mitchell: Is Balor too boring to get over? Would WWE benefit from a more serious presentation? Bruce Hart’s new book, House of Horrors, Vince biopic, more (90 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s edition of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch senior columnist Bruce Mitchell, they answer mailbag questions on a wide range of topics: Why does Vince McMahon struggle so much in creating babyfaces? Who is your personal favorite British wrestler ever? Cult speak in WWE, Bruce Hart’s book review, House of Horrors vs. a WCW early 1990s variation, Vince McMahon’s biopic, would WWE benefit from a more serious sports presentation, is Finn Balor too boring to succeed in WWE, and more.

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