KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 6/12: Brock Lesnar confronts Samoa Joe, Hardys get tag title rematch against Sheamus & Cesaro, mysteries continue

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 12, 2017

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T.


-A recap aired of last week’s Samoa Joe-Paul Heyman segment.

-The announcers introduced the show as Brock Lesnar and Heyman walked to the ring. Heyman stood next to Lesnar in the ring and said Joe, like a shark, lured him into his domain and took him out. Heyman said if this was an old score to settle, I might have had that coming my way. “I know that, Brock knows that,” he said. But he said Joe put his hands on “Brock’s guy in Brock’s name, so now Brock has a problem, and that problem is with Samoa Joe.” He said that problem will be solved by the greatest problem-solver in WWE history – Brock Lesnar.

Heyman noted how many Samoans have been in this business and have so many accomplishments. He said they’re all related and all proud of each other. He said Samoa Joe is the exception – the one Samoan who no other Samoan wants to have anything to do with. He said Joe isn’t a proud warrior. “You’re a mutt, you’re a punk, you’re a dog whose greatest accomplishment and highlight and defining moment is putting the Coquina Clutch on Paul Heyman,” Heyman added. Heyman said the Coquina Clutch was everything Joe said it was going to be. “I saw a white flash and was panicking and gasping for my last breath,” he said. When they woke me up, the first thing he was thinking about was “what if Samoa Joe puts the Coquina Clutch on Brock Lesnar?” He said he then realized that Joe will never, never get the Coquina Clutch on Lesnar because he isn’t man enough. Joe then interrupted.

Joe walked out with a sneer on his face. Heyman immediately left the ring. Booker said Joe might just be “the ultimate fighter.” Joe fearlessly entered the ring with Lesnar. He walked up to him. Probably three inches shorter. Joe shouldered and head-butted Lesnar. Lesnar drove Joe back into the corner. Kurt Angle called for security. Joe fought out. Lesnar shoved Joe into the corner a few times. Lesnar took out security. Joe tackled Lesnar during the chaos. Lesnar got up. Angle called for more help. The locker room emptied and pulled them apart. They broke free. Joe kicked Lesnar in the face as he was being held. They were pulled apart again and had a stare down from afar.

(Keller’s Analysis: They don’t do that type of angle for just any feud or any Lesnar opponent. I’m sure there were some differing points of view on whether they should have any physical contact, and how much either should sell for the other and look stronger than the other, but the pull-apart was a good and intense and gave the future match a big time feel. I was hoping for a different version of Brock tonight, maybe snatching the mic from Heyman to emphasize how this fight for him became personal. That said, Heyman was of course strong here and whatever approach they took, there was a way to do it well enough that it wouldn’t be a huge negative they didn’t do it an alternative way. I think if anything Joe came out looking a little smaller and weaker than Lesnar, but not enough to offset what was gained by having an intense locker room clearing brawl. And Joe certainly didn’t seem even slightly intimidated by or fearful of Lesnar.)

-Cole plugged the Hardys would get their Raw Tag Team Title rematch against Sheamus & Cesaro later on the show. [c]

-The announcers commented on replays of the Lesnar-Joe brawl. Cole said that’s a taste of what’s coming up at Great Balls of Fire. Cole said they learned Joe doesn’t fear Lesnar. Graves said all doubt was removed that Joe would back down from Lesnar.

-Elias Samson performed center-ring to a chorus of boos. Samson said, “Hello, I am Elias Samson.” He repeated himself, not pleased with the lack of reception. “Hello? I am Elias Samson.” He said he’d like to relieve the tension with a song that is inspired by them. He asked fans to put their cell phones down and hold their applause until he’s finished. Cole snuck in the name of the city and state they were, which I believe they left out of the opening graphics (likely because Lafayette isn’t a top 15 “glamour market”). The lyrics were negative about Louisiana and then when he got to Dean Ambrose, Ambrose’s music interrupted.


Booker again seemed to side with Samson for some reason, saying he exudes star power, and Graves played the role of the guy saying how terrible he is as a musician. Booker countered by saying what great shape Samson is in. They cut to an early break. [c]

Graves and Booker continued to debate the merits of Samson. Samson settled into a chinlock as Booker continued to praise Samson non-stop and said what an opportunity he will have if he beats Ambrose. Ambrose dove through the ropes, but Ambrose seemed to hurt himself more than Samson upon landing, which Cole noted. Ambrose head-butted Samson off the ropes and then set up a top rope move, but Miz ran out and distracted Ambrose. Samson rolled up Dean for a near fall. Dean came up and hit a Lunatic Lariat. He then rolled to ringside to go after Miz and Maryse, who came to ringside. When Booker said Dean isn’t always focused, Graves said he’s insane. Miz tried to hide behind Maryse, but Ambrose ran past her. Ambrose threw Miz into the barricade. Maryse moithed off to Dean. Miz tried to hit Dean from behind. The ref nearly counted out Dean. As Dean dove into the ring to beat the count, Samson dropped a knee on the back of Dean’s neck and gave him his finishing backbreaker for the win. The announcers said it was a signature victory.

WINNER: Samson.

(Keller’s Analysis: When the announcers were discussing this being a “signature victory” for Samson, there wasn’t nearly enough pushback that it didn’t really tell us anything about Samson’s ability to beat Ambrose without tons of distractions from Miz and Maryse. It directly undercuts the ability for heels to get heat if the “WWE on-air culture” touts cheating and tainted victories as resourcefulness.) [c]

-A Goldust segment aired where he said R-Truth claimed they were brothers and friends, but the truth is he was jealous and scared. “I got to you before you got to me,” he said. “You never understood me. None of you did. Is it because I’m a little too bizarre or is it because I make you feel uncomfortable. Ignorance can be beautiful, but just like beauty, nothing lasts forever – unless you’re made of gold.” He said The Golden Age is back.

(Keller’s Analysis: I really do like these a lot. I wish they had rebuilt Goldust’s character years ago, although there’s a nostalgia affection for him now that maybe wasn’t there five years ago.)

-Miz told Angle that Maryse is still mad at him for ruining the grandfather clock last week. Miz said Angle is too preoccupied with his personal problems to do his job. Angle asked Miz what he knows about his personal problems. Miz told him instead on getting on his case about not doing the right things, he should get on Ambrose’s case for doing the wrong things. Angle told Miz, “First of all, you will never speak to me that way again.” He then told Miz he isn’t going to do anything about it and to take care of his problems himself.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Graves said this could be catastrophic for their relationship. Booker endorsed Angle’s approach. Cole threw to a video package on Cedric Alexander, “one of the division’s brightest young stars.”

-Cedric Alexander Video Feature: They showed him getting ready in the locker room and then hitting flying moves including high flips and dives.

(Keller’s Analysis: WWE still isn’t getting that highlighting moves Cruiserweights do that Luke Harper and Seth Rollins are doing doesn’t make them stars. They have to tell a story about who Cedric is as a person and to frame him as having star quality.)

-Cedric walked up to Noam Dar backstage. He told him he is done with the Alicia Fox nonsense. Dar showed that he was chatting with her on the phone. After she mouthed off to him, Cedric raised his hands and said he’s done with this nonsense and walked away. Dar and Fox talked over each other a little as they cut to a break. [c]


For some reason Fox was still talking to Dar in the ring via his phone and everyone could hear what she was saying. He said he wanted to hang up the phone, but she told him not to. He set it down. The bell rang. Cedric immediately put Dar down with his Lumbar Check finisher for the win. She kept talking and said, “Come on, communication is key, man!” Afterward Dar went to his phone and Fox kept yapping at him.

WINNER: Cedric in 5 seconds.

(Keller’s Analysis: The goal here is for a lot of mostly male fans sitting at home nodding along that they’ve been through what Dar is going through or have friends who have with a girlfriend who “just won’t shut up.”) [c]


-A video package aired on Roman Reigns. Kind of generic in nature, just showing him hitting some of his signature moves and saying “This is my yard now.” Cole then said next week Reigns says what his plans are for Great Balls of Fire.

-Bray Wyatt showed up on the big screen and said the world is collapsing under the weight of its own sin. He said he is the only one who can save mankind. He blew out his lantern and then made his way to the ring. He stood center-ring and said it only took one dose of his truth last week and Seth Rollins’s precious glass house came tumbling down in a million pieces all over Seth. “Ha ha ha ha.” He said Seth will be picking out shards of glass for eternity because of his judgment. He said Seth’s ignorance is painting a vivid picture of a law they will all learn to live by, which is if you take his name in vain, you will fall. He stared intently into the hard camera. He was interrupted by Seth’s music. You know, just like Joe did to Heyman and Ambrose did to Samson.

Seth entered the ring and asked Bray if what he’s saying is he cost him his match last week against Joe “because I called you a couple of names?” He said he didn’t know he was so fragile. He said when he called him a false prophet and a wanna-be martyr, “that’s not blasphemy, that’s the truth.” He said people who drink too much of their own Kool-aid don’t like the truth because it forces them to expose too much of themselves. He said Bray likes to hide in the shadows and strike in the darkness. He said Bray can call it clever or mysterious, but he’s in the mood to spit truth, so he’s going to say it – that makes Bray a coward. He said he’s facing him man-to-man, “so I’m daring you to prove me wrong.” Bray said his pride will betray him. “You’re just oozing arrogance all over the place.” He said when he looks at his reflection in the mirror, he sees The Man, but all he sees is a man that is beneath him. Seth chuckled and smiled. “You don’t want htis fight, Seth,” he said. “My power is more than you can possibly fathom, for you have found the will to slay a king.” The lights went out, and Bray’s video images flashed. Then the lights came back on and Bray was missing. Seth was looking all directions for him. Bray then appeared on the big screen and said, “A God lives forever.” Then he laughed maniacally and said, “Run!”

-They went to Charly Caruso who noted “ominous words from Bray Wyatt,” and then introduced the Hardy Boyz and asked about the best-of-three-falls format. Matt said they’re in for a long night. He said the Hardys don’t avoid tall tasks. Jeff said they jump off of it. Matt said they’ve raised the bar. Jeff said they’ll break the bar.

-A graphic said, “Free Agent John Cena returns to Smackdown Live on July 4.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Free agent?!?! That’s news. I have mixed feelings about arbitrarily having “free agents” jump brands as it tends to undercut the roster split’s and the shake-ups. That said, I expect Cena to proclaim his loyalty to Smackdown and vow to take the WWE Title from Jinder Mahal. It’ll be a bit of a reenactment of Bret Hart’s free agency being played up on Raw as if he informed Vince live on the air his intention to stay with WWE with Vince pretending he was on the edge of his chair.) [c]

(3) APOLLO CREWS (w/Titus O’Neal) vs. KALISTO

Cole pointed out that Titus O’Neal has put Akira Tozawa at ringside to watch Apollo Crews up close. Graves said Kalisto will regret turning down the Titus Brand the rest of his life. When Crews got in some early offense, Titus yelled at Tozawa to watch and explained the strategy. Tozawa plugged his ears because Titus wouldn’t stop talking. Maybe he and Alicia Fox are made for each other. Graves said: “Look at the smile of Apollo Crews. If that isn’t a license to print money, I don’t know what is.” That was strange. Crews won with his sitout powerbomb clean. Tozawa stood and clapped. Titus stood on the ring apron and congratulated Crews. Titus then went to ringside and lifted Tozawa and threw him into the ring to celebrate with them. Titus and Crews tried to sell Tozawa on joining the Titus Brand. Cole said he doesn’t think Tozawa has any idea what’s going on right now.

WINNER: Crews in 3:00.

-They went backstage to a close-up of Rhino squirting Cheez-Wiz onto a crackers. Miz told Heath Slater that he wants to extend an offer to him to join his entourage. He said he’s been mismanaged so far by Angle. Rhino said Slater already has a partner. Miz said he’s making an offer to Slater. Slater said growing up when he was a fan, he wanted to be Intercontinental Champion. He stared at Miz. Miz made another pitch to have Slater join him and he assured him a chance at the IC Title some day. He asked Slater if he’d rather squirt Cheez-Wiz with a loser than eat caviar with A-Listers. Rhino said Miz needs to find a tag partner because he and Slater are going to fight him later. He shoved crackers and Wiz into his mouth. [c]

-A video recap aired of the Bliss-Nia Jax dynamic last week.

-Alexa Bliss stood mid-ring and talked about how she was gracing them with her presence. Nia Jax interrupted. Just like Joe, Dean, and Seth did. Jax said she wants the Raw Women’s Title match that Bliss promised her. Bliss said she wanted to have a classic with her, but it was ruined by Dana Brooke and Mickie James last week. “They are the real problems here.” Mickie and Brooke interrupted. Mickie called her a “little dwarf.” Mickie said Bliss has a long way to go before catching her number of women’s title reigns. She quoted Bliss saying it’ll be a long time before Jax gets a title shot. Jax was acting like this was news to her, like THE CONVERSATION DIDN’T AIR ON NATIONAL TV LAST WEEK. Bliss said, “Nia, consider the sources.” She tried to talk her way out of what there is video evidence of taking place. Then Emma interrupted.

Graves said, “This is fantastic news for the Raw Women’s Division.” Emma entered the ring and said: “Attention, people. You can put the spotlight right where it belongs, because Emma is back.” She said she’s ready to take her rightful place at the top of the Raw Women’s Division. Alexa Bliss then came out and told Bliss that being a champion is more than just running your mouth every week. She said she’ll show Bliss how to throw a party. Bliss took a shot at Banks, and a brawl broke out. [c]


The match was in progres after the break. Bliss walked out on her partners a couple minutes later. Mickie superkicked Jax and then ducked when Jax charged back at her. Mickie then leaped off the top rope onto Jax with a Thesz Press. Emma rolled up Sasha, but Sasha slipped free immediately and applied a Bank Statement for the win.

WINNERS: Banks & James & Brooke in 4:00.

-They plugged “Table for 3” after Raw featuring the Hardys. As a teaser, Matt introduced his “brother – comma – Nero,” mocking Anthem/Impact Wrestling preventing them from doing the Broken Matt/Brother Nero gimmick outside WWE. [c]

-The announcers were on camera and plugged Money in the Bank. Then Cole said, “But this is Raw.” And then he threw to a video package on Finn Balor.

-Graves threw a sit-down interview he recorded earlier with Bayley. He said people doubted that she could take it to the extreme, but she assured Angle and the WWE Universe she could do it. He asked, “What happened?” She said she had never been in a situation like that and “I think I reacted like most people would have reacted.” She said she’s not there to put bruises on backs, but rather put smiles on people’s faces. Graves said that’s admirable for life, but that’s not how it works in WWE. Bayley said she didn’t get to WWE being something or someone she’s not. She said she’s there to be 100 percent her. She said everything she gives to the fans is her and she won’t change who she is for anybody or any match. She said she’ll do what’s best for her and the best version of herself and be herself and be Bayley. He asked what the future holds for her. She said she’s been getting Tweets all week about that topic. She said ever since she started training nine years ago, she wrote down in her journal the first day of training: “I want to be the best.” She said that hasn’t changed just because she lost to Bliss. She said that doesn’t change the type of legacy she wants to have. She said she wants to recapture the Raw Championship. She said she wants to know they can be the best doing it their way. Graves thanked her for her time. Bayley leaned in and asked Graves, “Do you think we can end this on a hug.” Graves squirmed a little. She leaned in and hugged him. He looked uncomfortable. Then he said, “I need a cigarette.”

(Keller’s Analysis: So the “adjustment” of Bayley is not to change her character, but to double-down and try to firm up what her character has always been about? One of the key lines is that she started training nine years ago, and as PWTorch columnist Travis Bryant has said for a while, the clock is ticking on Bayley being able to pull off this particular character and have it feel authentic and believable. We’ll see how this goes. I kind of like the idea of her just saying she’s going to stay true to herself, but it doesn’t address how the fans reacted to her not taking advantage of what the rules allowed her to do in the kendo stick match.) [c]


(5) HEATH SLATER & RHINO vs. THE MIZ (w/Maryse) & ???

Miz came out alone. Cole said they learned that Miz asked Samson and Samson said no. The announcers wondered if Miz has no friends. Then when Miz entered the ring, a teddy bear mascot rode a tricycle to the ring. The announcers noted he’s way taller than last week’s bear. The bear rubbed his butt against the ringpost. The bear stood on the ring apron and grabbed the tag rope.

“We Want Bear!” chanted the crowd after a few seconds of Miz vs. Slater. Miz made his offer to Slater again. Slater teased a handshake, then said no. Miz punched him. Slater came back and overshot on a flying forearm or something, but then arm dragged Miz. He tagged in Rhino shortly thereafter. Slater tagged back in and landed a forearm off the top rope onto Miz’s arm. Graves: “I can’t believe we’re calling a match with a bear in it.” Booker said since he’s holding the tag rope, he knows what he’s doing. Cole told Booker not many wrestlers use the tag rope anymore, “so he must’ve been trained in your school.” Cole said, “This match so far has been unbearable.”

The bear slapped and backhanded Slater. Rhino went bug-eyed. The Bear put Slater in a bear hug. Rhino broke it up with an elbow to Bear’s back. Bear tagged Miz back in, then tried to leave. Miz attacked the bear at ringside and threw him into the ringside barrier. He stomped on him and then shoved him into the ring apron. He tore off the bear head and it was nobody recognizable. Slater then blindsided Miz as soon as he got back into the ring. The bear rolled into the ring, selling dramatically. Slater showed compassion. The Bear then gave Slater a DDT. Miz was confused. Maryse tried to warn Miz that it wasn’t the same bear anymore. The crowd chanted for “Ambrose.” Ambrose revealed it was him and then shoved Miz into Maryse. Miz asked if she was okay. He was already in the dog house, or should I say “bear’s den?” Maryse left. Dean stood and waited for Miz to turn around. Dean gave Miz a Dirty Deeds and then put Slater on top so the ref counted to three. After the match, Dean put the bear head on Miz and left. Miz pulled off the bear head and was fuming.

WINNERS: Slater & Rhino.

(Keller’s Analysis: I suppose WWE figures most adults are watching the Cavs vs. Warriors, so the kids audience was their target? Keep in mind, this was at the top of hour three. We’ll dissect this on the PWTorch Livecast tonight after Raw!)

-They went to the announcers again. They plugged Money in the Bank again as part of their WWE Network pitch.

-A video aired on the Hardys since their return at WrestleMania. [c]

-Neville came out to wrestle Rich Swann. When Swann entered the ring, Neville attacked him before the bells. Cole didn’t decry his actions as he put him in the Rings of Saturn submission hold. Instead he sounded like he was touting his attitude and fortitude. Neville leaned over and listed his victims. Then he rolled him out of his ring with his feet. Swann hugged and held onto his ring jacket the whole time, which as corny. Neville said it’s great to be king. He asked how many more pretenders he has to obliterate before he gets the respect he deserves. He said he keeps hearing about Akira Tozawa. He said it takes more than a cute tweet from Titus O’Neal to become Cruiserweight Champion. He told Tozawa to tread carefully because if not, he’ll be forced to kneel before him, the King of the Cruiserweights. He threw down the mic.

-Caruso interviewed Cesaro and Sheamus backstage regarding their tag match later with the Hardys. Cesaro said he studied up by reading the Hardys book and said it was inspirational. Sheamus said they’re going to inspire the Hardys to write a sequel about how they forced them to retire. They said together they aren’t just setting the bar, they are the bar.

-Smackdown Plug: The Money in the Bank participants wrestle in a “huge six-man match.” Plus Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal go face-to-face. [c]

-They replayed what happened last week with Big Show teaming with Enzo against Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows.

-They went backstage where Cass had been hit again. Enzo told him it’s not a good for him to wrestle. In the ring, Anderson & Gallows laughed and asked if Cass fell and got hurt again. “Nerd!” yelled Gallows. Anderson said it’s two weeks in a row now, and if he didn’t want to fight them, he just had to say something, he didn’t need to “beat himself up over it.” They laughed some more. Then Enzo & Cass’s entrance music played.


After a little wait, Enzo and Cass walked out. Cass brushed off referees trying to talk him out of wrestling. When Cass got knocked to the floor, Enzo ate a running boot from Anderson. When Enzo went to tag Cass a minute later, Cass couldn’t even stand. Enzo tried to keep on fighting, but ate a boot this time from Gallows as he leaped off the ropes. Then they finished him with the Magic Killer. Cole said Enzo & Cass had no chance at all because of the assault on Cass.

WINNERS: Anderson & Gallows in 3:00.

-As Anderson & Gallows continued to beat up Enzo, Big Show walked out to his music. Anderson & Gallows fled.

-Graves plugged the Raw Tag Team Title match up next. [c]

-Another R-Truth segment aired. He played off of the movie, “Cool Hand Luke,” and said there was nothing cool about what Goldust did. He said he doesn’t forgive or forget, but rather he gets even. He ended with, “Goldust, you gonna get got!”

-Backstage, Enzo asked Big Show if it makes sense that one blow took Cass down like that. He said he needs the peace of mind knowing Show didn’t do it. Show was offended at the suggestion, calling him a “half-pint,” and then seemed to have an epiphany that it might be Cass himself, not Enzo. He said he has one word to describe his partner – S-A-W-F-T. The crowd “ohhh’d.”

-They replayed the Joe-Brock brawl from earlier.

-Backstage, Mike Rome interviewed Joe. Joe said what happened earlier doesn’t change his approach at Great Balls of Fire, but rather they are playing right into his strategy. Joe said Heyman’s strategy was to show that he doesn’t sweat Lesnar. He said the message is to send the messenger back with the same wounds he plans to instill on his master. He said his reaction is to walk to the ring and stare Lesnar in the eye and let him see exactly the man he is going to battle. He said he’ll walk to the ring at GBOF and put him to sleep and become the new Universal Champion.

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s a good promo. This doesn’t need to be fancy. This just needs to sell the idea that this is a big fight between two titans with something big at stake.)

-The Hardys made their ring entrance. [c]

-They aired another short Reigns video and Cole hyped his big announcement next week.

(8) SHEAMUS & CESARO vs. MATT & JEFF HARDY – WWE Raw Tag Team Title match

Sheamus and Cesaro made their way to the ring to their full ring entrance. Cole said this is the first two-out-of-three falls tag team team title match in Raw history. The Hardys landed a Side Effect and splash early on Sheamus for a quick two count. Matt backdropped Cesaro out of the ring as he tried to intervene. The heels took over on Jeff Hardy and immediately pinned him. First fall to Cesaro & Sheamus.

(Keller’s Analysis: This isn’t just a “pet peeve,” it’s just factually and objectively stupid; it’s not believable that Jeff would lose that quickly in any match other than this one “where there’s two more falls.” There is no reason the Hardys would lose the first fall more quickly because it’s a multi-fall match if things were real. Barring stupidity on the part of a team being overly aggressive to try to score a quick fall – which was not firmly established here – it just seems like a finish booked for the convenience of TV time and the multi-fall format. It hurts Jeff to lose that quickly, no matter how it happened. It makes sense for the second and third falls to end quickly, but not the first.) [c]


Sheamus had Jeff in a chinlock after the break. They replayed what happened to end the first fall. Graves said Cesaro & Sheamus are so familiar with the Hardys they knew what move Jeff was going for on the top rope and knew to charge and kick him in the chest to counter it. A couple minutes later, Jeff hot-tagged Matt in. Matt rallied until Cesaro countered a running bulldog attempt. Matt gave Cesaro a tornado DDT off the second rope for a near fall. Matt then pinned Cesaro after a Twist of Fate. Cole said they’re in sudden death now.

(Keller’s Analysis: That also came quickly. The way WWE books two-out-of-three falls matches makes me not want them to ever book them again.)

They went right to the third fall without another break, as they were into the overrun now. Matt, wisely, went for a quick pin, but Cesaro kicked out. Sheamus gave Matt a knee to the face. That looked stiff. Matt kicked out. It didn’t look as stiff on slo-mo replay with a different angle, but still solid. Cesaro then set up the Neutralizer. Matt backdropped out of it, but Cesaro rolled through and applied a sharpshooter. Matt yelled in pain. Jeff hot-tagged in and rallied against Sheamus. Cole exclaimed, “Vintage Jeff Hardy!” Cesaro broke up a Jeff pin on Sheamus. Matt knocked Cesaro to the floor. Sheamus lifted and dropped Jeff onto the ropes. Cesaro gave Jeff a running uppercut as he leaned on the second rope. Sheamus scored a two count. Cesaro threw Matt into the ringside barrier. Jeff came back and hit a Swanson for a two count. Jeff leaped onto Cesaro and Sheamus at ringside. All four brawled at ringside and were counted out.

WINNERS: Double countout.

-All four wrestlers brawled at ringside after the bell. Jeff landed a dive onto both heels off of the ringpost. That should be a big spot and it barely got a pop. The ref presented the heels with their tag belts.

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