7/7 WWE in New York City, NY at MSG: Styles captures the U.S. Title from Kevin Owens in rare house show title change, Reigns booed

A.J. Styles captures U.S. Title on July 7, 2017 at Madison Square Garden (photo @pwtorch)


JULY 7, 2017

Crowd: Estimated 10,000 range (not close to a sellout)

(1) SHINSUKE NAKAMURA defeated DOLPH ZIGGLER. Nakamura finished Ziggler with a Kinshasa Kick.  Very good match. Nakamura was over with crowd.

(2) R-TRUTH pinned GOLDUST with a “What’s Up.”  Lackluster, crowd not into it.

(3)  NEVILLE pinned CEDRIC ALEXANDER with his feet on apron to retain his Cruiserweight Title. The finish came after Alexander missed a corner move. They both worked hard. The crowd warmed up to match after a while.

(4) SETH ROLLINS & DEAN AMBROSE beat THE MIZ (w/Maryse) & SAMOA JOE in an excellent tag match. Ambrose pinned Miz after Dirty Deeds while Rollins held Joe’s leg to keep him from interfering.  Some good double-teaming by both teams along the way. Non-stop action. Prior to match, Miz said he refused to put up the IC Title at MSG because this is where the NY Knicks play (originally was supposed to be singles matches, Miz vs. Ambrose for title; Joe vs. Rollins).  All four moved well.

(5) AJ STYLES pinned KEVIN OWENS after a Styles Clash to win the U.S. Title.  Very solid match as usual.  Owens landed his Popup Powerbomb, but Styles kicked out to cheers.  After the match, big ovation for the Styles title win. Best match of the night.

(6) SASHA BANKS & BAILEY & MICKIE JAMES defeated EMMA & ALEXA BLISS & NIA JAXX.  Not too long, good action. Banks over Emma with the Bank Statement.

(7) FINN BALOR defeated KARL ANDERSON (w/Luke Gallows) in about a minute. He landed a Coup de Grace before scoring the pin. Good action from Balor, albeit brief.

(8) SHEAMUS & CAESARO defeated THE HARDY BOYZ when Cesaro pined Jeff to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles. The Hardyz didn’t see the heels tag. Cesaro ran in to surprise Jeff.

(9)ROMAN REIGNS pinned BRAY WYATT after a spear.  Wyatt dominated, and was often cheered. Reigns heavily booed. After the match, BRAUN STROWMAN ran in and attacked Reigns.  Cedric Alexander ran in, but got tossed out. R-Truth ran in, then got tossed out. Seth Rollins ran in and had
Strowman going, but Wyatt popped up and stopped him.  As Wyatt was about to give Rollins his Sister Abigail, Reigns recovered, knocked Wyatt down, and speared Strowman to end the show.

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FINAL THOUGHTS: Very strong show.  Camera man at ringside whole show, presumably recording it.

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3 Comments on 7/7 WWE in New York City, NY at MSG: Styles captures the U.S. Title from Kevin Owens in rare house show title change, Reigns booed

  1. Wow. Vince sure doesn’t like the ladies these days. 9 matches and the girls get a cluster-hug 6 person tag. They could have sliced Emma vs Bailey out of that and made a not seen to often second ladies match.

  2. Styles didn’t win after the Styles Clash. Owens kicked out! He got the 3 count after the Phenomenal Forearm. Damn, get it right!

    There are plenty of video footage vignettes out there already showing the proper, correct coverage!

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