7/12 Lucha Underground TV Report: The Cueto Cup continues with Crane vs. Taya, Muertes vs. Paul London, Martinez vs. Fenix

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report: “A Fenix to a Flame”
July 12, 2017
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #26 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a recaps of the Cueto Cup, Marty-Fenix, Mundo-Sexy Star and Texano-Famous B.

-Title Card

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. Striker and Vampiro built up the Cueto Cup matches for later tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced Jeremiah Crane followed by Taya.

(1)  JEREMIAH CRANE vs. TAYA – Cueto Cup second round match

Crane charged at Taya. She stopped him then slapped him. Crane hit a big boot knocking Taya to the outside then dove through the ropes onto her. Crane sat Taya into some chairs at ringside. He ran around the ring then leaped onto her. Taya leaped over the barricade and landed some strikes on Crane to knock him off. She then hit a cross body off the guard rail and tossed Crane back into the ring. Taya missed a strike which allowed Crane to land a knee followed by a boot in the corner. Taya fired up and landed a flurry of strikes. They both traded chops mid ring until Taya fell over. Crane ran into a big boot then hit a a strike. Taya hit a move in which Crane hit his head to the mat. Taya climbed the top rope then Sexy Star walked out. Crane caught Taya while she was distracted and hit a power bomb. Taya tried to roll over Taya for a pin, but Crane escaped and hit a pile driver for the win.

WINNER:  Crane at 6:23 to advance to the second round.

Post match: Star kicked Taya in the ring then hit her with brass knuckles.


Backstage: Fenix was training his match. AeroStar walked in and said now that he’s out of the tournament he has his money on Fenix to win. AeroStar also expressed his pessimism of Drago. Fenix was confident he would come back, But AeroStar said he can see the future and he’s not so sure about that. Fenix asked AeroStar if he was going to win tonight and AeroStar snickered and gave the expression of he might or he might not.

[JD’s Reax: So if AeroStar can see the future and he knows the outcomes of events, why does he even compete in matches if he knows hes going to lose them? Why even try to get Drago back if you’ve seen the future and you know it’s not good? Did AeroStar just tell the audience that Fenix wins it all? They open up way too many questions by bringing that into the universe. For my further thoughts on this, listen to this past week’s Bruce Mitchell Audio Show where Bruce talks about how the mix of all these supernatural powers does not work in a wrestling context.]

In ring: Santos introduced Mil Muertes followed by Paul London.


(2) MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) vs. PAUL LONDON – Cueto Cup second round match

London dodged Mil several times. London escaped the ring and ran around. Eventually Mil caught him. Mil knocked him over and battered his face. Mil tossed him around the ring. London then hit a spin wheel kick but Mil hit an onslaught of strikes. London kept getting small escapes, but Mil kept coming back to hit him with more. Mil followed London to the outside and threw him into the announce table. Mil rolled London back into the ring, but London rolled back out and hit a several super kicks. The rabbit tribe came into the ring for a distraction. Mil caught London’s leg and hit a clothesline. Mil rolled London back into the ring. London landed some strikes and hit a double stomp from the tip rope. Mil caught London and hit a choke slam for a two count. Mil set London onto the top rope where he landed several blows. The rabbit tribe went for another distraction which allowed London to hit two shooting star presses. Mil then hit a spear on London followed by a flatliner for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes 9:29 to advance to the second round.

Post match: Catrina crawled onto London to give him the lick of death.


-Brenda walked up to Texano in a bar and asked if he would buy her a drink. She said she wants a drink that strong like him. They each took a drink. She said the drink made her dizzy and every time she gets a little tipsy the truth comes out. She told Texano that he is boring. Texano crushed a bottle of beer in his hand. Brenda told him to relax. She said he needs a women’s touch. Famous B sat at a table in the background making the “reeling him in“ gesture.

Announcers: Stiker said next week the Cueto Cup will continue with Cage vs. Pindar, PJ Black vs. Prince Puma and Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc.

In ring: Santos introduced Marty Martinez. Marty held a lunch box with a sandwhich inside. He tried to stuff the sandwhich in Santos‘ mouth, but she spit it back at him. She then introduced Fenix.


(3) MARTY “THE MOTH“ MARTINEZ (w/Mariposa) vs. FENIX – Cueto Cup second round match 

They kept countering each other’s moves to start. Marty fell to the outside. Fenix went for a dive, but Maripos caught his leg. Fenix fell to the outside of the ring then Fenix leaped onto the apron and hit a dive on Marty. Mariposa caught Fenix on the ring apron. Marty was able to take advantage. Marty distracted the ref which allowed Mariposa to attack. Marty brought the action back to the ring. After being dominated, Fenix began to fight back with a series of kicks and a double stomp. Marty and Fenix fought back and forth throught. Fenix gained advantage. Mariposa went for an attack, but was stopped by Santos. Fenix rolled over Marty to pin him for the victory.

WINNER: Fenix at 10:25 to advance to the second round.

Post match: Marty hit Fenix with the lunch box. Marty grabbed the fork out of his lunch box. HE rammed the fork into Fenix while Mariposa held Santos forcing her to watch.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The second round is beginning to ramp up. The matches are starting to feel like they mean more and everyone wants to win. I like when LU sets the stakes high and makes the outcomes mean something. I’m not a huge fan of the different powers of the characters not really matching in the world like AeroStar being able to see the future. Overall, a well-scripted tight episode.

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  1. I thought the show was pretty good, I am enjoying the tourney so far. I agree with you about the super powers sort of not working in the wrestling program. I thought the “gift” that Cage received was really strange. A powerful Magic Glove. Hehehhe. Weird.

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