VIP AUDIO 8/19 – Saturday Livecast – The Deep…Dive w/Rich Fann (AD-FREE): Top Five Summerslam matches using #TuesdayNightJaw Method, Caller Lists, more (82 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: This week is the first opportunity for listeners to make #TheList – their top 5 matches that occurred at Summerslam of all time! This list is special, because the rules make it harder than just “here are my five!”

The rules are courtesy Jim Smallman (PROGRESS owner and podcast host of #TuesdayNightJaw on the Distraction Pieces Network):

A wrestler can only be used once;
A show can only be used once.

Joining Rich for this week’s fun is Steve Williams, East Coast Cast caller and guest host of “For Your Consideration” on the network. Steve’s knowledge of WWE wrestling is second to none and we bond over our joint love of Power and Glory! If you decide to make your top five, tweet us with the hashtag #DeepDive – and give a listen to Jim on the Distraction pieces network and listen to his list!

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