WWE Summerslam HOLT Report: A second detailed on-site report of what happened off-air at Barclays Center

AUGUST 20, 2017

•I arrived just before 5 and got in the big mass of people to try to get in. They opened the doors at about 5:10 and then let in handfuls at a time – to make it less of a rush on the inside. But by the time I was seateD,  there was nothing happening, but shortly thereafter the cruiserweights came out. I had thought it was the first match. I learned later that I had missed the true opener. Most people must have because I was in fairly early relatively speaking and I missed it.

•At about 6:20, after the cruiserweight match, they announced the Smackdown commentary team. A loud “Fire Bradshaw” chant got going. I guess people haven’t forgiven him yet.

•The Smackdown Tag Team Title match started slow but started to build up and was very hot by the end. It was one of the best matches of the evening and may have been the best – if it were not for the show saving main event.

•True show started – and Cena coming out got a big reaction. Mostly boos but very loud. When Baron came out there were a lot of “Where’s your briefcase” chants. The crowd disappeared for this match. There were not that many “John Cena sucks” chants after the match as before – just silence.

•For the Smackdown Women’s title, not much reaction until first sharpshooter. People did react to the win. Some “You Deserve it “ Then came a guy behind me saying “No she doesn’t.”

•Enzo coming out got the big reaction to the call and response. People said the lines along with Enzo. But then when he kept going people lost interest and cheered when Cass came out and cut him off. Other than the cheer for shutting up Enzo, no one cared about anyone in this match. So many “boring” and “Please Stop” chants during this match. People around me hated this match.

•As for Randy Orton vs. Rusev, the guy behind me said it would probably be an immediate RKO and pin because Rusev wanted to be released from his contract. It then happened, so not sure if there was something to that. Randy did come out to a star reaction.

During the Raw tag title match, when the beach ball came out, people did start to chant “Let’s go beach ball” but many were booing the beach ball – and then everyone cheered loudly when Cesaro went over the barrier and ripped the ball in half. Huge reaction to the finish and really a good match.

•Jinder Mahal got almost no real reaction. People booed a bit, but you definitely got the feeling they were booing that this guy who when I bought the tickets for Summerslam at the Raw in Brooklyn had been on “Main Event” and lost. He wasn’t good enough to be on Raw. And now here he was as the champion. The place was totally deflated when he won.

•People around me said if the main event didn’t tear the place down, it was a bad show. I had to agree. Certainly far inferior to NXT Takeover the night before.

•Braun got a good reaction coming out, but the reaction to Joe was way bigger. “Joe Joe Joe” chants went often during the match as well. They started booing just knowing that Reigns would be next. Then when he came out, people in my section were chanting “Delete,” hoping to get rid of him I guess. Brock got big reaction as well. In order of reaction I would say Joe, Brock, Braun, and Roman. Roman got boos, but it was quieter than the other reactions. Once the match got going though, Braun became the focus point. He became the biggest guy in the match.

•I hate stretcher angles in wrestling because where we were it was hard to tell if he might not really be hurt. And Braun just stopped and stood there. He didn’t try to do anything else, so it seemed like he might be concerned. I thought we were going to look horrible for saying “This is awesome!” and “One more table” if he were really hurt. A bit before Brock came back, I noticed a camera man had moved up and was standing by the entrance. It was clear Brock was coming back, and sure enough.

•So a great main event made people feel better. But then the people at Barclay Center decided everyone on the upper deck had to go the same way and they wouldn’t let them go down towards the other doors – so big mass of people, took a long time to get out, and then I had a much longer walk to the train.

Overall because of the main event, it was a good evening. I much preferred Takeover and next year I may just go to that and skip Summerslam.

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  1. I would love to smack anyone right in the head who tries to start or participates in a “You Deserve It” or “This is Awesome” chant. KNOCK IT OFF.

    • I agree with you 100%. I think WWE fans are complete idiots for those chants. That is why I never go to any WWE events any more

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