Big Show reacts to need for hip surgery, Bischoff talks about Big Show’s up and down mood and motivation, TV ratings, WWE schedule

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Big Show (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

-As Michael Cole referenced on Raw last night, Big Show (Paul Wight) announced on that he will be undergoing surgery on his hip to have it “resurfaced.” He attributed it to the landing on the top rope elbow against Braun Strowman last week on Raw. “It’s frustrating as hell to be in the best shape I’ve been in my career, but that match, I kind of put a lot out on the table and I’m paying the price for it now,” he said. “Going forward, I’m very confident in the medical team that’s doing the surgery … we’re gonna go forward from there and see what my options are.” Read the full interview at HERE.

-In the latest episode of his podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about Big Show in his first years in the business in WCW when he was billed as “The Giant.” He said Show was very sensitive when they worked together. He was very up-and-down. If you could motivate him, he’d be awesome. However, it was easy for him to be unmotivated. If he didn’t feel he was important and wasn’t feeling the love, he could go into cruise control. Bischoff saw that happen in WWE as well. Bischoff was impressed with him headed into WrestleMania. But after he didn’t get his Shaq match, he thought he was less-than-motivated once more. Bischoff says when Show first came to WCW, he could do a kip up. They didn’t have him do it in the ring, though because nobody wants to see a 7-foot guy do gymnastics in the ring. Eric never saw him do a Moonsault, though. Read full detailed recap of Bischoff’s latest podcast here: WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Bischoff on Wrestling – a look back at the NWO’s Four Horsemen parody, The Big Show’s battle with motivation, details of the 1999 KISS/WCW pay-per-view that never was (Ep. 59)

-TV ratings will be delayed this week due to Nielson ratings service being located in Florida in the path of Hurricane Irma.

-WWE’s Raw crew is headed to Christchurch, New Zealand on Wednesday, then Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, Sydney, Australia on Friday, and Brisbane, Australia on Saturday.. If you attend one of those events, or any live pro wrestling events, we appreciate written live event reports on the results. Send to

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