KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 9/18: Final No Mercy hype including interviews with Lesnar and Strowman

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T


-The screen showed a photo of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and the year of brith and death (1944-2017). It held on the screen longer than most; then they went to a blank screen for a few seconds before the general WWE intro video with fireworks.

(Keller’s Analysis: A nice touch this week would have been adding Heenan to that opening. As the no. 1 foe for Hulk Hogan during the early WrestleMania and expansion years, Heenan is arguably as important a figure in the mid-to-late 1980s as anyone other than Hogan. Heenan in that montage would be appropriate and proper tribute.)

-Kurt Angle walked to the ring to his music as fans chanted “You suck!” to the beat of his music. He entered the ring and said that there are two WrestleMania-worthy matches at No Mercy – John Cena vs. Roman Reigns (boos from the crowd) and Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Title against Braun Strowman. As he began to announce an addition to the line-up, Miz interrupted. He walked out without Maryse, but with The Miztourage of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Miz complained that for the second PPV in a row, he wasn’t on the line-up defending the Intercontinental Title. Angle said if he would have let him finish, he was about to announce a match tonight to determine his challenger at No Mercy.

Angle announced a Fatal Four-way featuring Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Elias, and Jason Jordan, the winner getting a shot at the IC Title at No Mercy. Miz spoke dismissively about the Hardys and Elias, but said they belonged more than Jordan. He said countless Superstars are more deserving, “like them,” he said while turning to point at Bo and Curtis. He said they were leapfrogged “by your failure of a son.” He said maybe if Jason gives him a “No. 1 Dad” mug and plays catch with him, would Angle stop favoring him. Angle said he’s sick of his whining and complaining. He said hopes fatherhood changes Miz for the better. Miz told him not to lecture him about fatherhood, because he walked out on his responsibilities and now he’s making everyone pay.

Miz said he’ll be present on Day One with his child and he’ll be a better father and is a better champion than he ever was. He said he should be his priority, but he makes Jordan his priority. He said he’s trying to make up for missing 28 years of his life. Miz was distracted by something in the crowd and lost his place briefly. He said you can always count on Angle to be a deadbeat. Angle stared him down. Jordan’s music began to play. Jordan marched out with a serious look. Booker said if he were Miz, he’d feel the same. “Getting leapfrogged, it ain’t right,” he said.

(Keller’s Analysis: So Booker is all-out heel here, right? Because there’s no case to be made that Bo and Curtis are actually getting leapfrogged by Jordan, is there? And it almost sounded like he was saying Miz was upset with getting leapfrogged.)

Jordan told Miz if he says one more word about Kurt, he’ll “knock those pretty little teeth down your throat.” Miz pretended to hold back Bo and Curtis. Jordan then suggested Kurt add Bo and Curtis to the match so Miz has no excuses when he earns the right to face him for the IC Title at No Mercy. Angle said it sounds good, so it’s now a Six-Pack Challenge later tonight. Miz told Jordan having more people in the match gives him less of a chance of winning, so he’s dumber than even his father. Jordan went after Miz and then threw Bo and Curtis out of the ring. Booker said Jordan has a temper which “could get him in a lot a trouble around here.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Jordan was okay here, but still not jumping out as a future top attraction.)

-Cole plugged sit-down interviews with Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. They showed Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax on a split screen heading to the entrance. [c]

-Angle told a fuming Jordan to focus on his opportunity tonight. Jordan said he hears the whispers and sees the looks in the back. He said when everyone sees what he does to Miz, those whispers and looks will stop. Angle asked, “What if they don’t?” He asked him what he thought would happen when it came out that he is his father. Jordan said he didn’t ask for this. Angle told Jordan to either step up or go home. He told Jordan that he’s strong enough to fight back, but sometimes it takes more strength not to fight back. He said his blood is coursing through his veins. He said he has to win tonight and then beat Miz at No Mercy.


The announcers discussed the Fatal Four-way at No Mercy.

(Keller’s Analysis: Graves unfortunately used flawed “WWE Math” to say that Bliss only has a 25 percent of retaining the WWE Championship, as if everyone is a match is always equally likely to win as their opponents. So Enzo has a 50/50 chance of winning any one-on-one match he’s in because you divide 100 by 2? Even against Braun Strowman? Or Brock Lesnar? It’s stupid and they need to stop saying it because it makes them look dumb or that they think their fans are dumb. The solution is so simple. Just add the word “roughly” because saying the percent chance. Problem solved.)

Nia powered Bliss out of the ring a minute in. Graves said being physically overmatched in every aspect has to be intimidating. Well, at least she has exactly a 50/50 shot of winning any match she’s in no matter how big her opponent. Nia lifted Bliss by her arm and held her in the air, then dropped her. Bliss tried to call a timeout and then ran toward the ropes to leave. Jax caught her. Bliss pinched her and began to walk to the back. Out walked Sasha Banks to her music. She pointed Bliss back toward the ring. As Bliss turned and ran, she ran right into Nia. Banks laughed. They cut to a break. [c]

A crawler during the match plugged “Bobby the Brain Heenan: Beyond the Ring” on WWE Network. Bliss avoided a charging Jax, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Bliss rallied and climbed to the top rope. When she leaped off, Jax caught her and powerslammed her and scored the three count.

WINNER: Jax in 6:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: With the commercial break in the middle, almost nothing aired and the quick decisive loss diminished Bliss as a serious championship-level wrestler.)

-Afterward, Banks attacked Jax from behind. That hardly seemed heroic. Jax tossed her off of her hard. When she was about to go after Bliss and Banks, out came Bayley. Cole said it’s her hometown of San Jose. Cole said Bayley has been out of action with a separated shoulder, but she is back tonight. Bayley entered the ring and stood next to Banks and Bliss. The three of them speared Jax. Jax rolled to the floor. Bayley gave her an extra boot to the head on her way down. Banks and Bayley held up Bliss’s arms, then they dropped them. Bliss began to look nervous. Banks kicked her in the gut. Bayley gave her a Bailey-to-Belly. Booker said they can’t be trusted. Cole said nobody wants to be friends with Bliss.

(Keller’s Analysis: It would have been so easy to tweak that to make Bliss less sympathetic. Heck, you had Banks attacking Jax unprovoked from behind. Then Banks and Bayley double-teamed Bliss, despite Bliss doing nothing at that moment to provoke it. They could have done all of that, but had Jax and Bliss each do something to ignite the fight-fire-with-fire rule to justify Banks and Bayley attacking them.)

-They went to the announcers who plugged No Mercy and Hell in a Cell and then WWE Network signups. Graves said tonight, Reigns delivers his final message to Cena tonight.

(Keller’s Analysis: Hey, a real life “Go Home” promo from Reigns?!?) [c]

-A commercial aired for Total Bellas.

-They showed Tweets about Bobby Heenan from Vince McMahon, Sheamus, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler, and Daniel Bryan.

-They went on camera to the announcers. Cole said the tribute to Heenan would continue throughout the show. He said if Heenan were with them on Sunday for Lesnar-Strowman, he might say it’s a “dog eat dog world” and Strowman will make Lesnar his Milk Bone. Graves laughed and said if Heenan were there, he’d tell Cole his parents ran away from home.

-A video package aired on the Lesnar-Strowman rivalry. They began with a 2002 clip of a young boy touting Lesnar as the next big thing without peers. Oh, that was Paul Heyman!

-Cole then plugged the final words with Lesnar and Strowman. He said he sits down with both “live tonight.”

-Sheamus and Cesaro made their ring entrance. Cole said they’ll have to face Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows next. [c]

-Sheamus commented on nostalgia. He said there’s a lot of that going on with “Stranger Things” and remakes of “Star Wars” and “Blade Runner.” He left out “It”! He said fans like escaping hard realities to open up warm fuzzy feelings for the good ol’ days. He said that he and Cesaro live in the present, not the past. He said they’re destroying nostalgia acts, just ask the Hardy Boyz. They said Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are using each other for their own selfish needs. Cesaro repeated it a few times as the crowd chanted “What?” He said when the moment stops and the fun ends, nostalgia will end just like the “What?” chants and truth will present itself – that Seth and Dean can’t stand each other. Boos. Sheamus laughed. He told the fans to get over themselves. He said they’ll be there to pick up the pieces and regain their WWE Tag Team Championships. He said they trust each other and have been together through the good, the bad, and the ugly times. They said they don’t set the bar, they are the bar. Out came Seth and Dean. Cole said that was unexpected.

Seth and Dean stood on the stage, mics in hands. Seth said it looks like Taxi Driver had a disgusting baby with Braveheart given their disgusting kilts. He said they are having the time of their lives and, no matter what, they are brothers. Dean said sometimes brothers fight and argue, but a real brother would never let his brother leave the house dressed like Sheamus. Anderson & Gallows then walked out to their music. They said Sheamus & Cesaro aren’t good brothers because they walked out on them last week. They said Dean & Seth took advantage of their disadvantage so that they are not good brothers, but rather nerds. Seth said that’s not good and they shouldn’t have said that. He seemed very worried, comically so.

Dean stepped toward them and said, “Nobody calls me a nerd!” He attacked them. All three teams brawled. Cole said, “Things are breaking down in San Jose!” Seth and Dean cleared the ring. They cut to a break. [c]

-A vignette aired that Asuka was arriving soon.


Cole said anyone can tag anyone, first team to score a pinfall or submission is the winner. When Graves told Cole to be careful because last time in San Jose, Lesnar gave him an F5. Booker laughed. Cole pointed out he was beat up, too. Booker kept laughing and said it was a rough night.

(Keller’s Analysis: I bet Heyman and Lesnar would prefer Booker not laugh at the memory of being beaten up by Lesnar. Certain things in pro wrestling shouldn’t be chucked at, and F5s from Lesnar should be on that list.)


Deep into the relatively long match, Ambrose saved Seth after a Magic Killer lead to a cover. Sheamus and Cesaro threw Dean hard into the barricade. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live, Sheamus was giving forearms to Seth’s chest. Cesaro then knocked him off the ring apron and into the barricade. At 18:00 the match reached the point of lots of dives taking place. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” In the end, Dean slugged it out with Anderson mid-ring. Sheamus blind-tagged himself in and watched Dean give Anderson a Dirty Deeds. Sheamus then tossed Dean out of the ring and covered Anderson for the three count. Graves called it “maybe next level, transcendent tag team work” by Sheamus & Cesaro.

WINNERS: Sheamus & Cesaro in 19:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: One of the longer Raw matches you’ll see. Good match. It feels like we’ve seen these teams against each other a lot, so it had the lack of novelty working against it.)

-Backstage Miz said he cannot wait to see the look of disappointed when his “hot-headed choke-artist of a comes up short again.” He said maybe then Angle will realize no amount of favoritism will save his son from obscurity and maybe that he will also realize that he is ten times the father Kurt is. Bo interrupted and said he used to give inspirational speeches, so maybe they should be more about him and Curtis Axel. Bo said his pedigree has been well-known since before Jordan was there. Axel said his father was one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time. Miz said tonight’s main event will be their breakthrough performance. Curtis told Miz he won’t take it easy on him at No Mercy. Bo said he’ll steal the show when he faces Miz at No Mercy. Miz said one thing at a time, and tonight they need to prove that Jordan doesn’t deserve their spotlight.

(Keller’s Analysis: That addressed some “elephants in the living room” regarding the Six-Pack Challenge situation. It’s nice to hear from Bo and Curtis.)

-The announcers plugged the Six-Pack match. Graves said a Cena-Reigns video was up next. [c]

-They showed a WrestleMania Moment from 2005 when Edge won the Money in the Bank match. Cole called it one of the biggest moments of his career. He said on Sunday, Strowman could have one of those moments himself. Graves said two icons of the industry will battle in a fight to determine whose WWE this is. Cole said their paths have paralleled. They showed a clip from Ohio Valley Wrestling 2001 (without jorts!) and 2012 Roman Reigns debuting (without a vest!). They showed them each winning the Royal Rumble and each winning the WWE Championship. They compared Cena tying Ric Flair’s record to Reigns beating Undertaker at WrestleMania. Then they aired snippets from the Cena-Reigns exchanges in recent weeks. They included when Cena backed down from Reigns’s challenge to “go” right now, and Cena’s comment to Reigns that he ain’t getting past him like he can’t get past drug tests. [c]

-They aired Angle talking on the phone to someone about how good the PPV is going to be. Goldust was standing behind him. He turned around and revealed he had no faceprint on. He asked for a rematch against Bray Wyatt. Angle wasn’t sure it was a good idea. Goldust said he’s asking him as a man behind the paint, Dustin Rhodes. He said he wants to prove he’s not a pawn in Bray’s games. He asked again and said please. Angle gave it to him. Goldust said Bray will never forget the name “Dustin Rhodes.”

-Curt Hawkins said he has to make a difficult announcement. He said the Curt Hawkins’ Star Factory is closed, but in its place he’s presenting Curt Hawkins’ History Machine. He said tonight his 114 match losing streak comes to an end. He said he’s healthy for the first time in a long time and he’s looking good. He said his opponent will go on to be nothing more than a footnote in history and the answer to a famous trivia question. He asked who wants to make history. After a dramatic pause, out came Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neal.

(3) APOLLO CREWS (w/Titus O’Neal) vs. CURT HAWKINS

Hawkins got in some early offense, but Crews came back with a turning sitout powerbomb. Booker said Hawkins will always “be a good hand.” How many viewers know what that means and how does that in any way serve the purpose of this show to say that other than viewers who enjoy Booker amusing himself? The announcers compared Hawkins to Dale Wolfe, “Iron” Mike Sharpe, and Johnny Rodz.

WINNER: Crews in 2:00.

-Cole interviewed Lesnar and Heyman on the right side of the screen and Strowman on the left. Cole asked Lesnar about being considered an underdog. Lesnar didn’t like the question. Heyman said the last time Lesnar was considered an underdog was against Taker. He vowed that Lesnar will beat, victimize, and conquer Strowman. Cole asked Strowman how confident he is headed into Sunday. Strowman said he doesn’t have to explain because his actions say it all. He bragged about leaving Lesnar “laying.” (He meant “lying,” but I’m not correcting Strowman’s grammar in his presence, so someone else deliver that message.) Cole asked Lesnar how he prepares. Heyman said Lesnar doesn’t prepare for anyone like Strowman because there is no one like Braun. Heyman said no one has ever stood up after a momentary trip to Suplex City. Strowman said he’ll not only survive Suplex City, he’ll stomp it into the ground. Heyman said he has awoken The Beast. Strowman said he’s the one pulling the strings and he’ll make the decisions, and Heyman running his mouth won’t change what happens on Sunday. Heyman asked Cole why he’s asking so many questions of the challenger. Heyman said the story is about the champion, the newsmaker. As Heyman talked and talked, Lesnar leaned in and took over. He thanked Strowman for backing him into this corner because when challenged, he’s at his best. “I’ll see you this Sunday,” he said. “Suplex City, bitch.” Strowman snortled and smiled.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good final build for that match. It’s better actually not to have them appear in front of the crowd or in the ring together at this stage of the hype.)

-The announcers hyped Cena vs. Reigns. Graves said Reigns delivers his final message to Cena next. [c]

-They aired a clip of the women’s angle earlier. Then they showed a Tweet from Emma. She said she started the Women’s Revolution and she deserved a week off, not another opponent.

-Reigns came out to his music and a round of boos from the crowd. Cole said it might be September, but it feels like spring because it seems like WrestleMania is coming up on Sunday. Reigns soaked up boos for 30 seconds. He said he said it before and he’ll say it again, interjecting “I’d boo this too.” He said Cena might be the best talker ever. He said he can run his mouth and spin it, but sometimes he says stupid shit. He was bleeped.


He said when Cena says he’s “the next John Cena,” he asked “Do I walk, talk, or even look like Cena? Do I look like a jacked up white guy with a giant head and a military crew cut? If I did, I wouldn’t have a career here. Don’t believe me, ask Alex Riley about that.” He said he lets his actions talk for him, unlike Cena. He said when he says something, it means something. He said that’s why when he says Cena is a jacked up little bitch, it’s because he is. He said Cena is the biggest hypocrite to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He said if you don’t believe him, John will tell you himself. He threw to the big screen and a Cena promo in February 2012 of Cena saying his problem with The Rock is that he doesn’t show up anymore. He said he always showed up and he never left. He said when Dwayne got a taste of the bright lights of Hollywood, he said he was coming home and never leaving again, but he left again. “I’m here, I’ve always been here, I’ll always be here.” Then Cena looked at the mic and said, “See ya’ next week, movie star.” He kissed toward the camera and dropped the mic.

Reigns asked if they should bring Cena out there. When fans cheered, he said that wasn’t loud enough because John’s not here. He said everything Cena said in 2012 was just a lie and that’s why the result at No Mercy will be the same as at that WrestleMania, only this time he’ll be beat by a different Samoan. He said, “I’ll see you Sunday, movie star.” He saluted the camera like Cena kissed it, then dropped the mic and left.

(Keller’s Analysis: It was okay, I suppose. I’m not sure the smug counter arguments by Reigns and then conceding Cena talks better than him to set the bar low is endearing, though. And the gall to accuse Cena of not having a Hollywood career last week, but then this week saying Cena has left for Hollywood seems contradictory. I just think the evidence is stacking up week after week lately that the most money in Reigns is as a heel for the next 2-3 years, and that path could lead him to being a hugely successful babyface once he finds his voice and gets it out of his system.)

-The announcers reacted. Booker, in a nonsequitor said out of nowhere, “Well, you don’t see Alex Riley anymore.” I have no idea what that meant or why he brought it up, and apparently neither did Cole or Graves who just moved on. [c]

-Renee Young interviewed The Hardys. They talked about the match, and Matt told Jeff he has to get past him to seize the moment.

-Bray Wyatt walked out and the fireflies came out. [c]


When Dustin got in early offense, Cole wondered if Bray underestimated him. Graves said he was once called “The Natural.” When Dustin landed a bulldog at ringside, Cole called it “vintage Dustin Rhodes.” Booker said Dustin still has a lot of fight left in him. Bray made a comeback at ringside, but Dustin took over again inside the ring. He set up Bray with the leg splits in the corner and then a kick to his inner thigh. Graves said he avoided getting disqualified by aiming to the side. Dustin kicked his other thigh. Out of nowhere, though, Dustin walked into Bray and Bray delivered a Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNER: Bray in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Well, that was anticlimactic.)

-Afterward, Finn Balor appeared on the big screen. He said he wants to tell a story about a shy little boy who felt different. He said he buried his head in books while everyone else went out and played games. He said this boy wanted to be greater, and eventually he became a man. He said this boy turned into a man who manifested the powers of the gods he read about in mythology books. “This man created a demon,” he said. He asked Bray if the Demon is a creation of the man, which one is more dangerous. He said at No Mercy, he’s going to find out. Bray laughed.

-They showed Enzo acting “adorably obnoxious” backstage interacting with backstage workers.

-Tweets were shown regarding Bobby Heenan by Triple H, Goldberg, Christian, Jim Ross, Mick Foley, Stephanie McMahon, and Peter Rosenberg.

-They went to the announcers. Cole talked about Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon as a team. Graves said one of the most hilarious things ever on Raw was when Gorilla threw Bobby and all of his belongings out of the building. (That totally sounded like Vince McMahon justifying the way he sent Heenan packing to WCW in Heenan’s last appearance.) Booker said Bobby was the best commentator to call any of his matches. Booker laughed at the supposed insult to Cole, who seemed taken aback by the odd assumption that Cole would consider himself better than Heenan and be insulted. A series of highlights aired of Heenan’s work in WWE including comedy segments playing golf with Shawn Mooney, the Bobby Heenan Show, and working ringside. Then they showed clips of Heenan and Gorilla interacting with one another. They showed one pre-WWE picture of Heenan with Blackjack Lanza.

(Keller’s Analysis: That captured a certain part of Heenan’s career, and I’m really happy they conveyed the chemistry and affection that Bobby and Gorilla had, but it focused too much on the slapstick zany aspects of his WWE run which were fun, but not really the reason he’s considered the greatest manager of all-time. Nothing they showed was Heenan doing what he did best – which was cutting promos that drew money by making fans anticipate the matches he’d be at ringside for. Also, WWE owns AWA footage and didn’t use any of it for that. Disappointing. And no picture or mention of Nick Bockwinkel, either, far and away the person that people who followed his entire career associate him with most?) [c]

-Enzo came out. Braun attacked him senseless. Neville ran out, looked at Strowman in awe, and then gave a helpless Enzo his Red Arrow and then laughed maniacally.

-A commercial hyped A.J. Styles vs. Baron Corbin for the U.S. Title tomorrow night plus follow-up to Kevin Owens’ “shocking attack on Shane’s father,” with the question being posed: “How will Shane react?”

-Enzo was being iced backstage. Charlie Caruso approached him. He said he’s doing good, and he can’t compete with Strowman, but he can compete with Neville. He said he’s taking his title at No Mercy and then she can ask him how he’s doing then.


A minute in, Neville tore a big hole in the face of Metalic’s mask, exposing his face briefly. That set Metalic off and he made an aggressive sudden comeback. He gave Neville a springboard dropkick. Neville rolled to the floor. Metalic landed a flip dive over the top rope on Neville. Neville caught Metalic with his knees on a moonsault attempt and then applied the Rings of Saturn for the win.

WINNER: Neville in 4:00.

-Graves hyped a “face-to-face” with Enzo and Neville on 205 Live tomorrow night.

-Elias strummed his guitar in the middle of the ring. He said when he came to Silicon Valley, he expected a glitzy world of billionaires and endless opportunities, but looking around, he’s disappointed. He said San Jose has something in common with all of his opponents tonight: “You’re all huge disappointments.” He said, “Especially you, kid. You look at me like that again and I’ll have you and your mom kicked out of San Jose.” He sang. “Jason Jordan is daddy’s boy, big Kurt paved the way, but he’s going to end a failure just like everybody here in San Jose.” Boos. “Then you’ve got the Miztourage at the A-listers’ beckon call.” He was interrupted by the Hardys.

(6) BO DALLAS vs. CURTIS AXEL vs. ELIAS vs. MATT HARDY vs. JEFF HARDY vs. JASON JORDAN – Winner Gets IC Title Shot at No Mercy

After an early six-way brawl, Jeff surprised Matt with a schoolboy for a quick two count. Matt took exception. Jeff smiled. Matt shot him some words of warning. They cut to a very early break. [c]

Elias landed a backbreaker on Jordan after the break. Matt and Jeff suplexed Jordan and Miztourage off the top rope for a big impact.


Jeff then launched off of Matt with Poetry in Motion on Elias. Matt went for a schoolboy on Jeff right afterward. Jeff kicked out. Matt gave Jeff the Side Effect for a two count. Bo broke up the cover. Graves noted that Jeff seemed to be favoring his left shoulder. Curtis and Bo threw Matt shoulder-first into the ringpost. Jordan stood up and rallied with some suplexes. He dropped his straps and then landed a Northern Lights sequence onto Curtis with two in a row unreleased. Bo broke up the bridge. Miz threw Jordan into the barricade at ringside and then over the barricade into the crowd. Matt gave Bo a Twist of Fate for a near fall. Elias went after Matt. Booker said Elias has more to win than anyone. Elias gave Matt his Drift Away, but Jeff broke up the cover. Jeff landed a double legdrop to Elias’s crotch, then gave a neckbreaker to Curtis. Jeff took off his shirt and climbed to the top rope. He landed the Swanton on Curtis for a near fall, broken up by Miz. Jeff threw Miz out of the ring as Booker pointed out the ridiculous rule that this is no DQ so anything goes. Jordan came up behind Axel and gave him a lift-and-drop neckbreaker for the win. Graves said that’s how you silence critics and prove doubters wrong.

WINNER: Jordan in 8:00 to earn an IC Title shot.

-Afterward Miz had a stare down with Jordan. Booker said Jordan wouldn’t have been in the match without his dad. Graves said Jordan just won without anyone’s help. Bo and Curtis attacked Jordan. Miz gave him a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz then said, “After No Mercy, I will still be the champ. Kurt Angle will still be a terrible father. And you will still be a bastard.” He dropped the mic and held up the IC Title belt. Cole gave a final pitch for No Mercy’s top matches.

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