Cesaro stitched up after having his “teeth kicked in” at No Mercy, a shaken Heyman hypes outcome of Strowman-Lesnar, another WWE pregnancy

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Cesaro reportedly has a high asking price to return to the ring
Cesaro (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


-WWE.com somehow got the EXCLUSIVE when it comes to photos of Cesaro’s post-match dental work. They have eight pictures of the treatment he got backstage on his teeth being “kicked in” during No Mercy last night. Check them out HERE. There’s also a video of Cesaro being stitched up, in case you’ve wanted to watch someone receive stitches in their mouth. When asked how he’s doing, he said, “Never been better.”

-Paul Heyman, in a WWE.com interview, sounded shaken as he talked about how much he respects Braun Strowman’s size, strength, ability, talent. He said Braun will some day be a champion in WWE “and I hope he goes to Smackdown and takes on Jinder Mahal, because I never want to see Braun Strowman on the other side of the ring again.” He said Lesnar, though, showed he is incomparable. “He is the single greatest champion in WWE history,” he said. He added he’s the number UFC Champion and NCAA Champion and top attraction in sports, entertainment, or sports entertainment.

-Maria Kannellis announced she and Mike Bennet are expecting a baby. She told WWE.com she found out the big news while heading to a SmackDown event. “I was feeling really funny,” she said. “Once we got off the plane, I just knew that something was up. We took a test that night and found out that I was pregnant, but we didn’t know how far along I was.”

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