VIP AUDIO 9/30 – Saturday Livecast – The Deep…Dive with Rich Fann (AD-FREE): Cam Hawkins joins to talk passing the torch in wrestling and sports, John Cena/Roman Reigns, Austin and Rock match up better with which QBs?, more + bonus interview with Headlocked creator Mike Kingston (108 min)

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SHOW SUMMARY: This week’s Deep Dive is on the transition from top guy to top guy, and how it’s similar to pro and college sports – football in particular. Cameron Hawkins (@ceehawk) of PWTorch’s own East Coast Cast, as well as, joined the show to chat Tebow and Leak, Rock and Austin, Hogan and everyone, and how Roman Reigns and John Cena’s relationship can mirror several NFL examples.

As a bonus this week, Rich had a chance to chat with Headlocked Comic creator Mike Kingston about Mike’s love of wrestling and comics, what characters are best examples of faces/heels or turns, how hard the process is with a 60+ hour a week job, finding your audience – and of course chatting about his upcoming appearance at the New York City Comic Con from October 5th – 8th, featuring Christian, DDP, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Lita at the booth as well.

If you’re interested in Mike’s work, check out:
Twitter – @HeadlockedComic
Instagram – HeadlockedComic

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