Impact Wrestling “terminates” relationship with Jeff Jarrett and GFW


Impact Wrestling announced on Monday morning that it has ended its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling.

Through its Twitter account and on its website, the company made a one-line statement that read: “Impact Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc., effective immediately.”

Jarrett was placed on an indefinite leave of absence last month. This past summer, Impact announced that it had agreed to acquire Global Force Wrestling, but that transaction was never completed. Jarrett returned to Impact earlier this year after Anthem Sports purchased the company from Dixie Carter.

Impact seemed to be in a constant state of flux under his leadership, with the company letting go of several top talents — Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Mike Bennett, Drew McIntyre — while also getting rid of several backstage agents. The company also underwent a name change, from TNA to Impact Wrestling, then to Global Force Wrestling when the GFW acquisition was announced and titles were merged, and now back to Impact Wrestling with Jarrett’s exit.

There’s no word on what Impact plans to do with its new GFW Titles, which were just debuted in August. Anthem recently launched the Global Wrestling Network, which has obvious tie-ins to the GFW name, and Eli Drake’s world title is currently known as the Global Championship, with GFW logos and trademarks clearly visible on the championship belts.

John Gaburick, Sonjay Dutt and Scott D’Amore have been responsible for Impact’s creative direction during Jarrett’s leave of absence. Impact will broadcast its Bound for Glory pay-per-view on Nov. 5 in Ottawa, followed by five nights of television tapings all emanating from the Aberdeen Pavilion.

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  1. Do you even watch Impact? This past episode they showed footage shot recently of Trevor Lee in Tijuana with the new IMPACT belt. Also Sienna was photographed recently as well at a indie event with a new IMPACT belt. No green, all blue and silver. Eli has been using the old TNA belt at indie events recently as well. So I assume a new world title will be used at BFG. GFW is gone from 95% of promo material and will be at 100% at BFG. Using the word “global” in Global Wrestling Network is not a big deal as the network is meant to be a platfrom for many feds and footage, not just impact.
    Move on. Its not that hard.

    • They put on good wrestling shows. If you like Sports Entertainment only, I understand why you asked that question. Some of us like wrestling on our wrestling shows, not endless fart and dick jokes, skits and non wrestling banter with maybe 3 matches in 3 hours.

  2. The Impact Wrestling product is excellent. They have great talent. All of the extraneous drama is overblown, just as it is in every other thing that passes for media these days. Watch it this week. You’ll see, and you’ll be hooked.

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