RAW PRIMER 10/23: Brock Lesnar responds to Jinder Mahal’s challenge, Braun Strowman update, TLC fallout including Roman Reigns absence, Too Sweet Balor

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Brock Lesnar (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)

OCTOBER 23, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


  • Brock Lesnar returns to respond to Jinder Mahal’s challenge
  • Is anybody ready for Asuka? Emma isn’t, but wants a rematch anyway
  • Enzo and Kalisto may be going at it again for the Cruiserweight strap
  • TLC Fallout for the Raw roster, especially the “extraordinary man” Finn Balor


After a wild TLC show (which we’ll get to) the main preview according to WWE.com is the return of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. The Beast was recently challenged this past week by the SD Live champion Jinder Mahal to a matchup at Surivivor Series. A match that seems odd on paper, but makes sense considering the brand vs. brand route the company has transitioned this “Big Four” PPV in to. Will Brock and/or Heyman be accepting the Maharaja’s request? I’m fairly certain they will, and am even more intrigued to hear what Paul E. Dangerous has to say about the former jobber turned superstar that is Mahal.


Okay, so without dissecting last night’s main event too much and giving WWE massive credit for throwing in some grade A substitutions after the viral outbreak, I wonder if this was the plan all along. Even if Roman didn’t fall ill, would this Braun Strowman murder have occurred? Kane was originally suspected to be involved in this matchup to avenge big brothers Wrestlemania loss, but now he seems to be the catalyst in getting the Monster Among Men to turn babyface. Expect the Big Red Machine to answer some questions tonight and put this whole mess in perspective for us.

Meanwhile The Miz is still the Intercontinental Champion, and Seth and Dean still hold the tag-titles. With this feud finally behind us, will they receive new challengers or be held off to feud with Team Blue on November 19th?


Mickie James may not be as young as she use to be, but she proved that she could still carry a decent feud and put on entertaining matches. Credit to her and Alexa Bliss for working a damn good bout on a show that had Balor/Styles and a returning Kurt Angle. From here, it’s only a matter of time before Alexa has a run in with the Empress of Tomorrow, but until then she gets to hold on to her Raw Women’s championship for at least another few weeks.

Speaking of Asuka, she was successful in her main roster debut defeating her former NXT rival Emma with her patented Asuka Lock. Asuka may have kicked the Aussie a little too hard in the head, because she’s begging for a rematch tonight in Wisconsin.

Also in the women’s division was Sasha Banks scoring a victory of Alicia Fox in the pre-show. Will the Boss be ready to face the more dominant women on this roster, including her best friend Bayley? Who knows anymore.


-The absolute highlight of the night was the closing moments after the terrific A.J. Styles and Finn Balor match. Both men acknowledged their very successful past in Japan, and celebrated competing against each other with their “too sweet” gesture. One wonders if these two colliding was the plan all along for Survivor Series and was bumped up a month because of the Wyatt getting sick. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they clashed again on that date anyway.

-The cruiserweight division was able to sneak two matches onto the crowded TLC card last night. Swann and Cedric Alexander scored a win over the duo of Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher while Enzo Amore reclaimed his status at the top of the purple brand with a victory of Kalisto for the Cruiserweight championship. You know what that means: a contractual rematch will probably occur since a belt changed hands, and most likely, it will be tonight.

-Jason Jordan may love his biological father Kurt Angle, but apparently he loves throwing produce more. He also surprised the drifter Elias with an inside cradle and stole a W, but Elias’s shoulder was up, which means we may see these two cheese-heads at it once again tonight in Green Bay.

Wild fallout show slated for us tonight. Will you be watching? Eagles and Redskins do battle in case you get bored.

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