NEWS ITEMS: Triple H returning for five more matches next week, Impact viewership declines with key metrics, Halloween theme

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Triple H (art credit Travis Beaven)


-Impact Wrestling viewership was down to just 231,000 this week, the lowest viewership since Sept. 7 and the second lowest of the year. The year-ago viewership was 362,000, so they’re down more than 130,000 viewers, over one-third. The October average this year was 257,000, down from the October 2016 average of 333,000. The current ten-week rolling average is 259,000. Last week’s viewership was 267,000, down from the 353,000 same week the year before. The 2017 average is currently 290,000.

-Triple H filled in overseas last weekend for Kevin Owens, and he’s not stopping there. He’s wrestling five upcoming events Nov. 1 through Nov. 5 in Scotland, England, and Wales, which could be related to the depleted roster with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt on the sidelines, and John Cena inactive this fall. If you attend any of those events, we’d really like to receive live event reports from correspondents in attendance. Please email reports to Here’s a good example of a format to guide you, although you can go into as much detail as you like: 10/14 WWE Raw in Regina, Saskatchewan: Roman vs. Strowman, Kalisto vs. Enzo, Seth & Dean vs. The Bar vs. Rhino & Slater

-WWE Network has curated a collection of Halloween episodes from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s “for a spook-facular lineup of memorable moments.” CLICK HERE

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