KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 11/27: Reigns addresses crowd with his newly won IC Title, Elias vs. Reigns, Page & Co. vs. Mickey & Sasha & Bayley

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Announcers: Michael Cole, Booker T, Corey Graves


-A video package aired on the Kane-Braun Strowman feud ending with Braun gasping for breath last week after the Kane attack.

-They went live to the arena where Roman Reigns was introduced by the ring announcer as the new Intercontinental Champion. He walked out alone with the IC belt to his music, not The Shield’s music. He paused, then raised the belt in the air. That prompted a surge of some boos and some shrieks. The announcers commented on a replay of his win and how this made him a Grand Slam Champion, winning the one title that eluded him. Cole showed a black and white pic of Reigns with his newly won IC Title belt backstage that on Instagram got 585,000+ likes, setting a record for WWE.

He entered the ring and got a cascade of boos and cheers. He looked around. He said last week was a big week for him. He said The Shield reunited, they beat The New Day at Survivor Series, and the next day on Raw he won the IC Title. He thanked the fans for a (small) “You Deserve It!” chant. He said Miz cried and ran his mouth after the loss. He threw to a replay of Miz after Raw last week getting attacked by The Shield and triple powerbombed through the announce desk. Back live, Reigns said you won’t see The Miz for a while, but you’ll see a lot of the IC Title. He said Miz was right when he said this title is prestigious. He said unlike Miz, he’s a fighting champion. “This is my yard, and this is my title,” he said. “The rules are simple. If you want this, all you have to do is step up and take it.” He was interrupted by The Miz’s music (probably two seconds too late, as he looked like he had nothing more to say but was waiting for something).

Out walked Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, without Miz. “How dare you?” said Bo. “How dare you disrespect the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.” Curtis said they’re in no position to avenge injustice because of him and his friends, but they know somebody who can. Out walked Elias, strumming his guitar. He said he’s going to take his IC Title tonight. Reigns said, “It sounds Elias wants to walk with the Big Dawg. You got it.” Zero pop. Reigns told Bo to look over Curtis and said he hopes Elias can sing with a neck brace on because after tonight, he might have to wear one.

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s Roman being Roman. He’s steady and calm and walks this really narrow range of expressions and volume and emotions on his promos that doesn’t really elevate energy in the building. This was just luke-warm. No big harm done, unless referring to yourself as the Big Dawg multiple times makes you dislike him more. Saying he’s going to be a fighting champion follows the pattern of what John Cena did with the U.S. Title, but it also sets him up with an argument for Brock Lesnar next year that he’s Raw’s real champion because he’s around actually defending his belt.) 

-Seth Rollins came out to his music as Reigns walked up the ramp to the stage. They smiled, fist bumped, and patted each other on the shoulder and crossed paths. Cole said Seth would face Cesaro next. He said Sheamus is taking his annual sabbatical back in Ireland and Dean Ambrose is on his honeymoon, so it’ll be one-on-one.

-A commercial promoting Total Divas featured Lana, without an accent, telling Natalya not to question her wrestling skills, with Natalya firing back that maybe she isn’t meant for this business. [c]

NOTE: We are still looking to hear from someone in Knoxville tonight who would be willing to be our on-site correspondent tonight after Raw when we record the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast. If you are at Raw tonight, email

-Cole announced Mickie James & Sasha Banks & Bayley look for retribution in a six-woman tag match against Paige & Co. later.


Graves said Sheamus is working on his wrestling and MMA training while in Ireland. Booker T said he doesn’t think if Seth wins, and considering Dean won last week, that they deserve another tag team title shot. He said winning singles matches don’t matter in the tag division. Graves pushed back on that. Booker said, “I’m just saying I don’t think it’s right. Move on. Go ahead.” Booker sounded a little irked and not in a mood to have his comments retorted this week. This could get interesting. Booker, ironically, immediately then said he and his brother wrestled tag team and singles, but they were stronger as a team because they worked together. Why not say that the first time instead of saying “move on”? They cut to an early break. [c]

Back live, Cesaro had Seth in an abdominal stretch. Booker said what matters tonight for the wrestlers is bragging rights. Cole said it’s about building momentum for Seth and Dean to earn another tag title shot. Booker said what matters most is who gets the biggest check tonight. Graves said being tag team champion pays more than any other position in the tag team division. Booker agreed. Cesaro went for a gut-wrench suplex off the second rope, but Seth held onto the top rope and elbowed Cesaro’s thigh and shoved him down. Seth leaped at Cesaro, but Cesaro caught him and landed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. A couple minutes later, Seth reversed Cesaro into an abdominal stretch, but Cesaro hip-tossed out of it. Seth landed a Blockbuster next. Both were slow to get up. Seth dove through the ropes into Cesaro, knocking him into the barricade. They cut to another break as Graves said, “This match is really heating up now!” [c]

Back live, Seth landed a Falcon Arrow for a two count. They showed that during the break, Cesaro shoved Seth stomach-first into the ringpost. Back live, Cesaro nearly whipped Seth into the ref, then poked Seth in the eye and applied a small package for a near fall. Seth couldn’t see clearly, so Cesaro caught him in a Cesaro Swing and then applied a sharpshooter. Seth grabbed the bottom rope to force a break. Cesaro set up a Neutralizer, but Seth backdropped out of it and then kicked Cesaro in the chin for a two count. They went into a rapid series of exchanges including Cesaro countering a superkick and then a springboard uppercut with a jumping knee to his face for the win.

WINNER: Seth in 18:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Just as you’d expect from these two, a very good lengthy TV match. Despite Booker’s best attempts, this was a continuation of making the case for Seth & Dean getting another tag team title shot. )

-Charlie Caruso interviewed Seth in the ring afterward. She said with Reigns defending his IC Title and Dean not there tonight, “does this possibly mean members of The Shield are going in different directions?” Seth said, “Hell no, Charlie!” He said he’s only riding solo tonight because Ambrose is off on his honeymoon. He said he hasn’t heard from him in a week and he might have fallen off Earth. He made some comment about Renee maybe putting her credit card on the room and then he laughed at his own “joke.” Huh? He said what’s going on will only bring The Shield closer together. He said Reigns winning the IC Title only inspires them. He said Dean and Sheamus should be back next week. He said it seems like a good time for them to invoke their rematch clause. He said next week they’ll prove The Shield is stronger than ever and they will all be champions. “Believe that, Charles,” he said.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole threw to a clip from 205 Live of the Zo Train attacking other Cruiserweights last week. Graves said Enzo pays the Zo Train members to hang out with him.

-Backstage, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Tozawa, and Mustafa Ali were yelling at Kurt Angle. He asked them to quiet down and tell him what’s going on. Swann said the Zo Train has come completely off the tracks. Angle asked what Zo Train is. Cedric said they want an opportunity. Angle said with everything going on with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he might have lost sight of the Cruiserweight Division. He said he wants to determine the next challenger for Enzo’s Cruiserweight Title. He said they’ll have a Fatal Four-way match this week and another next week, and then in two weeks, those two winners will wrestle to earn a Cruiserweight Title shot. They all liked that idea. Angle let out a breath indicating he was satisfied with his solution.

-They showed Samoa Joe heading to the entrance stage.

-A Smackdown commercial hyped that A.J. Styles would face both Singh Brothers, plus Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens. [c]

(2) SAMOA JOE vs. TITUS O’NEAL (w/Apollo Crews)

They replayed Joe attacking Titus last month after Joe beat Crews. Titus came out fighting, but Joe went for an early sleeper. Titus fought out of it, but Joe came back with an enzuigiri. They exchanged some loud chops their chests. Graves said Joe was having a more difficult time than usual against the powerful Titus. A Titus slap to the face seemed to wake up Joe and infuriate him, but Titus dropped Joe with a big boot. Graves said Joe seemed a little off his game. Cole said he didn’t expect this out of Titus tonight. Booker said Titus is a street fighter. “He has one discipline. Former football player, that didn’t work out, this is a second choice.” When the ref pushed Titus off of Joe when he didn’t break in time, Joe popped Titus in the face and then applied the Coquina Clutch for the win. Cole said Titus put up a fight and was “game” tonight.

WINNER: Joe in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Is that the first time in pro wrestling history an announcer said pro wrestling was a “second choice” for a former football player? I’m not sure if it was worth having Joe look like he had to work so hard to beat Titus even if in the end he won in under 3:00.)

-After the match, when Joe hovered over Titus, Apollo entered and got in Joe’s face. Joe ducked a Crews kick and then put him in a Coquina Clutch. Booker said Crews better turn in his card to Titus Worldwide.

(Keller’s Analysis: But Booker, Joe just beat Titus too, so does Titus have to turn in his card, too?)

-Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson promoted Cyber Monday sales. They were wearing their t-shirts.


-They replayed the Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville debut last week and various attacks on Raw regulars. Alexa Bliss joined the announcers on commentary. Graves complimented Bliss for being brave being out there in this hostile environment. Bliss said Sasha ran away last week.

-Sasha Banks came out first for the six woman tag match. Then Mickie’s music played, but she didn’t come out. Instead they played Bayley’s music. Bayley didn’t come out, either. Sasha began to look worried or maybe even upset that she was abandoned. Then suddenly Paige’s music played and the three heels came out together. Paige sarcastically asked Sonya and Mandy what happened to Mickie and Bayley. Then she remembered and looked up at the screen. Mickie was holding her ankle and crying in pain. They cut to Bayley elsewhere who was holding her neck and a ref tended to her. Paige said that makes it a handicapped match, apparently. Paige said first she wanted to get something off her mind. She said she was hounded on social media, at the super market, and at the airports by people asking her to explain her actions. She said she has a good explanation. She said a year ago she was the woman to stick the flag into the ground and single-handedly erased the word Diva from the WWE dictionary. Cheers. “I was the matriarch of the WWE Evolution,” she said. She said last week she was just making a statement to prove to everyone who she is. She said then sang, “Guess what? I’m baaa-aack!”

As the heel trio entered the ring, Cole said Bliss got up and left and didn’t want any part of this. Paige said her group is called “Absolution.” She introduced her cohorts. Mandy said others may have forgot, but before there was a Boss and before there was Four Horsewomen and before there was a Goddess or an Empress, there was Paige. Mandy said she and Sonya didn’t forget. Sonya said every woman has pushed the competition and the envelope and raised the game (and apparently spouted cliches), but no one and nothing would have been elevated or raised if not for Paige. The crowd gave her the “What?” treatment. She said that’s why they pledged their allegiance to Paige, so Absolution will turn into a whole different kind of Women’s Revolution. Paige asked Sasha if she was with her or against her. Sasha paused and looked around at being outnumbered. Graves said maybe Sasha should just run. Instead, she knocked Paige off the ring apron. Sonya and Mandy attacked her. Paige re-entered the ring. Booker: “Wrong answer, guys.” The three-on-one attack overwhelmed Banks. Mandy lifted and dropped Sasha on her face. Paige then gave Sasha her Rampaige.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd didn’t pop when Sasha attacked Paige, and Paige did get some cheers for her claim that she got rid of the word “Divas” a year ago. That said, the crowd seemed to turn against them after they engaged in a sustained three-on-one attack. When Paige lifted the arms of Sonya and Mandy, mostly boos and some scattered cheers. Paige does bring a certain gravitas and strong personality to the women’s division on Raw, and in general the group has changed the face of a stale mix of women who seemed to have wrestled one another too many times. I didn’t think it was wise to give away the six-woman tag already that they advertised, so this angle instead makes sense, delaying what should be a bigger deal with more build-up.)

-They showed Bray Wyatt blowing out a lantern backstage. [c]

-Bray entered the ring and said he never had a childhood and never celebrated holidays and never carved a turkey and never cared. He said the fans celebrate “just like they want you to do.” He told them to pay close attention because their entire world exists inside of a cardboard box where they tell you what to buy and who to love and who to be. He said they’re pathetic. He said he has tried so hard to show them the way, but they never listened. He said their ignorance fuels him and his suffering brings him joy. He said now his eyes are wide open and he can finally see them for who they truly are. “None of you are alive,” he said. “You’re all dead.” He laughed maniacally and asked if they can feel it. Graves said Bray has gone off the deep end. Matt Hardy’s music played. As Matt walked to the ring, Cole said Matt has been dealing with a rough patch in his career, and he’d explain next. [c]


The action was joined in progress. Graves said he’s not sure if Matt has lost the fire inside, but the look in his eyes isn’t the same. Cole said last week Matt snapped before he could get a rematch against Elias and attacked him in the ring. Cole said Jeff Hardy is out of action a number of months with an injury, but Matt’s said he’s had success as a singles wrestler. Meanwhile, Bray continued to dominate. Cole asked if Matt has lost focus. Booker interrupted Graves and said you can’t count Matt out, but the game has changed. He said Matt would be in a better position if Jeff were still around. Cole said no matter the reason, he’s got to find a way out of this rut. Matt landed a bulldog and played to the crowd. He went for an elbow off the ropes, but Wyatt caught him. Matt came back with a Side Effect, but Bray kicked out. Matt went for a moonsault, but Bray moved and Matt crashed. Bray then did his crab walk. “That’s not normal, guys,” said Booker. Bray then hit Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNER: Bray in 5:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m glad they’re laying the foundation for Matt’s transformation into Broken Matt or some variation of the TNA character rather than just introducing him as such. The fans in the arena didn’t catch on, since they didn’t hear the commentary, and there didn’t seem to be any “Delete” chants or such during the match.)

-As Hardy sat in the corner looking, well, broken, the crowd chanted “Hardy! Hardy!” He then let out a loud “Delete!” And the crowd joined in. He yelled “Delete!” some more and the crowd joined in. The chant faded pretty quickly, unfortunately. Cole asked, “Are we witnessing the beginning of a Matt Hardy Breakdown?”

-Graves plugged Reigns vs. Elias. [c]

-They went to the announcers on camera who discussed the Kane-Braun angle last week. Cole said Braun hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

-Backstage, Jason Jordan talked to his dad, Kurt Angle. He said it’s too bad Braun is missing because he was looking forward to having his rematch with him tonight. Angle sounded surprised. He said his knee buckled last week. Jordan said, “Not you, too!” Angle asked what that means. Jordan said everyone is telling him on social media that he was faking the injury to get out of his match with Braun. He said that wasn’t the case at all. Jordan said that’s the sentiment out there. Jordan asked what he has to do to prove it. He offered to take on the man who took out Braun, Kane. He said that would silence the doubters. Angle said if he’s good to go, it’s on. He lit up and was excited as he announced the match. He said, “It’s true, it’s damn true.”


Graves and Booker got into it over whether the Zo Train members make more money being paid to hang out with Enzo or if they were the Cruiserweight Champion themselves. They showed Enzo watching on a monitor backstage, talking to no one in particular. Rich did a flip dive over the top rope onto all three opponents at once at ringside. Tozawa took a knee to the face. Enzo said Swann is hurting himself doing dumb stuff. Graves said Daivari grew up rich and would love to add the Cruiserweight Title and bring it on his yachts. They cut to a break at 5:00. [c]

Tozawa rallied right after the break. They showed Enzo backstage still watching the match and yapping. Graves asked, “Does he ever stop talking?” Swann powerbombed Daivari and Darr who were superplexing Tozawa. All four were slow to get up. When Swann climbed to the top rope, Dar knocked him off the top rope. Swann fell. Tozawa kicked Dar off the ring apron and then dove through the ropes and knocked Dar down hard. Daivari then landed a frog splash for a believable near fall on Swann. Tozawa then caught Daivari with a Shining Wizard. Tozawa then landed a Swanton. Dar threw Tozawa into the ringpost and tried to steal the pin. Swann broke it up at two. Dar threw Swann to the floor and then Dar rolled up Tozawa for a believable near fall. Dar then gave Tozawa a running round kick to the head. Swann yanked Tozawa to the floor. Swann kicked Dar and then quickly landed the Phoenix Splash for the win.

WINNER: Swann in 13:00 to advance to the no. 1 contendership match in two weeks on Raw.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match. Nice believable near fall teases in the final minutes.)

-Elias was shown backstage heading toward the entrance stage. Graves said he was about to get a huge opportunity.

-An NXT TV commercial hyped that this Wednesday, Kairi Sane would face Peyton Royce. [c]

-Elias sat mid-ring and got booed. He said he had a question for everyone tonight. “Who wants to walk with Elias?” he asked. He said The Miz isn’t here tonight, and he hopes he’s healing up alongside his pregnant wife. He dedicated his match to The Miz. He said Miz deserves to hear this one. “Since Miz has been gone, the Miztourage hasn’t slept.” He stopped and objected to the booing. He said he’d have to start over. He was booed again. “I can’t even count the tears that they’ve wept. It’s the Miztourage Blues, it’s the Miztourage Blues,” he continued. “So follow Elias and I’ll guide you.” He thanked the crowd as they booed. He said normally he is a one-man show, but he’s going to do something special tonight. He introduced The Miztourage. No wonder Reigns’s music didn’t interrupt Elias in that first song. Axel and Bo joined Elias. Bo played a harmonica. Axel did, too. Well, they both pretended to (on purpose badly). It went on quite a while. When they finished, Elias then said, “This is the time for applause, everybody.”


Bo and Curtis celebrated and begged for cheers. Elias then went into a third song under the spotlight. The crowd chanted “We Want Roman!” A competing chant among men started “Roman sucks!” but it wasn’t as loud as the kids and women. Elias was upset and told everyone to take a seat right now. He looked believably angry. Finally, Roman’s music played.

(5) ROMAN REIGNS vs. ELIAS (w/Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) – Intercontinental Title match

As Reigns made his ring entrance, Cole said they have confirmed that Jordan will take on Kane later. Graves said Reigns is a Grand Slam Champion. He said Booker T and JBL are among others. He said JBL was excluded on the list. Cole said this is Elias’s first shot at a title of any kind in WWE. When Booker compared Elias and Miztourage to Doc Holiday and Billy the Kid, Graves said that’s the worst analogy of his life. They cut to a break before the bell. [c]

The match began after the break. A dueling chant of “Let’s Go Roman! / Roman sucks!” broke out right away. Until two guys are in the ring together, you don’t always know how their size will compare. Reigns is noticeably taller than Elias. Cole said not many expected Elias to reach this level of success in WWE so quickly. Graves said despite his musical shortcomings, he’s very dangerous in the ring with a bare bones bare knuckle fighter style. Elias took over a minute in with a knee to the gut leading to a one count. Elias stayed in control with a clothesline and this time scored a two count. He settled into a chinlock next. Graves said Elias has silenced doubters with his in-ring performances, regardless of his music. Booker said he was “one of those mid-card guys” who worked his way up and got Angle’s attention.

At 5:00 Reigns began a comeback and landed a flying clothesline. He looked to the crowd and got some cheers from women. A distraction by Miztourage gave Elias an opening to land a flying knee and then a near fall. Both were slow to stand. They cut to a break. [c]

Elias had Reigns in a chinlock after the break. Reigns came back with a boot to the face seconds later. He shoved Elias out of the ring. He fended off Bo and then speared Curtis at ringside. Elias came up behind Reigns and threw him into the ringpost. Elias threw him into the ring and then quickly leaped off the top rope and landed an elbow to the chest for a near fall. Elias lifted Reigns off the top rope onto his shoulders, then landed a sitout powerbomb for another near fall. The announcers raved about Elias’s showing here. Booker said Elias smells blood in the water, but has to stay composed. Graves said he has to keep his foot on the gas. He couldn’t lift Reigns, who was dead weight. That sort of conveys that wrestlers usually “help” wrestlers lift them for moves. Reigns surprised Elias with a small package and then a Superman Punch out of nowhere for a two count. Excited high-pitched shrieks took over as the ref counted.

Reigns looked to the crowd and got the mix of cheers and boos. He let out his big yell, but Elias met him with a knee as he charged. Reigns shot right back with a spear for the win.

WINNER: Reigns in 15:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. A good start to what could be a series of weeks of Reigns trying to earn the respect of WWE fans reluctant to accept him as a top guy. A bit of a coming out party for Elias, who carried his end of the match well. Not a ton was asked of either guy in terms of athleticism or pace, yet the largely rudimentary ingredients told an effective story that held the interest the crowd. A year ago, who had their money on Elias as a more pushed star on Raw than Finn Balor?)

-As Reigns celebrated, Joe attacked him from behind and applied a Coquina Clutch. Graves said Joe is squeezing the life out of an exhausted Intercontinental Champion. Referees and producers ran out and pried Joe off of Reigns. Joe yelled that he was coming for Reigns. Joe broke free and went after Reigns again. Graves: “If the ring is the Big Dog’s yard, Samoa Joe might be the bulldozer that ruins it.” Cole said these two have history and Joe is targeting “the champ.” The camera zoomed in on Reigns gasping for breath.

-Graves hyped Kane vs. Jordan. He wondered if Jordan will make the most of his opportunity. [c]

-They replayed the Reigns-Joe angle.


During Asuka’s ring entrance, Cole plugged tickets going on sale for NXT Takeover in Philadelphia on Royal Rumble weekend. A soundbite aired with Brooke saying she has watched their match from last week over and over and she has found the biggest hole in Asuka game. She said Asuka is a slow starter, so she’s going to be all over her from the start this week. She told Asuka to not even blink an eye. When the bell rang, Brooke leaped at Asuka, who countered her into an Asuka lock. Brooke tapped immediately. Cole asked, “What just happened?”

WINNER: Asuka in 3 seconds.

-After the match, Paige, Mandy, and Sonya walked out to Paige’s music. They surrounded the ring. Fans chanted “Asuka’s going to kill you!” They had a staredown with Asuka standing her ground. Absolution backed off. Graves said he wasn’t so sure what the message was they were trying to send, but if he were Asuka, he’d be looking over her shoulder.

-They showed Jordan heading to the entrance stage.

-A commercial hyped “Table for 3” with Ric Flair, Sting, and Ricky Steamboat on WWE Network. [c]

-Jordan made his ring entrance. Not much reaction. They replayed what happened last week with Jordan and Braun. When his music stopped and he was about to speak, there were scattered boos. Jordan said there has been speculation about his injured knee and how badly injured it really is. He said some people think he was using his knee as an excuse to get out of his match with Braun. He said he wants to set the record straight and say nothing could be further from the truth. He said he knows his body and what he’s capable of and when he needs to back off. He said last week he felt his knee pop, but thanks to the tremendous WWE medical staff and a week of rehab, he is able to step up and do what Braun couldn’t do last week, and that is stop the Big Red Machine.


Kane’s ring entrance took place. Cole said Jordan has guts. Booker said the kid is out of his mind. The bell rang 47 minutes into the third hour. Kane tossed Jordan aside and then blocked a suplex attempt. Jordan lifted and ram Kane into the corner turnbuckle. Cole got excited. Jordan speared Kane in the corner. Kane popped back with an uppercut and then threw Jordan over the top rope to the floor. Jordan grabbed his injured left knee and cried out in pain. Booker said, “Suck it up, kid.” He tried to stand, but collapsed. The ref counted him out.

WINNER: Kane via countout in 2:00.

-Jordan rolled into the ring a half second too late. Kane took him down with a boot to the chest and then threw him to the floor again. At ringside he clotheslined him and then rammed him into the ringside barricade. He threw him back into the ring where Kane clipped his left leg with an elbow. As he continued to work over his leg, Balor’s music played. Balor strode to the ring. They cut to a break as Cole said Balor is coming for a fight. [c]


Cole said during the commercial break, Angle sanctioned this match. Balor took it to Kane’s legs. Cole said you have to give Balor to take this challenge against Kane. Booker said he should walk away from a fight like this. Cole said Kane attacked Balor before and Balor wants to settle the score. As Kane took over, Cole started talking up Balor’s resume as the first-ever Universal Champion. Balor dropkicked Kane to the floor. Balor gave Kane a running dropkick at ringside. Kane jabbed a chair into the gut of Balor. Then he jabbed him a few more times on the floor.

WINNER: Balor via DQ in 3:00.

-Kane methodically bashed Balor across his back with a chair in the ring. Kane put Balor’s head through the chair. Before he could leap off the ropes at Balor, Braun came out.


Kane bashed Braun with a chair, but Braun no-sold it. Kane looked on with disbelief. Kane backed down and begged off. Balor kicked the chair out of his hands and punched away at him. Braun shoved the base of the ringside steps at Kane. He shoved Kane into the ring and then gave him a powerslam onto the base of the steps. He stared down at Kane as the crowd chanted “One more time!” Braun, instead, picked up a chair and returned the favor to Kane by ramming Kane’s throat into the chair. Kane gasped for breath the way Braun did. He did it a second time. Then he watched from the ring as Kane struggled to breath. Kane tumbled over the barrier into the crowd where a camera was already waiting for him. What a coincidence. And the show ended with Braun raising his arms and his music playing.

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