VIP AUDIO 12/8 – Best of PWTorch Livecast (AD-FREE): (12-6-12) Details on Shield members’ backgrounds and strengths and weaknesses, Ambrose as a natural leader, Ryback’s WM29 prospects, Hot Topics of Week with Caldwell, Radican, Parks (93 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of the Best of PWTorch Livecast from Dec. 6, 2012 with hosts PWTorch assistant editor James Caldwell and PWTorch columnist Sean Radican, they discuss with live callers in-depth The Shield’s backgrounds, what their strengths & weaknesses are, why Dean Ambrose works so well as the leader, and much more on The Shield. Plus, discussion of Ryback’s potential Mania opponents, whether Lesnar will return at TLC, whether WWE is losing customers by changing PPV match line-ups, and more! Plus, VIP Members can hear PWTorch columnist Greg Parks talk about the hot topics of wrestling this week.

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