KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 2/5: Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt in Elimination Chamber qualifying match, more Elimination Chamber developments

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


FEBRUARY 5, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman


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-Cole promoted Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt with an on-screen graphic. He said they clash in minutes live on Raw.

-A Bray Wyatt soundbite aired, beginning with his sinister laughter. He said one man stands between him and his destiny tonight. He said Reigns has fallen so far down his spiral that no one recognizes him anymore, with the exception of him. He said Reigns lost the IC Title and Rumble match, yet still feigns a confidence and bravado. “I see Roman Reigns for what he truly is,” he said. “A failure waiting patiently to be put out of his misery.” He said waiting for him at the bottom of the spiral is something far worse than failure – “me!”

-A Reigns soundbite aired. He said if Bray thinks he’s a failure waiting to put out of his misery, failure is someone who gets knocked down and stays down. He said he’s had his fair share of ups and downs, but that’s not a sign of a failure, that’s the mark of a great journey. He said (spoiler alert!) his journey goes through him and the Elimination Chamber, and then smashes into Suplex City at WrestleMania. “Because you can’t stop me!” he said. He added that Lesnar can’t stop him from becoming the next Universal Champion.

-Bray’s entrance music then played as the fireflies filled the stands.

(Keller’s Analysis: Interesting format changes here with pretty lengthy soundbites from two top wrestlers who then immediate wrestle to kick off the show. Reigns set up a mission for fans to get behind there (or push back against) and laid out what was at stake in the match tonight. Basic 101 stuff, but solid.)

(1) BRAY WYATT vs. ROMAN REIGNS – Elimination Chamber Qualifier match

Boos erupted when Reigns came out. Cole noted that John Cena, Elias, and Braun Strowman have already qualified. Cole said Bray once cost Reigns a win in the Hell in a Cell match, too. They showed the announcers on camera on the stage (they’re back next to the stage, not ringside like last week are the Braun angle). Graves said Roman’s journey to get his career back on the same track it was on last year prior to WrestleMania starts tonight. Coach said it doesn’t matter how you get to the playoffs, it matters that you got to the playoffs, and then it matters how you perform in the playoffs. He said the Chamber is like the playoffs. Reigns lifted Bray onto his shoulders, but Bray elbowed himself free and then side-stepped a charging Reigns, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. He awkwardly rolled Reigns over and scored a two count. They cut to the back with Matt Hardy watching the match on a monitor.

(Keller’s Analysis: These monitor viewing shots are so cheesy. Nobody watching believes anyone would stand at that angle alone in a room looking down at a monitor sitting on a table with a white tablecloth and a plain background. If you were to create a cartoonish spoof of a place where people would watch TV backstage, this would seem too ridiculously antiseptic and unnatural to get cleared. It’s nice to think wrestlers watch matches in the back, but there have to be more natural settings they can present that better fit their characters and just how human beings watch TV.)

After a clothesline by Reigns, Bray rolled to ringside. When Reigns went for his Drive By, Bray caught him mid-air with a clothesline. He then threw Reigns into the ringside steps. They cut to a break. [c]

Bray settled into a chinlock after the break. Reigns escaped and hit a sudden Samoan Drop for a near fall. Bray cut off Reigns at six clotheslines in the corner and went for a urinage, but Reigns blocked it. Bray stopped Reigns with a flying elbow and scored a near fall. Bray went for a superplex, but Reigns blocked it. Bray said, “Anyone but you, Roman. Anyone but you.” That delay gave Reigns more time to recover, and he landed some headbutts and then landed a sitout powerbomb for a two count. When Bray went for a Sister Abigail, Reigns blocked it and hit the Superman Punch for a two count. Both went down and were slow to get up. Cole said the stakes may have never been higher in the long rivalry between Reigns and Bray.

Reigns stood and showed fire and shook the ropes to encourage fan cheers. It got mostly boos. He let out his big yell. Bray caught him with a boot and hit Sister Abigail for a very near fall. Bray went bug-eyed in shock at the kickout. Coach said Bray may be getting frustrated. A “This is awesome!” chant started. Cole acknowledged it and said he agreed. Bray mounted Reigns face-down on the mat and threw elbows to the back of his head and neck. Reigns powered out of a Sister Abigail and then hit a spear for the clean pin. Coach said Reigns’s path through Bray was as difficult a path as there could be to get to the Chamber.

WINNER: Reigns in 14:45.

(Keller’s Analysis: Lines like Coach’s at the end work against softening the pushback by fans against Reigns. Let the match speak for itself. I suspect the idea was to put over Bray as a tough opponent for Reigns since he lost, but it came across as if it was promoting the idea that Reigns has earned his way into the Chamber through the steepest challenge of anyone. It just feels heavy-handed, and Vince just can’t help himself when it comes to Reigns.)

-After Reigns had left, Hardy showed up in the ring leading a “Delete!” chant. Bray stood up and heard Matt behind him. He turned and Matt gave him a Twist of Fate. Then he led more “Delete!” chants. His song played.

-Backstage the camera showed Jason Jordan standing there. Seth Rollins walked in and said his injuries are piling up including his neck and shoulder. Seth asked if he’s able to go because tonight is their last chance against The Bar. He said he can’t tag himself out and sit on the steps like he did at the Rumble. Jordan assured him he’s 100 percent because he’s been medically cleared by the doctors. He assured him he didn’t have to worry at all. Seth said this isn’t about each of them, but rather what each of them can do together. He said they should go out there and take back their tag team championships.

-Graves plugged that tag team title match. Cole plugged that Cena vs. Elias vs. Strowman would take place later, winner enters the Chamber last.

(Keller’s Analysis: Why? Why do Cena, Elias, and Strowman get the chance to enter last just because their qualifying matches were before the others? It just seems like something slapped on a match to fill TV time and to make it seem like it’s serving a purpose regardless of it seeming like a fair, sound decision by WWE authorities.)

-Little soundbites aired for Mixed Match Challenge this week. [c]

(2) FINN BALOR & KARL ANDERSON (w/Luke Gallows) vs. THE REVIVAL (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson)

As Balor came out, Cole touted the match he had last week with Cena. Graves said what he did last week solidified his status as a top guy to take seriously because despite coming up short, he hung with “arguably the greatest of all time.” Dash and Dawsome did some mic work on the way to the ring for what was scheduled to be a singles match between Dash and Balor. Dawson introduced themselves as “tag team specialists.” He said they shadow each other. He asked them to make it a tag team match. Dawson said he liked that idea and asked Finn to choose one of his “little Club buddies” to be his partner. After a brief conference, Anderson agreed to team with Balor. Balor and Anderson backdropped both Revival members. They rolled to the floor. When Balor and Anderson did the “Too Sweet” gesture, Cole said, “Too sweet!” Graves, thankfully, said, “Stop it, Cole.” [c]

The Revival isolated Balor in their corner, but Balor fought back and tossed Dawson out of the ring. Graves said there are comparisons to tag teams of the last such as the Andersons, but The Revival wants to make a name for themselves. Coach said they have to be great for a long period of time to be talked about in the same breath as the great teams they pattern themselves after. Dawson took Balor down with an armbar. Cole talked about Balor’s arm injury history. When Dash tagged in, Balor also hot-tagged Anderson who went on a flurry of offense. He hit a nice high knee in the corner and then landed a flying neckbreaker off the second rope. When Dawson tagged in, Balor hit a spinebuster for a near fall, broken up by Dash. Balor tagged in next and hit a slingblade on Dawson. He climbed to the top and landed the Coup de Grace with, as Cole called it, “a big smile on his face.” That got a three count.

WINNERS: Anderson & Balor in 8:00.

-Coach plugged that Kurt Angle would reveal the competitors in the Women’s Elimination Chamber tonight. Also, Coach plugged that Asuka vs. Bayley would take place tonight.

-They showed Sasha Banks backstage watching her loss to Asuka last week on a table.

(Keller’s Analysis: And of course, as all people do, the tablet was on a stand on a side table next to her chair and aimed away from her and at the camera, and she sat sideways but twisted her head 90 degrees to watch the match.)

Sasha was sad as she watched herself lose. Bayley walked in and said it was the 20th time she watched the match and she’s being too hard on herself. Banks said the moment she stops being hard on herself is the moment she stops being her. She said she has now figured out how to beat Asuka. Bayley asked for a tip. Banks refused to share. “No offense, but I’m going to keep my tricks to myself.” Bayley said she took a little offense, but understands. Bayley said it is every woman for herself at the EC, just like at the Rumble. Sasha said she’s right, and she did what she had to do. Banks said if she is in the EC, she intends to win and end Asuka’s undefeated streak. Bayley said those are her plans, too. Banks asked, “You really think you can beat Asuka?” Bayley said she knows she can beat Banks, and if Banks thinks she can beat Asuka, then she can beat Asuka. [c]

-Drake Maverick joined the announcers on commentary. Cole said he used to be known as Rock Star Spud, but now he’s Drake. Drake said if you told him as a kid he’d be sitting on commentary on Raw, he’d have said they’re crazy. But now he’s representing the Cruiserweights as the G.M. of WWE’s most exciting show.


Maverick talked about the current 205 Live tournament for the Cruiserweight Title. Cole said there’s a lot of buzz that there will be surprises in the tournament who aren’t currently part of the roster. Maverick confirmed there will be. Cedric took a nasty bump onto his shoulder, which was a shift mid-air to save his head and neck. Maverick said he’s going to make sure 205 Live delivers top action from now on. He touted Roderick Strong making his 205 Live debut after coming over from NXT. Graves said he’s his dark horse pick. Cedric came back and hit a flying flip dive onto Nese at ringside. Ali then hit a crossbody on Gulak, but Gulak rolled through for a two count. Cedric tagged himself in and landed a springboard clothesline and then landed the Lumbar Check for the win. Cole said he doesn’t think there’s anyone hotter on 205 Live now than Cedric.

WINNERS: Cedric & Ali in 4:00.

-Cole hyped Lince Dorado vs. Kalisto and Hideo Itami vs. Roderick Strong coming up tomorrow night on 205 Live. They showed the vacant Cruiserweight Title belt at ringside.

-Backstage Angle chatted with Alexa Bliss. [c]

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-They showed the exterior of Wells Fargo Arena.

-Angle walked out to his entrance theme. He said the Women’s Evolution is about to make history once again on Feb. 24. He said Stephanie McMahon announced the Alexa Bliss would defend her championship in the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. He paused and seemed to forget the words “Elimination Chamber.” The fans saved him by yelling at him the words he was looking for. He laughed and said it, then self-deprecatingly said he finally got it out there. He then listed Bayley, Mandy Rose, Mickie James, Sonya Deville, and Sasha Banks as the five others. She said Nia Jax is conspicuous by her absence in that match, but he has a match for her – Jax vs. Asuka one-on-one. He said Asuka is slated to face the winner of the EC at WM, but if Jax beats Asuka she’ll be added to the match at WrestleMania, making it a Triple Threat.

(Keller’s Analysis: So much for anyone holding out hope that Ronda Rousey would face Asuka this year at WrestleMania or be entered in the EC.)

Bliss marched out to her music and she didn’t look happy. She demanded the mic. She said she was trying to be a good sport, but he’s gone too far and it has to stop. She said his ruling is wrong and unjust. She said his decision goes against company policy, which states that the expectations of men’s and women’s success is supposed to be the same and equal. She wanted to know why the title is on the line in the Women’s EC, but it’s not the case in the Men’s EC. She said Brock Lesnar gets to sit on the sidelines and watch. She wanted to know why she doesn’t get that same privilege. “Is it because I’m just a woman,” she asked. The crowd “ohh’d.” Angle said Lesnar successfully defended his title at the Rumble “and I don’t know what you’re trying to pull here.” He said the last times she defended her title was back at TLC in October. She wanted to know why she’s being treated differently than Lesnar. “Do you value Brock Lesnar more than you value me?” she asked. She accused Angle of being sexist.

Angle was perplexed. “It never occurred to me to compare you and Brock,” he said. He said his job at G.M. is to put on the best matches. He said he’ll ask the audience for their opinion. He asked if they want to see Alexa defend her title in the first-ever Women’s EC match. The crowd erupted with “Yes!” chants. Bliss called them sheep and demanded respect. Bliss left the ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: Angle didn’t ask fans against it to voice their opinion. Hardly fair! That felt like it was inspired by something else going on behind the scenes that Vince McMahon or someone wanted to vent about. I will add, it seems odd that WWE isn’t talking about Ronda Rousey at all. I know they want to dedicate TV time to whatever is up next, but after all that fanfare, it feels like it was all a dream or something when nobody’s talking about her at this stage. I mean, given her credentials and that she said she’s a full time WWE wrestler, why wouldn’t Angle put her in the EC?)

-They went to the announcers who reacted.

-A selfie-promo aired with John Cena who talked about his plan to pave the way to WrestleMania.

(Keller’s Analysis: The video quality was awful and nauseating there. They need to stop these faux trendy selfie videos.)

-Coach announced Miz vs. Apollo Crews would give “one of these young men” a chance to enter the Chamber. Graves plugged the tag title match.

-A video hyped Asuka vs. Bayley.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m all for hyping matches with cool videos, but the production of that was a little precious and pretentious.) [c]

-As part of celebrating Black History Month, a video package aired on the National Civil Rights Museum based in Memphis, Tenn. Mark Henry and Reigns talked about the non-violent protests.


The announcers talked about the history between Bayley and Asuka in NXT going back to NXT Takeover Dallas. Cole noted Asuka held the NXT Title 523 days before retiring from NXT undefeated. Coach said the lights shine a little brighter on Raw than in NXT and at every turn there’s a world class competitor to face. Bayley knocked Asuka to ringside, then threw Asuka into the ring. Asuka hip attacked Bayley, knocking her off the ring apron. Bayley surprised Asuka at ringside by throwing her suddenly into the ringside barricade. [c]

Back from the break, Bayley caught Asuka in the air and back suplexed her for a near fall. Coach said he’s impressed by Bayley despite Sasha not sharing any of her insights. A few minutes later Asuka met Bayley leaping off the ring apron with a knee to the head. Asuka went for the Asuka Lock in the ring, but Bayley rolled through and leveraged Asuka’s shoulders down for a very near fall. Asuka then pounced on Bayley again with a cross armbreaker. Bayley struggled for ten seconds and then tapped out. The announcers reviewed a slow-mo of the near fall Bayley scored.

Asuka offered a handshake afterward. An emotional Bayley hesitated but did shake her hand.

WINNER: Asuka in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good TV match that revisited how good Bayley can be against the right opponent.)

-A selfie video aired with The Bar discussing their match tonight in the arena earlier in the day. Sheamus sounded and looked like he had a bad cold. They celebrated that this is the last chance Seth & Jordan have against them. [c]

-WWE Fact: Last Monday, Raw was the most social show on all of TV beating every show on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, MTV, HBO, and ESPN. (And every other network they didn’t list, right?)

-Miz came out with Bo Dallas. Cole said Curtis Axel was at an audition to play an extra. Funny. Miz said this is going to be the Year of the Miz. He made his case, saying his first match back he defeated Reigns for the IC Title at Raw 25. He said it was the highest rated Raw in almost three years, “and there’s only one explanation why – me!” He bragged that he then beat Reigns again. He said he’s among the best ever in WWE, but he “couldn’t contend with the overwhelming tide of momentum that is me.” He said Coach Doug Pederson (Philadelphia Eagles head coach) played his team a video of him to inspire them to win the Super Bowl. He said at WrestleMania, the cameras will be rolling on his new reality TV show “The Miz and Missus” and his daughter will be born just in time to watch him. He seemed to maybe get emotional as he said that.

-Apollo Crews walked to the ring with Titus O’Neal and Dana Brooke. [c]

(5) THE MIZ (w/Bo Dallas) vs. APOLLO CREWS (w/Titus O’Neal, Dana Brooke)

They joined the match in progress after the break. Graves said this is a massive opportunity for Crews to take his career to the next level. Crews hit his signature spots including a moonsault and standing shooting star press but couldn’t get a three count. Miz then eventually hit his Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

WINNER: Miz in 5:00.

-Backstage Jordan and Angle approached Seth. Jordan said he was feeling good, but as he was warming up doing neck bridges, something just didn’t feel right and now the medical team won’t let him compete. Seth was not understanding. He said the match is scheduled next. Angle said he doesn’t see any option but to forfeit the match. Reigns then walked up to Seth. Nothing had to be said. All was right in the world again. Jordan even smiled as they cut to a break. [c]


(6) THE BAR (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. SETH ROLLINS & ROMAN REIGNS – WWE Raw Tag Team Titele match

Seth came out to a home town reaction to his music. Graves said there’s almost a smirk on Seth’s face because of this upgrade in partner. Reigns’s music played and he came out to apparently no crowd reaction since you couldn’t hear much of anything besides his music and the announcers. (I thought as long as a wrestler gets a reaction, that’s all that counts? Why edit the sound mix if that’s the case?) They went through formal mid-ring ring introductions.

Graves said Jordan is one of his best friends in WWE and he knows how tough it is to accept an injury when you’re sidelined. Reigns made fun of Cesaro talking with his mouthpiece. The announcers chuckled. Reigns set up a Superman Punch, but Seth caught a diving Seth and gave him an Irish Curse backbreaker at ringside. Cesaro caught a distracted Reigns and threw him to the floor. Sheamus threw him into the ringside barricade. [c]

Back from the break, The Bar remained in control including rapid-fire tags and double-team moves on Reigns leading to a near fall. Reigns made a comeback and crawled over toward Seth but couldn’t make the tag before Sheamus tagged in and knocked Seth off the ring apron. When Sheamus turned, Reigns popped up and hit a Superman Punch. Out walked Jordan to audible boos. Hilarious. Jordan helped Seth up and directed him onto the ring apron. Reigns hot-tagged Seth who hit a flying clothesline on Cesaro. He knocked Sheamus to the floor, then dove through the ropes onto him. Then he leg dropped the back of Cesaro’s neck as Cesaro leaned through the ropes. Then he dove through the ropes again and knocked Cesaro into the front row. Seth threw Cesaro right back into the ring as fans audibly chanted “Holy s–!” He hit a sling blade for a near fall. Seth then hit a vertical suplex into an immediate Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Both were slow to get up. Fans were standing at this point and then started a “This is awesome!” chant.

Cesaro stood and gave Seth a poke to the eye. When he ran the ropes, Jordan yanked on his leg to trip him up. Seth then schoolboyed Cesaro for a near fall. Seth hit a superkick and went for the pin, but Sheamus broke it up. Reigns told Jordan that they’ve got this taken care of and return to the back. Jordan didn’t like it, but began to walk to the back. He looked like a puppy being yelled at for chewing up a couch cushion. Seth landed his Ripcord knee on Cesaro and then met Sheamus with a boot to the chin. Reigns tagged in. Graves declared they were about to have new tag team champions, which gave away that would not be happening. As Seth held Sheamus, Cesaro yanked Sheamus to the floor and they retreated with their tag belts as to get counted out to save their belts. Jordan tried to stop them from leaving. Jordan blocked a Cesaro punch and then punched Cesaro and Sheamus. The ref called for the bell. Grave said Jordan was just trying to defend himself.

WINNERS: The Bar via DQ.

(Keller’s Analysis: While Reigns had told Jordan to leave, Jordan was trying to stop Sheamus and Cesaro from getting themselves intentionally counted out, and then he was just defending himself. It’s tough to be too hard on Jordan here, especially since Reigns seemed meaner than called for when telling Jordan to leave.)

-The announcers reacted. Graves said Jordan was out there with the best of intentions. Coach said Jordan was just trying to help since he felt bad he couldn’t participate. Then they narrated over clips of what Braun did last week to the announce table.

-A Braun selfie video aired where he said he’ll win the EC and win at WM. [c]

-Backstage Seth yelled at Jordan and said he never wants to listen and never learns. “You selfish son of a bitch!” said Seth. Angle stepped between them and said his son is legitimately hurt and he’s getting out of line with his tone. Seth said what he’s sorry about is he didn’t legitimately hurt Jordan himself. Angle told Jordan to go home and stay home until he’s medically cleared. Jordan didn’t like being yelled at like that. Angle seemed upset with himself for yelling like that and rattled by the entire situation.

-Nia Jax made her way to the ring. A video then aired featured Nia tossing opponents around the ring and ringside.


Jax pressed Floyd over her head and held her there, then dropped her, legdropped her, and scored the three count. Graves said there’s not a woman on the roster with that kind of power.

WINNER: Jax in 1:00.

-Renee Young interviewed Jax in the ring and asked about her chance to be added to the championship match at WrestleMania alongside Asuka. Jax gazed up at the WrestleMania sign and then told Asuka that she’s the only wrestler that Asuka can’t beat. She vowed to mess up her face so bad she’ll be wearing that mask permanently. She said when she’s done with her, she won’t be the Empress of Tomorrow, but she’ll be the Empress of Yesterday.

(Keller’s Analysis: I assume that eye roll by Jax at the end was because of the corny line she was scripted to say at the end.)

-The announcers talked over a clip of Elias hitting Cena with a guitar across the back. Graves wondered what happens when you add a Monster to the mix.

-An NXT TV ad aired hyping Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. Sanity in a rematch for the NXT Tag Team Titles. [c]


Mickie slapped Sonya early. Mickie then elbowed her in the face. Cole said she might have broken her nose. Sonya covered up as Mickie went on a flurry of offense. Cole said he didn’t expect this tonight. Sonya went on offense for a couple minutes, but Mickie surprised her with a roll-up for an out-of-nowhere pin.

WINNER: Mickie in 4:00.

-Paige and Mandy Rose attacked Mickie. Alexa ran out and dragged Mickie to ringside to safety. Mickie looked at Bliss suspiciously and said she is fine. The announcers wondered what was going on.

-Elias strummed his guitar backstage. Cole asked who is ready to walk with Elias. [c]

-The announcers said next week would be a Fatal Four-way for a second chance to enter the EC with Crews, Bray, Hardy, and Balor.

-Elias sat mid-ring and strummed. He got some applause. He asked the crowd if they wanted to walk with Elias. Cheers. “That is a pretty strong response from a no-name town like this,” he said. He said usually he flies over small towns like this looking for anything better. He said tonight he will solidify himself as an entrant in the EC and he’ll win and go on to WrestleMania. He said it is a crazy reality that all things WWE will soon be his because WWE stands for “Walk With Elias.” The crowd which he just insulted chanted along with him. He said he turned down an offer for the Super Bowl halftime show to perform in this wasteland and that is clearly a mistake. He said he has a song, but it’s not for them, it’s for him because he hopes he can escape that he is there in Des Moines. “Strowman’s not a monster, he’s just a man,” sang Elias. Fans booed. He asked them to shut their mouths so he can focus. He sang that he’ll “smash John with his guitar because he didn’t understand.” He said he’s win the Chamber and move on to Brock, and he shouldn’t fear Elias because with him he’ll walk. Cena’s music interrupted. Coach said the crowd is very confused.


Elias bailed out as soon as the bell rang. Graves said that was smart. Cena and Braun exchanged punches. Braun knocked Cena down with a boot. They cut to an early break. [c]

Braun chased Elias into the ring. Cena tried to lift Braun, but fell forward. Braun made the cover, but Elias broke it up. Braun reached up and grabbed Elias by his throat. Then he tossed him across the ring. They brawled at ringside. Elias hit Braun with the guitar across his back. Cena eventually lifted Braun at ringside and gave him a AA on the base of the ringside steps. Elias settled into a chinlock in the ring.


Cena made a comeback and signaled for the You Can’t See Me routine. Braun returned and attacked an exhausted Cena with a surprise powerslam. He tried the same move on Elias, but Elias shoved Braun out of the ring and then rolled up Cena.

WINNER: Elias.

-Before Elias could celebrate more than one second, Braun entered and powerslammed him. Braun teased leaving, but smiled and reentered the ring. Fans cheered. He gave Cena a running powerslam. Coach said the crowd was just egging him on and want more. Graves agreed and said Strowman is happy to oblige. Braun gave Elias a running powerslam. Graves said Elias might enter the EC on a stretcher. Braun’s music played.


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  1. I just hope everyone — the fans and those associated with WWE — made it there and back to their homes (or for the WWE, on the road) safely and soundly. I had forgotten that the WWE was in Iowa last night, and it was a very ugly day on the roads, with no less than six people killed in interstate highway accidents. (At least one died in a 70-car pileup near Ames, just north of Des Moines.)

    Safe travels for the WWE as they head to their next stop. And to fans who came out to see them on this snowy, bitterly cold night.

  2. All shall lay down for Asuka. I know, gonna get the usual responses… don’t care. Vinny is burying the entire division for one wrestler who speaks almost no English. But, Hey… I saw Asuka do a wrestling move, a nice take down. So Paige is gone, Sasha is gone [not from WWE but from the who beats Asuka game], Dana is gone, Bayley is gone, Nia is gone, Foxy is gone, and even Alexa is gone. The entire division decimated. Well done Vinny. I do however like the sexist thing… that was some good writing that actually impacted on current events without bring it to a harassment level. Vince must have been off on XFL business when they rote that… LOL

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