KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 2/19: Final Elimination Chamber hype, Gauntlet Match with Men’s EC competitors

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman


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-JoJo asked the crowd for a moment of silence to acknowledge the high school shooting victims and their family and friends.

-The WWE brand vignette aired.

-Roman Reigns walked out to boos. They went to the announcers on camera on the stage. Graves has a new look with blond hair and a different style suit jacket. Graves said the “WWE Universe” was “unanimous” in believing Seth Rollins deserved to have a chance to enter the Elimination Chamber. Cole said it’s now the biggest EC match in history.

-In the ring, Charlie Caruso told Reigns that G.M. Kurt Angle said he’s been picked to compete first in the Gauntlet Match tonight. She asked if he had any concerns just six days before the EC match. He paused and soaked up some boos. He said he’s not concerned. He said he’s never been in an EC match before, but he’s seen how brutal it is, but the worst part is he’ll be going against the roughest and toughest competition in the whole world. He said each opponent’s name and surveyed the crowd response after each. Finn Balor seemed to get the best response by a small margin. He said none of them can beat Brock Lesnar, but he can, so it’s his time. More boos. He asked the crowd if they don’t think it’s true, go back and watch the last time he faced Lesnar at WrestleMania. “I would have defeated him,” he said. Seth’s music interrupted. Cole said Seth is the reason Reigns didn’t have a chance to beat Lesnar.

(1a) SETH ROLLINS vs. ROMAN REIGNS – Gauntlet Match

Graves said if someone enters the Chamber injured on Sunday, “they’re screwed.” Coach said someone will come out of this with momentum. Reigns and Seth locked up. Fans chanted, “We Want Ambrose!” Coach warned against any wrestler looking past tonight because it’s a pivotal evening on the Road to WrestleMania. They settled into a side headlock. Seth eventually countered into a head scissors. Reigns kipped up and reapplied the side headlock. They went for some leverage pins and then had an intense staredown before they cut to a break. [c]

The announcers talked about the advantage Elias has as the last entrant in the EC. The pace picked up with Seth rallying, but favoring his knee. He landed a flying clothesline and then clotheslined Reigns over the top rope to the floor. The announcers kept talking about how winning this match is important for momentum, but you want to protect yourself and not have the match take too great of a toll on your body. When Seth went for a dive, Reigns popped him in the face mid-flight. Then came the Drive-By (a babyface move in the family-friendly WWE named after driving past someone in a car and shooting them, which seems contradictory with the message at the top of the show). Back in the ring, Seth blocked a Superman Punch, then Reigns headbutted Seth. Seth came back with a buckle bomb, but Reigns popped out of the corner with a Superman Punch. Both went down and stayed down into the break. [c]

Back live, Seth mounted the top rope and went for a frog splash, but Reigns moved. Seth tossed a charging Reigns over the top rope and then dove through the ropes and speared Reigns. He did it a second time. Seth threw Reigns into the ring. Coach said he loves how hard these two friends are fighting. As Seth flew off the top rope, Reigns caught him with a Superman Punch for a believable near fall. Reigns set up a spear and let out his big yell but Seth caught him with a knee and a kick. He went for the Curb Stomp, which Graves called “a stomp,” but Reigns avoided that. Reigns rolled up Seth, but Seth slipped free and schoolboyed Reigns for the leverage pin. Cole said he talked to so many people today who felt Reigns was the favorite, but he went out in the first match. Reigns responded with disbelief as he soaked up the loss. Seth gave him a look.

WINNER: Seth in 20:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Makes sense to give Seth a win over Reigns, but as a leverage pin, to give Seth some bragging rights if Reigns goes on to be the champion after WrestleMania. Good match. Slow pace at the start, but it was fine as it built nicely over time.)


When Cena ran out, Cole called him “Big Match Cena!” Seth surprised Cena with a clothesline and scored a believable near fall seconds into the match. They cut to a break. [c]

Cena had Seth in a side headlock after the break. Cole talked about Ronda Rousey and a graphic on the screen advertised she’d sign her Raw contract on Sunday. Graves said she shocked the world when she arrived at the Rumble. Coach said it’ll be interesting for Rousey to see the WWE women up close, but also for the other women to see her up close. The side headlock continued. Cole said during the break Seth tried to get a countout victory to save his energy for the next opponent. Graves said he used to use any means necessary to win and he can go back to those tactics. Cena finally had a chance to take off his-shirt and he threw it to the crowd which practically caused a mini-riot among a couple of grown men. Cena settled back into a chinlock. Cole started talking about how Cena is finding out what Seth is made of. Cena slammed Seth a few times to mat belly-to-belly style for a two count. Cena looked frustrated and made a cartoon face. They cut to a break. [c]

After the break, Cole said Seth has been in the ring over 35 minutes against two of the best. Cena landed lift-and-drop Stunner out of a fallaway slam set-up. A “Let’s Go Cena! / Cena sucks!” battle-chant broke out. Cena eventually knocked Seth off the ring apron. Cole said this has to be a countout. Graves said he should just stay at ringside to save himself for Sunday. They cut to another break. [c]

Cena remained on offense after the break. Cole said Seth has been active for 44 minutes already tonight. Cena caught Seth on a springboard attempt and turned it into an STF. Cena, with that annoying ultra-loose grip, said, “It’s over!” Seth escaped and landed a Slingblade for a two count. Seth came back with a suplex, but Cena turned a second suplex attempt into a small package. Cena then slammed Seth and stood around looking at the crowd and catching his breath before going to his You Can’t See Me routine. Seth kicked Cena in the face when he waved his hand in his face. He kicked him in the face and scored a believable near fall. Cena rolled to the ring apron. Graves wondered where Seth was getting this from. Seth stood, favoring his knee. Graves said enough is enough from Seth as he’s going to kill himself trying to win. Cena side-stepped Rollins as he charged, sending him into the ringpost. Cena charged at Seth, but Seth moved and Cena crashed shoulder-first into the ringside steps. The ref began counting out both wrestlers. Cole called it a critical moment for both men. “Could we see a double countout here?” asked Cole. Cena and Seth both barely beat the count with a sudden dive into the ring at 9. Coach said it appears that’s all the energy they had left.

Cena set up an AA a minute later, but Rollins rolled up Cena and scored a two count. “What about the fighting Rollins?” asked Cole. Seth then surprised Cena with his own crossface. Cole complimented Seth’s effort again. Cena teased a tapout. Cena stood and lifted Seth onto his shoulders. Seth landed on his feet and landed a step-up enzuigiri. Seth then landed a frog splash for a near fall. Coach said he doesn’t believe in moral victories, but whatever happens here, Seth can feel good about his performance. Cena then hit an AA for a near fall. Cole was flabbergasted that Seth kicked out. Cena climbed to the top rope. Seth met him up there and superplexed him and then landed a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. They cut to a crowd reaction. Cena applied the STF mid-ring seconds later. Seth rolled over and Cena held on tight.

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Cole reset the show for people tuning in as he marveled at the match taking place. He said it’s closing in on an hour. Coach said these two look like they’ll fight 90 minutes or longer if needed. Cole said this match will be the longest match in WWE history in a few minutes. Cena lifted Seth onto his shoulders on the second rope. Seth elbowed Cena on the side of his head. Cena dove at Seth. Seth rolled through and then lifted Cena onto his shoulders and landed an AA for a very believable near fall. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” shouted Cole. Coach said that’s one of the most unbelievable feats of strength he’s seen. Cole said, “John Cena does that, not Seth Rollins. John Cena does that!” They showed a split screen on replay of fans responding. Coach said: “Monday Night Rollins. Sometimes it’s about making history.” Graves said if he’s going home now, he’s happy. “This has been unbelievable!” he said. Cole said Seth has shut up any doubters. Seth climbed to the top rope, although struggled to do so. Cena avoided a Phoenix Splash. Cena then lifted Seth onto his shoulders. Seth slipped free and hit a high knee, a superkick, and a stomp for the pin.

WINNER: Seth in 56:00 total.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was great drama. This is a star-elevating effort for Seth, and the announcing enhanced it. Coach is really adding to commentary, and the contrast with his prior seat holder is pronounced. This is a first hour of Raw that will be remembered for years for good reason.)


Elias ran out and stomped away at Seth and dropped a knee and scored a sudden two count. Coach said this is as aggressive as he’s ever seen Elias. Seth kicked out and they cut to a break. [c]

Elias had Seth in a half Boston Crab.

-They cut to a split screen where Renee Young asked Cena about his loss. Cena, sweating and still breathing hard, gave a sports-like promo. He said he won’t take anything away from Seth and Seth can claim to be Mr. Monday Night, but that’s his sole focus – being Mr. Monday Night. Cena said he made a sympathetic mistake in there which he shouldn’t have done because he was amazed by his bravery and resiliency. Cena said it’s “globally known” he’s trying to balance a lot of things at once. He said Seth can focus his attention on this and only this, whereas he has to try to do everything at once. He said he’ll keep trying. He said this is a call to action for him. He said it’s a brutal match on Sunday, and he needs to win or else for the first time 15 years he won’t have a Road to WrestleMania. He said he has six days to sort himself out so he has to get to work.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was one of my favorite Cena promos ever, and one of my favorite Raw promos. It just felt so authentic and contained so many intriguing comments that set the stage for what’s next and puts different contexts on different possible outcomes for Cena on Sunday. More of that, please.)

Back in the ring, Seth made a comeback with a barrage of strikes. Elias kicked Seth in the knee. Seth fired back with a superkick for a two count. Seth launched himself over the top rope onto Elias at ringside. Cole said this type of high-risk move takes a toll on his bad knee. Graves said Seth is in survival mode and when the match is over, Seth will regret every moment. After Seth returned to the ring, Elias kicked him in the face and then landed a high knee. Elias landed his Drift Away finisher for the win.

WINNER: Elias in 66:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd didn’t seem to expect that to be the finish, but that’s part of why I liked it. It puts over Elias’s finisher at a time when they’re still trying to establish him as a top act, but it also conditioned fans to never think they can predict with certainty when a three count will come.)

-Seth was helped out of the ring and toward the back by two referees. Fans chanted for Seth in appreciation.


Graves said Elias is now at a disadvantage against a fresh Balor. Cole said people he talks to say Elias could be a dark horse on Sunday. Balor avoided an Elias charge and then kicked Elias in the head. He set up a top rope stomp, but Elias rolled out of the way. They cut to a break. [c]

-Back from the break, they cut to Renee who interviewed Seth backstage on a split screen. She asked what Seth can take from his effort tonight headed into the EC. Seth said he beat two of the best and he guesses that is something to hang his hat on, but it doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t win the EC on Sunday. Renee thanked him for his time and he walked away, seeming to be reflective and exhausted.

Back in the ring, with Elias taking over offense, fans began to chant “We Want Strowman.” Graves said some competitors are romanticizing what it would mean to go into Sunday all beat up, but the EC is a different environment and “this is a different sport than it once was.” Cole asked Graves about how dreaming of a WrestleMania Moment and having it taken away is devastating. Graves said this is why you get in this industry – you want that WrestleMania Moment. Coach said everyone’s journey is different. Balor kicked Elias off the second rope to ringside. He went after him at ringside with a running dropkick, driving Elias into the ringside barricade. Back in the ring, Elias hit a clothesline for a two count. He landed a powerbomb and scored another two count. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live, Graves said Elias is trying to battle through injured ribs, and it’s one of the worst injuries to try to fight through. Balor landed his Coup de Grace for the win a minute later.

WINNER: Balor in 84:00.

(1e) FINN BALOR vs. THE MIZ (w/The Miztourage)

Balor heard Miz’s music and watched Miztourage come out. Miz then attacked Balor from behind. Miz strutted proudly with a wide smile. Coach complimented Miz’s strategy of going after Balor aggressively. Miz got cocky and Balor recovered enough to begin a comeback. Miz kneed him and tossed him to the floor. He played to the crowd. The ref stopped Miztourage from approaching Balor. Miz threw Balor into the ringside barricade. Back in the ring Miz began to go after Balor’s left arm, snapping it across the rope. Balor dropped to the floor, crying out in agony. They cut to a break. [c]

-A commercial hyped Smackdown with an A.J. Styles promo about his match at Fastlane and the six-woman tag.

Miz had Balor in an armbar after the break. Cole talked up Seth’s performance earlier.

-Backstage, Renee interviewed Elias and asked about his advantage on Sunday. Elias said there will be five other Seth Rollins victims at EC and then he’ll go on to WrestleMania and give the grandest performance of a lifetime on the greatest stage of them all and that’s when the world will find out what WWE stands for.

Back in the ring Miz began the Yes Kicks on Balor. The crowd chanted “Yes!” along to them. Cole said Seth was in a match longer than anyone in Raw history at 65 minutes. He said Bruno Sammartino once went 81 minutes against Waldo Von Erich back in 1964, the longest WWE match in history. Balor came back with chops in alternating corners. Balor escaped a Skull Crushing Finale attempt and rolled up Miz for a near fall.

Bo yanked Balor’s arm over the top rope and then Miz rolled up Balor for a two count. Balor flip dove a minute later onto both Bo and Curtis. Coach said he didn’t see that coming. Balor re-entered the ring and landed a running dropkick to Miz’s chest. He fended off Curtis and Bo as he climbed to the top rope. Miz recovered and knocked Balor to the mat. Miz then hit the SCF for the win.

WINNER: Miz in 96:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid action, with Miz getting the benefit of Bo and Curtis providing distractions.)

-Miz sat up and realized that Braun Strowman was the last entrant. He didn’t look happy as fans chanted “Strowman! Strowman!”

(1f) THE MIZ (w/The Miztourage) vs. BRAUN STROWMAN

Miz rolled to the floor before Strowman entered the ring. Strowman chased him into the crowd. He caught up to him and knocked him down with a shove to the back. He dragged Miz back to ringside and threw him over the barricade. He let out a roar. They cut to a break. [c]

-A commercial aired for Mixed Match Challenge with Nia Jax yucking it up with Apollo Crews and then Charlotte rolling her eyes at Bobby Roode’s attempt to “woo!”

Back in the ring, Strowman began tossing Miz around the ring. The announcers marveled at the distance he was covering. When Strowman yelled at the Miztourage, it gave Miz a brief opening.

-Backstage Renee interviewed Balor on a split screen. Balor said the Miztourage got involved tonight, but on Sunday they’ll be locked out and Miz will have to be locked in with him and five others. Balor said he’ll win the EC and move on to face Brock at WrestleMania.

Strowman landed an impressive dropkick as Balor was talking. Strowman slammed Miz’s chest with a forearm. Miz ducked a charging Strowman, who fell over the top rope. Miz then dropkicked Strowman through the ropes and sent him into the barricade. Coach said Miz was doing better than he expected. Miz charged, and Strowman took him down with a boot. Cole said Strowman is one of the best athletes he’s ever seen in WWE. He said he wasn’t exaggerating. A Miztourage distraction gave Miz an opening for the SCF for a near fall. Strowman kicked out with such power, he sent Miz through the ropes and into the arms of the Miztourage at ringside. Strowman came back with a running powerslam for the win. Cole said while he realizes it was more than one match in many ways, it was technically the longest single match “maybe in WWE history.”

WINNER: Strowman in 107 minutes.

(Keller’s Analysis: The overall story of that match was well constructed and executed. I love breaks in format and trying new things, and this succeeded on many levels.)

-Caruso interviewed Strowman, asking about having never been in a Chamber match. “I don’t fear the unknown, the unknown fears me!” he said. He said he’s winning the EC and then “I’m coming for Brock Lesnar! You hear me, Beasty Boy? I’m not finished with you. At WrestleMania, you’re going to get these hands.” The Miztourage continued to tend to Miz in the ring. Strowman excused himself and said he had some unfinished business to get to. He entered the ring where he yanked Miz into the ring, winning a tug-o-war with Bo and Curtis, who were dragged back into the ring too. He then powerslammed Curtis and then Bo. Miz scurried to the stage. Cole said Strowman can do all of that from inside the Chamber on Sunday. Strowman chased after Miz. Miz escaped to the back. Seconds later, Braun threw Miz back onto the stage. He threw him down the ramp and then back into the ring. Then he gave Miz the signature powerslam. The crowd chanted “One more time!” And then Braun powerslammed Miz again. Cole said, “If you’re a betting man, you’re looking at the favorite.”

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-The announcers shifted to promoting the women’s six-man tag. Asuka was shown backstage as Graves talked about her match at EC against Nia Jax.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole said broke the news earlier in the day that Jeff Jarrett would be inducted into the 2018 Hall of Fame. A video aired of his introductory vignette for his “Double J” character. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Natalya, Road Dogg, and Roman Reigns talked about him.

(Keller’s Analysis: No mystery who is inducting him – Road Dogg. This is a nice gesture by WWE all things considered – TNA and his recent personal issues. He’s a good second or third tier entry into the HOF.)

-Asuka made her entrance. [c]

-Renee interviewed Asuka in mid-ring and asked if she’s concerned about her match possibly becoming a triple threat. Asuka said she determines her own destiny. She said that is to win the championship at WrestleMania. Renee said Nia says she is the only woman who can end her streak. She said very strong words from a very strong woman, but she didn’t look so strong in their last match when she was limping away from the ring. Renee said Nia vowed to make her so ugly, she’ll have to wear her mask all the time. Asuka said after Sunday, she won’t be talking. Nia entered the ring and went after Asuka from behind. Asuka fended her off. Jax, though, gave her a Samoan Drop seconds later. Graves said that could change the complexion of the entire Raw women’s roster come Sunday. Nia landed three legdrops. Nia bent over and trash-talked Asuka before leaving the ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: How does WWE justify having Nia be so likable in yucking it up playfully with babyface Apollo Crews earlier and then try to get heel heat on her here in an angle with Asuka?)

-They went to the announcers. Cole said the level of competition among the women has really increased and on Sunday it reaches a new level with the official signing of Ronda Rousey. A video aired on Rousey’s arrival at the Rumble. Charlotte said Rousey is an attraction and a star and oozes confidence. Natalya talked her up. They showed her on many talk shows talking about her armbars and then pics of her in UFC and then some training footage, including practicing moves in a wrestling ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: Well done.) [c]


Cole noted that Titus O’Neal hosted over 2,000 underprivileged kids at the Black Panther movie. The announcers talked about how puzzling it is that Titus Worldwide matches up so well with The Bar. In the end, Cesaro got a tag and charged at Crews, but Crews moved and then he rolled up Cesaro for a leverage three count. Cole said once again Titus Worldwide has The Bar’s number.

WINNERS: Titus & Crews in 5:00. [c]

-The announcers hyped WWE Network.

-A video promo aired with Bray Wyatt who said the end is near for Matt Hardy at Elimination Chamber. Matt then said he and Bray have been engaging in battle since the dawn of time, but they are only just beginning. They went back and forth between Bray and Matt over and over with brief statements from each. Bray said Matt must be silenced. Mat said Bray must be rendered obsolete. Matt said with Woken Warriors by his side, Bray will surrender to reality. Then they laughed.

-Sasha Banks made her ring entrance.

-A Black History Month video aired. [c]

-Bayley and Mickie James made their ring entrances.

-A selfie video aired with Absolution.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure how they’d have fit it in, but this match could have used better build-up in the opening two hours, such as a spirited promo or two right after the Gauntlet match ended.)


When Coach accused Graves of talking out of three sides of his mouth, Graves replied, “That’s why they pay me a lot.” They cut to a break a couple minutes in with Bayley in control. [c]

Bliss tagged herself in and threw Bayley into the corner and hit her with a barrage of kicks. Bayley battled back and threw Bliss head-first into the top turnbuckle. Bliss slapped Bayley and then tagged Deville in. The crowd seemed a combination of exhausted and disinterested. Bayley hot-tagged in Mickie, who went to work against Rose with a flurry of punches and a flying forearm and then a kick to the jaw. Mickie planted Rose face-first and then leaped off the top rope with a Thesz Press. Deville ran in, so Mickie gave her a neckbreaker. Mickie looked over at Bliss, and Bliss shook her head no as if she didn’t want to tag in. A Deville distraction from ringside opened up Rose to attack Mickie from behind. After an awkward exchange on the mat near the ropes, Rose applied an abdominal stretch.


Bliss and Banks eventually tagged in. Bliss rammed Banks’s head into the middle turnbuckle. She landed with a thud. Banks rolled up Bliss and applied the Bank Statement for the tapout win. Banks held her head afterward in pain.

WINNERS: Banks & Bayley & Mickie 16:00.

-Deville and Rose attacked Banks afterward. Bayley made the save. The heel duo attacked Bayley. Coach said he loved this side of Rose and Deville. Graves said it was a “statement.” Cole said they were laying waste to everybody. Bliss looked on with a mix of admiration and fear. Deville and Rose approached Bliss threateningly in the corner. Mickie came to her defense. They worked together to give Deville a Double DDT as Paige watched from ringside. Cole wondered if this proves that Mickie and Bliss will work together at the Chamber.

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16 Comments on KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT 2/19: Final Elimination Chamber hype, Gauntlet Match with Men’s EC competitors

  1. A nearly two hour gauntlet match. That really wasn’t new and exciting, in my opinion. It was just something to fill two hours and really didn’t advance any storylines. Boring.

    • So many wrestling fans make me want to bang my head against the wall.

      How can you not be entertained by the Rollins portion of that match (especially the Cena section)?

      Can you please provide an example of a better hour of wrestling on US weekly TV in the past 12 months?

      • He probably wants short five- and 10-minute matches like in the old days. Which is fine to an extent, but when you have a chance to showcase skill, drama, stamina, etc. … why not do that? I’m sorry I missed this match (really), because it sounds like this was once-in-a-lifetime match. Seriously, how long has it been since one man lasted 66 minutes, or an entire match went nearly two hours from start to finish (even though it was a Gauntlet match, where the loser is out and by the end two different guys who started). Unique idea, well set up and constructed and there it was.

        While I’m thinking of it … I don’t know if he was a wrestling fan — more like a Star Wars fan — but please keep in your thoughts and prayers a northern Scott County, Iowa, family who lost their son last week in a tragic car accident just north of the Quad Cities. (Seth Rollins may know who I’m referring to, as he’s native to the Quads.) This young kid meant a lot to the community and was a shining star, heavily involved in drama and Scouting … and will be missed.

        The tribute to the 14 people who (senselessly) lost their lives that same day in Florida was also nice.

        • I have been a wrestling fan for years, not a Sport Entertainment fan. There was no drama to that match last night. If you didn’t know who was going to win from the very get go, then you are not very smart.

          The Gauntlet match itself is certainly not a new concept. Usually a gauntlet match will last 20 minutes or so, often they would go a full thirty.

          As far as better hours of actual wrestling in the past 12 months? Nearly every week on New Japan. Most weeks on Ring of Honor and quite often with Impact.

          WWE ratings are down for a reason.

    • Can’t please everyone. No matter what they do there is always going to be a curmudgeon online that didn’t like it. Mainly just to go against the grain in the comment section.

      • Rod, I thought it sucked because i thought it sucked. WWE ratings are way down for a reason. I would rather see more matches and less talking, so this could be a step in the right direction if done correctly, but WWE is so predictable it took away any reason to sit through nearly 2 hours of that. We knew who was going to win. Had it been an hour or more of suspense with at least a hint of mystery as to who would win, it would be have been a decent match. The predictability of nearly every match in WWE is what is boring. Lazy booking.

  2. Every time we have a mass shooting in this country WWE gives us a moment of silence. WWE, the organization whose chairman was a major donor to the Trump campaign and the RNC and whose wife is part of Trump’s team. Pathetic!

  3. Gotta give the WWE credit for trying to change up RAW with a gauntlet match. An unusual way to start a show, but not bad. I would have liked to seen Strowman start the match to see how far he could push it.

    • There is a reason he came in last and went about 5 minutes. That’s all he’s good for. I don’t get the appeal. He can’t talk, can’t wrestle and looks like Hillbilly Jim 2.0.

      • Hillbilly Jim 2.0. Now that was funny.

        I don’t like Strowman at all. He is boring, but vince is always fascinated by the big dudes that can’t wrestle much.

    • What I liked was how far Seth Rollins pushed it. Nobody has wrestled 66 minutes for, like, 22 years! And remember, back in the 1970s, when people like Bruno and Bob were in their primes, they regularly went a full hour.

      Yes, you probably could guess who would win, but wasn’t that the way it was when we saw Hulk Hogan with the title … you knew he’d win or find some way to win when the odds were against him, and lo and behold he delivers after being crushed by sit-down splashes, avalanches and (ooh-yeah!) the dreaded flying elbow of doom from the top rope.

  4. Did HHH take over RAW and we didn`t know? This was the BEST Raw since Festival of Friendship ..Seth is a BEAST! Amazing Match with Cena, that stunner Cena gave Seth was AMAZING!!

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