NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco sees slow initial ticket sales, management’s reaction to bolster sales

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

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NJPW put tickets on sale yesterday afternoon for their G1 Special In San Francisco on July 7 at The Cow Palace. The company elected to set up the venue for 10,000 fans. With previous NJPW events in the U.S. selling out quickly, setting up the Cow Palace for 10,000 fans was an ambitious move. Initially it was thought around 4,500 tickets were sold given the amount of sold tickets displayed on Ticketmaster, which is around the same level of fans that attended Strong Style Evolved in Long Beach, Calif.

PWTorch has confirmed with NJPW sources that the actual number of tickets sold is around 3,300. The reason that it appears around 4,500 tickets have been sold as Ticketmaster has also marked 1,000 seats as sold that are reserved for the NJPW Club in Japan. This selection of tickets is not expected to move any tickets, but are held to ensure that members of NJPW Club have access to the tickets if they want to purchase them.

According to sources, NJPW management was upset with the initial sales and has reached out to a big name to wrestle on the show and help boost sales in the coming weeks with a marquee match on the G1 Special In San Francisco. One source noted they expect sales to stall around 4,000 at this time, but if NJPW is able to secure a big name, an increase in ticket sales would be expected.

2 Comments on NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco sees slow initial ticket sales, management’s reaction to bolster sales

  1. The show is in July. The last show appeared to be a sell out. Sure it is a larger venue, but they have already sold 4500 tickets in one day and you are pretending that is not good. That is very laughable. They are nearly half way sold out with MONTHS to go. I would consider that fantastic. So would WWE btw. 😉

  2. It says 3300 actual sold and 4500 when you factor in the reserved seats, so technically not halfway, but you make an excellent point. That amount of ticket sales in a 24 hour period is excellent. No doubt. NJPW is doing very well, WWE’s ratings are failing like a rock and I guess these guys don’t want to admit that? Or maybe they just like 3 matches on a 2 hour show with a lot of dick and fart jokes? I have no idea.

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