MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 5/10: Fallout from Sami Callihan attacking Don Callis, Drake vs. Pentagon Jr. for the World Title


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May 10, 2018
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews

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Seg 1

— Impact opened with a video package showing highlights of Sami Callihan attacking Don Callis at an Indy show last weekend. Callis was left bloodied and beaten in the ring and needed help to leave the building.

— Josh Mathews was in front of the Impact green screen set. Mathews said that Callihan should be worried about his future in Impact Wrestling, because officials were behind closed doors in a meeting right now trying to figure out what to do with him. Mathews said they hoped to have that answer to begin the program, but the meeting is ongoing. They have a camera set up outside the meeting room, and will go there live as soon as a decision is made.

— In the arena, DJ Z & Andrew Everett made their ring entrance, followed by LAX.


Seg 2

(1) Z & E (DJ Z & Andrew Everett) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana)

Mathews confirmed that he would be calling the action solo tonight. The match had some aerial action to begin. Ortiz used his power about five minutes into the match hitting a powerbomb and then into a DDT on Everett. Ortiz got swung into a DDT by DJ Z. Santana hit DJ Z with a superkick and all four men were down. In the ring, Everett was in trouble with a double-team move. Ortiz hit a cannonball dive through the ropes to take out Z & E. LAX went for a street sweeper but DJ Z countered and then stacked up Ortiz for the pin.

WINNER: Z & E in 9:00.

McMahon’s Analysis: DJ Z & Andrew Everett will be a fun tag team. I liked that they opted to go with matching gear. It’s not like Impact was doing anything with either of them as singles wrestlers, so pairing them up and giving them a name and a purpose as a tag team should feature them well. This is also a big win for them to establish themselves in the division. On a lesser scale, obviously, I could see this working out similar to the way it worked for Sheamus and Cesaro in WWE. Two really strong wrestlers who needed to find a purpose. Now they have one as a tag team (albeit wrestling much different styles, of course). They’re telling a good story with LAX as well. They’re lost without their leader. I’m interested in where that story goes.

— Grado and Joseph Park were backstage. Park was helping Grado warm up. Grado’s girlfriend, Katarina, then made her return to the company walking into the shot. Park seemed upset that she was with Grado. Katarina said that it’s what the inside that counts.

Seg 3

(2) ROJIT RAJU vs. GRADO (w/Katarina)

Raju attacked Grado before the opening bell but Grado came back with a clothesline. Raju tried to hit Grado with a German suplex but he couldn’t lift him. Grado was yanked off the second rope while he tried to give Katarina a kiss. Raju hit Grado with a big boot and a kick to the head in the corner. Raju hit Grado with a kick and a chop. Grado came back with some fire at the three-minute mark, hitting a splash and a sidewalk slam. Grado hit a splash for a two count. Raju threw jabs at Grado, who pulled down his straps. Raju hit Grado with a flying knee for a two count. Grado hit a cannonball for the win.

WINNER: Grado in 5:00.

Katarina gave Grado a huge kiss after the match to celebrate.

McMahon’s Analysis: Have we seen Gama Singh on Impact television yet? They keep bringing him up as the leader of Raju and the Desi Hit Squad, but I honestly don’t recall seeing him on television yet. This match was actually better than it had any business being. Raju, in particular, looked strong with some of his offense. 

— Backstage, Joseph Park was found unconscious by a group of wrestlers. Grado wondered what happened. Park had the red card with the “X” on it we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Seg 4

— McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake and Scott Steiner backstage.

(3) AEROSTAR vs. EL HIJO DEL FANTASMA vs. TAIJI ISHIMORI vs. DRAGO — No. 1 contender match for the X-Division Title

The match spilled to the outside and Aerostar hit a big dive off the second rope at the three-minute mark, but he landed awkwardly on his shoulder.

Seg 5

Back from the break, the match was in the ring. Drago kicked Fantasma in the head. There were chants for Drago as Fantasma came back with a boot but Drago countered with a kick. Drago tried for a submission but Ishimori broke it up. Ishimori hit a handspring into a kick on Drago and then dropped him with a fireman’s carry. Aerostar hit a back cracker for a two count. Drago kicked Fantasma and was then dropped on his head. Ishimori broke up a pin attempt by Fantasma. Ishimori tried for a cover and Drago and Aerostar both broke it up. Aerostar kicked Ishimori out of the ring. Drago hit a pump kick on Fantasma. Drago flipped to the outside on top of Ishimori. Aerostar hit a springboard splash for a two count. Ishimori hit Aerostar with knees for a two count. Fantasma pinned Aerostar after a Thrill for the Kill to get the win.

WINNER: Fantasma in 17:00 to become No. 1 contender for the X-Division Title.

McMahon’s Analysis: Good match that felt like it suffered from the lack of emotion on commentary. Honestly, Josh is doing an OK job considering the challenge of calling a show by yourself. But the lack of emotion — which I get the feeling is him trying to play into the seriousness of the Callihan situation — is taking away from a match like this, which had a lot of big spots and aerial action.

— Eddie Edwards was shown entering the meeting room where officials were discussing Sami Callihan.

Seg 6

— Back from the break, Eddie Edwards is yelling at Don Callis, and Callis was screaming that Callihan should be fired. Edwards pleaded with Callis not to fire Callihan so that he could get revenge. Scott D’Amore said that he could stay so Edwards would get his revenge, but whatever Edwards was going to do, he couldn’t do it in the Impact Zone. Mathews said it sounded like Impact was washing its hands of the situation.

— Moose vs. Kongo Kong from a House of Hardcore was shown. It ended in an apparent no-contest.

Seg 7

— KM was getting Fallah Bahh in shape all around Orlando. He was making Bahh do cardio while eating an ice cream. Bahh passed out to end the video package.

— Brian Cage was wrestling in Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. Takashi Sugiura. Cage won with a Drill Claw. Mathew said that the Avengers should come after Brian Cage, because he’s the only living being who can stop Thanos.

— The GWN Match of the Week aired, it was an Ultimate X Match with Alex Shelley, Suicide, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed and Chris Sabin.

Seg 8

— A video package aired on Allie, Rosemary and Su Yung. Allie was looking in a mirror when there was a knock on the door and she opened it to find a stuffed animal that had something pinned to it, like a voodoo doll. It looked like Rosemary? I guess? Allie took it inside her dressing room and closed the door. Allie looked at the note and then twitched.

(4) PENTAGON JR. [c] vs. ELI DRAKE — Impact World Title match

Austin Aries was shown watching the match backstage. Pentagon went to set up a submission early but Drake was able to counter out of the move. Mathews said that Edwards vs. Callihan would happen next week at House of Hardcore in a street fight. Mathews said Impact will broadcast that match next week. Drake missed a clothesline and ate a superkick. Pentagon hit a kick. Pentagon hit the Pentagon Driver for the win to retain the title.

WINNER: Pentagon Jr. in 7:00 retains the Impact World Title.

— Austin Aries was shown watching the match backstage, while he was eating a banana. Drake looked stunned on the mat.

McMahon’s Analysis: The match was OK, but it never felt like it belonged on this show. With so much other stuff happening behind the scenes — the Callihan story, etc. — the World Title felt like it was being wedged into the show instead of being a main focus. We’ll see where the story goes, but it also feels weird to have Drake cash-in and lose so quickly. Why have him beat Moose for the briefcase to begin with?

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