Heyman congratulates Cody and Young Bucks for All In’s 30 minute sellout for Labor Day Weekend event in Chicago

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Paul Heyman congratulated Cody and Matt and Nick Jackson on the 30 minute sellout of the All In event this coming Labor Day weekend in Chicago, Ill. on Sept. 1.

“What [Cody and the Young Bucks] have accomplished is truly epic,” he wrote on Twitter. “They have built a brand, self-marketed yourselves, negotiated your destinies on multiple continents AND sold over 10,000 tickets to your own event … on your own terms. It goes without saying that [Dusty Rhodes] would be so very very proud of [them]  and I hope everyone involved is proud of themselves, because this particulatr accomplishment cannot and should not be understated. So I offer my heartfelt congratulations to [Cody, Matt, and Nick] who have PROVEN themselves to be artists who backed their own vision and emerged as pioneers in the genre of entertainment to which they have dedicated their lives!”

The All In event, which will include Nick Aldis (a/k/a Magnus) defending the NWA World Hvt. Title against Cody Rhodes, is the first independent event in the United States to sell over 10,000 tickets, and the first U.S. organization to sell 10,000 tickets other than WWE since WCW went out of business.

“We’ve had offers from major companies saying they would pay for every penny, and we told them no because if it doesn’t succeed it’s on us,” Nick Jackson told the Chicago Tribune in a story published this past weekend.

Tickets were priced below a typical price for a major wrestling event, which may have contributed to the fast sellout (but given how quickly it sold out, probably not).

“The reason tickets are below market is because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme,” Cody told the Tribune. “Fans are making efforts to find us so we want to make an effort for them. We will not say it’s sold out unless all the seats are filled.” The capacity for the event is 10,154.

“The only number we are interested in is 10,000,” Matt said.

They got it. In 29 minutes and change. And it’s already one of the top stories in professional wrestling this year.

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