5/27 ROH TV Report: The Kingdom vs. SoCal Uncensored for the six-man titles, Sumie Sakai vs. Jenny Rose for the Women Of Honor title

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


MAY 27, 2018

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

[Q1] Opening theme.


Titus and Burger started things off. Burger went for some roll-ups but Titus took over with a gut-wrench slam. Tag to Ferrara. Burger hit a crossbody and tagged in Liger. Liger with an elbow to Ferrara’s back. Dueling cannonballs to both Dawgs on the floor. [C]

Liger had Ferrara in the surfboard and Burger put Titus in a stretch. Titus hit a blind tag while Ferrara ran the ropes but it was more of a hard slap to the back of the head that angered Little Willy. Dawgapult from Ferrara to Burger. The Dawgs double-teamed Burger with their now-signature offense. Burger hit a reverse DDT on Titus and escaped for the hot tag. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Ferrara. Liger Bomb but Ferrara kicked out. Tag to Titus but Liger erupted with slaps on both men. Titus put him down with a dropkick. Burger superkicked Ferrara. Shotei palm strike party! Liger finished off Titus with a brainbuster.

WINNERS: Cheeseburger & Liger in 9:53.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Just a fun little match with the ROH mascot and the NJPW legend getting a win over the undercard team.)

[Q2] -Video recap of Jenny Rose requesting that she be the first to challenge Sumie Sakai for the Women Of Honor title. [C]

-ROH World Champion Dalton Castle was backstage with The Boys. He asked who gets the next shot at his world title. He pointed out that both Marty Scurll and Cody have victories over him and suggested a triple threat

-Video recap of last week where Scurll cracked Cody with his umbrella by accident when swinging at Christopher Daniels.


Rose looked for a cheap shot before the bell but Sakai avoided it. She took down Rose in the corner and stomped her. Crossbody from the top rope to the floor on Rose. [C]

Missile dropkick from the top rope to Rose in the ring for a two-count. Rose caught Sakai with a sidewalk slam. Rose kicked away at Sakai’s head. Single-leg crab. Referee Todd Sinclair asked Sakai if she gave up and Sakai said “Never.” Jumping forearms from Sakai. Swinging fisherwoman’s neckbreaker. With Sakai on the apron Rose speared her through the ropes and Sakai went flying to the floor. Rose with a drop toehold that sent Sakai face-first into a security guard’s chair. Rose with a clothesline off the top rope and a fisherwoman’s suplex for two.

[Q3] Rose lifted Sakai in an electric chair but Sakai managed a victory roll for two. Sakai caught Rose in the corner and hit a hurricanrana from the second rope. Rose with a release German suplex and a spear for another two. Sakai went for another roll-through and transitioned into Smash Mouth.

WINNER: Sumie Sakai in 8:45 to retain the Women Of Honor title.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Terrific. That’s the kind of match a lot of people have been waiting to see since the Women Of Honor tournament ended. If you were puzzled about the decision to have Sakai be the first champion, wonder no more. At age 46 she’s hitting crossbodies from the top rope to the floor that people half her age would be jealous of. This was also easily the best outing Rose has ever had in ROH.)

-Video recap of Marty Scurll pinning Dalton Castle in Defy Or Deny at Masters Of The Craft on April 15 followed by footage of Cody pinning Castle in an eight-man elimination tag at Bound By Honor on April 28. Then footage from three weeks ago on TV where Cody and Scurll both felt they were the rightful #1 contender to Castle’s title.

-SoCal Uncensored were in the locker room. Frankie Kazarian said that when their six-man titles were stolen from them, they lost any leverage they had and reminded us that Joe Koff has vowed that he and Daniels are finished with ROH after this year’s Final Battle in December. Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels told The Kingdom and The Hung Bucks that they, SCU, were the best trio around. [C]

-ROH World Television Champion Silas Young was backstage. He said there are two types of guys in this world: guys who take pride in their work and guys who whine and cry until things are handed to them. Austin Aries is the latter. He gave a sob story about never holding the TV title so a championship match was magically handed to him.

-Riccaboni and Cabana narrated still photos of The Kingdom capturing the six-man titles from SoCal Uncensored at War Of The Worlds in Lowell two and a half weeks ago. Both team made their entrance for the rematch. [C]

(3) THE KINGDOM (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, & Vinny Marseglia) vs. SOCAL UNCENSORED (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, & Scorpio Sky) – ROH WORLD SIX-MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Kaz and O’Ryan started it off. Kaz sent Daniels and Sky to search under the ring. As they did, The Kingdom triple-teamed Kaz. Daniels popped one of the red balloons over Marseglia’s head.

[Q4] Sky caught Marseglia with a kick to the back as he ran the ropes so O’Ryan returned the favor to Daniels. SCU isolated O’Ryan, then The Kingdom isolated Sky. Marseglia popped another balloon in Sky’s ear. “This is awesome” chant from the crowd. Taven worked over Sky going into the break. [C]

Sky and Marseglia collided with a double crossbody that took them both down. Sky finally made the hot tag to Kaz. He took out all three opponents and tried to pin O’Ryan but Marseglia was still the legal man. Daniels took out Taven and O’Ryan with a suicide dive. The Addiction double-teamed Marseglia for a two-count. Taven and Daniels tagged in. STO from Daniels but he got dumped to the floor and Taven flew over the top rope onto him. Everyone took turns flipping onto everyone else. Sky finished it off with a leap over the top rope. Daniels pulled brass knuckles from his tights and looked for a right hand on Taven, who ducked. When the referee saw and took the knuckles away, Taven grabbed his walking stick. The referee saw the stick too and similarly removed it. Kaz entered with a steel chair, swung and missed, and the chair bounced off the top rope and knocked himself out. The referee turned around to see Kaz out cold with the chair on the mat next to him and assumed Marseglia or O’Ryan were responsible. He called for the bell.

WINNERS: SoCal Uncensored in 13:57 by disqualification. The Kingdom retain the six-man titles.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The crowd was surprisingly invested for a heel vs. heel match, though I’m not sure popping balloons really warrants a “this is awesome” chant. This was okay but we saw the same match yesterday at Honor United with the addition of The Hung Bucks and that one was far better, even if they shared a lot of the same moments like Sky kneeing O’Ryan off the second rope onto everyone else as he set up for a moonsault.)

-Before we went off the air Riccaboni got breaking news that the Best In The World main event has been changed to a triple threat with Castle defending the world title against Cody and Scurll. We got a brief shot of Cody backstage looking unhappy about the decision.

-Next week: it’s Silas Young vs. Austin Aries for the TV title and Tenille Dashwood vs. Karen Q.

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