6/8 MLW Fusion TV Report: ACH vs. Rey Fenix, Tom Lawlor vs. Yehi, Scott vs. MVP

By Kris Karcher, PWTorch contributors

JUNE 8, 2018

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

A video package aired highlighting Shane Strickland’s victory over Pentagon Jr. last week. Strickland said he wanted the best competition from around the world. They showed footage of Strickland doing radio interviews and screenshots of internet articles written about him. 

The Fusion intro video played. 

They announced that tonight we would be seeing M.V.P vs. Leon Scott, ACH vs. Rey Fenix, and Fred Yehi vs. Tom Lawlor. 

(1) Tom Lawlor (w/Simon Gotch) vs. Fred Yehi. The match started off with a chain wrestling exchange. Yehi hit a release German suplex, then a snap fisherman suplex for a two count. Lawlor rotated through a number of submission holds including abdominal stretches and a guillotine choke. (C) A commercial aired for Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler’s live show. The beginning of the commercial specifically mentioned MLW fans. Back from break Lawlor is still in control. Again Lawlor cycled through a number of submissions. Schiavone accidentally called Yehi Yeti. Yehi hit a German suplex, maintained waist control then hit a snapdragon suplex for a two. Yehi hit around twenty standing Knees to the face of Lawlor and then a powerbomb for another two count. Lawlor ditched the pad that was covering his “metal plated” arm and hit Yehi with a forearm then chocked our Yehi with a rear naked choke. 

WINNER: Tom Lawlor

(Karcher’s Comments: Pretty boring match. Not much really happened other then Lawlor attempting numerous submissions and Yehi countering and getting small bursts of offense. The whole gimmicked arm thing is pretty lame as I don’t see why he would be allowed to continually compete with a metal plated arm. I guess the logic is he’s required to wear the padding, but since he has taken it off twice now on Fusion shows MLW officials should step in and rectify the situation. Aren’t we trying to be more sports like on this show?) [c]

A replay aired of Maxwell Jacob Friedman attacking Joey Janela last week. Schiavone said MJF was fined $5,000 by MLW. 

Vanessa Pratt was backstage to interview Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Pratt asked Friedman what was the thought process behind attacking Janela in the match last night and Friedman responded by asking Pratt what her thought process behind “putting all that botox in your face” and said that its none of his business just like the question she asked is none of her business. As Friedman began to remind Pratt what his name was he was interrupted by Aria Blake who seemed irate at MJF and had to be carried off by security as she screamed at MJF asking if he wants a fair fight. MJF said that they need to get the “ginger white trash” out of the arena and then said that this is his time and his show and he is done with this interview. 

A replay of the confrontation between Shane Strickland and Selina de La Renta aired where Strickland said she can bring in whoever she wants and he will take them on. Salina de La Renta told Strickland to be careful what he wished for. 

A video aired apparently from La Renta’s social media account where she said that Strickland is mistaken if he thinks his win over Pentagon Jr. was the end of this story. Then she spoke in Spanish. She said it was always about the gold, about fear, and about respect. She said Strickland will fear and respect her. She said she is calling bounty hunters to take out Strickland. She said she put $20,000 on his head. She said someone will collect. The question is who. [c]

Team TBD was backstage taking pictures in front of a green screen. Jason Cade kept standing in front of Jimmy Yuta despite the instructions from the photographer to stand more side by side. When the photographer suggested Cade take a few shots behind Yuta Cade said that didn’t work for him and he walked off. Yuta had a disappointed look on his face. 

A promo aired during Leon Scott’s entrance where Sami Calihan said they were taking over and that tonight they were going to embarrass M.V.P. 

(2) Leon Scott (w/Sami Calihan & Sawer Fulton) vs. M.V.P. The match started hot as M.V.P. came running down to the ring and immediately took it to Scott. Chilean slid into the ring after less than a minute and M.V.P. ducked the baseball bat, then took out Calihan yet the ref still called for the bell. Then Sawyer Fulton (Who is not being mentioned by name but is wearing a shirt with the name Fulton on it) entered the ring and the three men started to gang up on M.V.P. Then Koto Brazil ran out to make the save but was taken out by Calihan and his gang. Fulton and Scott held M.V.P. while Calihand hit M.V.P. with the bat. Then repeated the same this to Brazil. All three men stood in the ring and did the ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ hand gesture. 

WINNER: M.V.P. by DQ? 

(Karcher’s Comments: No one was announced as the winner and no one actually hit M.V.P. when they called for the bell but I am assuming that it still counts as a DQ win for M.V.P. Obviously nothing to this match other than building up Calihan’s faction. I’m intrigued by where this group is going and look forward to seeing how their story progresses.)

Casey Lenox was backstage with Shane Strickland. She asked Strickland why he agreed to face anyone Salina could find. Strickland said he is the champion and needs to set a good example. He said that Swerve is confidence and no matter who she brings he will take them down. As he walked off Low Ki was waiting for him. Low Ki said that he realizes Strickland has a lot on his plate right now so early in his title run. He congratulated him for beating Pentagon and said that Strickland might be too inexperienced and offered his help advising him. He tried to give Strickland a Black Friday Managment business card, but Strickland refused. 

ACH was shown backstage stretching. Yehi approached and asked ACH if they could either square off or team up now that they are both in MLW together. ACH said he liked the idea. [c]

A promo aired during ACH’s entrance. He said people keep asking how is he going to beat Rey Fenix, but said the question was how was Rey Fenix going to beat him. Clever. 

(3) ACH vs. Rey Fenix (w/Selina da La Renta) Back and forth chain wrestling to start. Some nice athletic counters between the two. Fenix rolled to the outside and ACH came over the top rope with a cross body. ACH threw Fenix back into the ring. Fenix drop kicked ACH out of the ring and then dove outside the ring with a front flip onto ACH. (c) Back from break Fenix rolls ACH into the ring then goes to the top rope and hit a nice senton front flip for a two count. Fenix hit a stick spinning backpack for another two count. ACH hit a beautiful backbreaking, German suplex, into a bridging pin for a two count. Fenix rolled into a standing splash, missed a shooting star press but landed on his feet, then hit a cutter for a two count. Fenix went to the top rope but ACH kicked out Fenix’s legs and then went for a superplex but Fenix punched off ACH then went for a cross body. ACH rolled through and stood up still holding Fenix and hit a death valley driver for a two count. The two exchanged chops on the ring apron. ACH went of the death valley driver on the apron but Fenix slid off hits the ring and hit a springboard dropkick from the inside. Fenix then slid outside and jumped up from the floor onto the apron and hit a pinwheel kick. The crowd was really behind Fenix here. Fenix went to the top rope but ACH sprang up and hit a palé kick off the ropes. The two exchanged hard chops in the center of the ring. ACH hit a superkick then a vertical suplex for a two count. ACH went for a dragonfly from the top rope but Fenix rolled out of the way. Fenix hit a spinning kick off the ropes then placed ACH sitting on the top rope. He grabbed ACH from the top rope and hit a muscle buster for the win. 

WINNER: Rey Fenix

(Karcher’s Comments: Great match. These two showed some awesome moves and had great chemistry together. I wish they told more of a story in the ring as it seemed like a lot of back and fourth offense with no one gaining the upper hand until the pinfall at the end.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Decent show as the main event delivered and the first two matches were more about establishing characters and storylines. Lawlor is ranked number one on the top ten so I’d imagine MLW is gearing up to give him a title shot. Sami Calihan and his group also seem to be getting a push. No matches were announced for next week. Thanks for reading. Check back next week.

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