6/13 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 1): Dehnel’s review of season premier with Dario Cueto’s status revealed, Aztec Warfare

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report
June 13, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 4 Episode #1 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-Show opened with recaps of the Dario Cueto’s Underground dealings specifically focusing on the gauntlet glove. They also recapped the trio’s championship match from Ultima Lucha Tres. As well as Pentagon Dark winning the Lucha Underground Championship. The recapped ended with the closing scene from Ultima Lucha where Dario Cueto was shot in his office.

-Dario is laying in a casket at an empty funeral next to a giant portrait of himself. The man who shot Dario is standing and comments on how nobody came to his funeral. An older gentleman named Antonio is standing next to him said that us Cueto’s were always better at making enemies than friends. The other man tells Antonio that he is in full control of Lucha Underground, but there is just one issue. The man flips over his coat to reveal the gun in his holster and says that ever since those gangbangers shot his son, they can’t use the temple in Boyle Heights. Antonio explains that as long as the sacred seal is in the rain, the temple can be anywhere. He then explains that he has secured an old ice house where he used to run shows that most holds cerveza (beer). Antonio walks up to Dario’s portrait and said this will be his new temple. The other man told Antonio to remember that the wrestling is just a cover and not to forget their true objective like Dario did. Antonio said his son made many many mistakes and he doesn’t plan on repeating any of them. He then took off his sunglasses to reveal one of his eyes is oddly green. The man then said that he heard Dario tried to call Antonio for help with his dying breath. Antonio said that is true. The man said that is cold that Dario tried to call for help from the man who ordered his own hit. Antonio said that Dario was always his weak son and that is why the elders chose his other son to be a god. The man told Antonio to have fun and be ready. He said our friend in the limo will be coming for war before you know it. Antonio then grabbed the key from around Dario’s neck and closed the casket.

[JD’s Reax: That was a boat load of exposition. It addresses a lot of the big questions that were left at the end of Season 3. I’m not sure what the goal is of having the same actor who played Dario portray his father Antonio. That is going to have to play into the story later on otherwise it is ridiculous and makes everyone look stupid for not realizing it is the same person just in a wig and makeup. My way-too-early theory is that when Antonio looked over Dario’s casket, and said Dario was weak that is why “Matanza is a god” will end up being a red herring. Dario will be the god, not Matanza. We will just have to find out.]

-Title Card

In ring: Melissa Santos asked those in the audience to stand for a ten bell salute in honor of the former owner of Lucha Underground, Dario Cueto. People in the audience began to act out sadness. Antonio then came out and said the only thing colder than this ice house, is this crowd.

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show and explained that, while this was supposed to be a moment of silence, Dario’s father Antonio has come out.

In ring: Antonio explained to the audience that he is Antonio Cueto, the father of Dario as well as the new owner of Lucha Underground. People clapped and cheered. Antonio then said this was his temple then took his cane and knocked over a portrait of Dario. The audience quickly turned to boos as Atonio tossed the portrait of Dario to the outside. Antonio then turned the audience again by saying tonight they will likely have a new Lucha Underground Champion. He said Pentagon Dark will defend his championship in Aztec Warfare. He made it clear that he is the originator of the concept and not Dario. And guess what? It starts now!!!!!!


In Ring: Antonio addressed The Mack and Killshot who were standing in the ring. He said that the Trio’s Champions will be competing in Aztec Warfare tonight. However, he said that Dante Fox appears to be missing in action. He went on to explain Mack and Killshot will enter at 1 and 2 and whoever comes out at number 3 will be their new partner.

-Santos officially Announced Aztec Warfare with the third entrant being Son of Havoc. Killshot and Mack were displeased with Havoc being their new partner. Antonio introduced the three as the new Trio’s Champions then said they can get to know each other by beating the hell out of one another.

(1) Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground Championship

Mack, Killshot and Havoc started the match and all exchanged moves on one another. The 4th participant to come out was Joey Ryan. Ryan came into the ring and handcuffed himself to the rope. Entrant 5 was Mr. Pectacular, a new face to Lucha Underground. Everyone beat on Mr. Pectacular until Killshot came up behind Mack and rolled him up for an elimination.

Next out at entry 6 was Pentagon Dark who came out to a huge ovation.


Pentagon entered the ring and took out everyone until he came face to face with Joey Ryan. Ryan freed himself from the handcuffs allowing Pentagon to slam him for the elimination. Havoc caught Killshot with a shooter star press for an elimination.

Next out at entry 7 is another new but familiar face in Tommy Dreamer. Pentagon then pinned Mr. Pectacular for the elimination. Pentagon then stood against Tommy Dreamer as Dreamer went to attack PEntagon with a kendo stick.

Mariposa was the next entrant out. She attack Dreamer and Pentagon with the kendo stick. Tommy rolled to the outside and Pentagon dove onto him but was met with a kendo stick. In the ring, Havoc hit a diamond cutter on Mariposa for the elimination.

Dreamer dumped a bag of thumb tacks in the bleachers. Pentagon countered Dreamer and speared him onto the tacks. Pentagon rolled Dreamer into the ring then stomped on him for the elimination.

Next out at 9 was Vinnie Massaro. As Vinnie walked to the ring, a pizza delivery guy gave him a pizza. The delivery guy expected a tip, but Vinnie pushed him away. Vinnie stood in the ring with Pentagon. Pentagon shoved a pizza slice into Vinnie’s mouth then Pentagon super kicked him then slammed him onto the pizza box for the elimination.

Next to the ring was Hernandez who made his return back to LU since his departure after season 1. Pentagon took Hernandez to town and broke his arm then covered him for another elimination.

Havoc attacked Pentagon from behind, but got caught with a back breaker and was subsequently eliminated by Pentagon.

Next out to the ring was none other than Johnny………Mundo!


Mundo was already in the ring and began fighting against Pentagon. Entrant number 12 was Ricky Mundo who carried an evil doll to the ring. Striker explained that Angelico was supposed to be number 12, but he is not here. Ricky and Johnny double teamed Pentagon, but Ricky kept getting distracted by his evil doll which has a green eye very similar to that of Antonio Cueto. Ricky tried to roll up Johnny to which Johnny attacked Ricky and eliminated him.

Number 13 was Fenix. Fenix took down Mundo who rolled to the outside. Fenix then dove onto Mundo and Pentagon. Fenix was going for a top rope attack, but was distracted by the entrance of Jeremiah Crane. Crane slammed Fenix onto a chair then Mil Muertes came down to the ring with Catrina as entrant 14. Mil knocked down everyone then everyone ganged up on Mil to take him out. Fenix hit a double stomp on Mil for the elimination.

Entrant 16  was Daga who was accompanied by Kobra Moon. Daga showed off his skill until Crane cleaned out the ring. Number 17 was Chavo Guerrero. Pentagon attacked a distracted Crane and eliminated him. Chavo tried to attacked Pentagon then hit a suplex on Fenix for the elimination. Mundo hit an end of the world on Daga for an elimination. King Cuerno came down to the ring at number 18. Cuerno debuted some new ring gear. Cuerno cleared out the ring then dove onto Pentagon. Number 19 was El Dragon Azteca, Jr.. Kobra Moon then came back to the ring and brought out Vibora who beat on Johnny Mundo. The last entrant was Marty Martinez. Martinez quickly eliminated a beaten down Mundo.


Chavo hit Dragon with a chair. Cuerno then took down Chavo and hit a frog splash on Dragon for the elimination. The four remaining participants all fought each other in the ring. Chavo hit a gory bomb on Cuerno for the elimination. Pentagon then took down Chavo and eliminated him quickly.

Marty and Pentagon stood in the middle of the ring exchanged heavy strikes. Marty hit a curb stomp for a near fall. Marty bit Pentagon’s fingers then hit a brain buster. Pentagon caught Marty with the flipping piledriver followed by a package piledriver to eliminate Marty.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark at 30:47 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Post match: Pentagon “broke” Marty’s arm. Antonio came out and congratulated Pentagon. He said that next week will be in a much more dangerous match as he defends his title against his only son, Matanza.


Forgive me if I missed anything during the Aztec Warfare match. There was so much going on at every moment.

Aztec Warfare showed that there are quite a few glaring omissions starpower wise including Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio. Pentagon oozes charisma and is clearly the best choice as the number 1 baby face going forward.

The match itself was more about showcasing who was still in LU, who’s returning and who’s new more so than putting on a great match. Top level guys were getting pinned after just a couple moves even though we’ve seen them endure brutal hardcore matches for 20+ minutes. With the quick eliminations, it didn’t feel like LU was really trying to establish anyone as a big deal yet other than Pentagon.

I would be curious to know what LU told the audience about Antonio Cueto where people pretended to buy him as different than Dario. His disguise is almost as bad as Stephanie McMahon on Undercover Boss. It has to tie into the storyline somehow some way otherwise EVERYBODY looks stoopid for buying this guy as Dario’s father.

The new temple looks much smaller and cleaner than the one in Boyle Heights. I’m interested to see how the backstage segments change and more of the overall structure of the building.

This episode definitely got us back into the groove of things with the most changes to LU we’ve seen thus far. I’m hesitant about what they do with Antonio Cueto, but confident they will push Pentagon strongly and he will flourish.

Order of Entry

  1. The Mack
  2. Killshot
  3. Son Of Havoc
  4. Joey Ryan
  5. Mr. Pectacular
  6. Pentagon Dark
  7. Tommy Dreamer
  8. Mariposa
  9. Vinnie Massaro
  10. (10) Hernandez
  11. (11) Johnny Mundo
  12. (12) Ricky Mundo
  13. (13) Fenix
  14. (14) Jeremiah Crane
  15. (15) Mil Muertes
  16. (16) Daga
  17. (17) Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
  18. (18) King Cuerno
  19. (19) El Dragon Azteca, Jr.
  20. (20) Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Order of Elimination

  1. The Mack
  2. Joey Ryan
  3. Killshot
  4. Mr. Pectacular
  5. Mariposa
  6. Tommy Dreamer
  7. Vinnie Massaro
  8. Hernandez
  9. Son of Havoc
  10. (10) Ricky Mundo
  11. (11) Mil Muertes
  12. (12) Jeremiah Crane
  13. (13) Fenix
  14. (14) Daga
  15. (15) Johnny Mundo
  16. (16) El Dragon Azteca, Jr.
  17. (17) King Cuerno
  18. (18) Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
  19. (19) Marty “The Moth” Martinez


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