6/18 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Money in the Bank fallout, Rousey’s reacts to Bliss’s cash-in, what does Braun’s MITB win mean for Lesnar

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 18, 2018

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Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman


-They opened with highlights of the Nia Jax-Ronda Rousey-Alexa Bliss chain of events at Money in the Bank the night before with Cole’s dramatic call of the happenings.

-Kurt Angle stood mid-ring with the WWE Women’s Title belt and the Money in the Bank briefcase sitting on a table behind him as his music faded. He said he was proud that two Raw wrestlers won the MITB briefcases. He invited Bliss to the ring. Graves said this was the first time a woman was able to cash in the MITB briefcase and all seems right with the world. Coach (patronizingly) called Bliss “a young lady” (which is what grown-ups calls 11 year old girls, not grown men call grown women). Angle said Jax is doing physical therapy in Birmingham, Ala., she has demanded her rematch at Extreme Rules.

Bliss complained that Angle wasn’t giving her a chance to celebrate what happened last night before moving on to next month. She thanked everyone for the opportunity, “the opportunity…” Fans chanted “You deserve it!” Coach said, “This is really nice.” Bliss said, “This is the opportunity I’m talking about – the opportunity to rub it in all of your faces.” Fans began chanting, “We want Ronda!” She said she revealed that Jax and Rousey are bullies. She said she shocked the world last night, so from this moment on it will be all about her. Coach said it’s hard to argue with that. Then Rousey’s music played and she marched to the ring.

Rousey strode to the ring and had to be held back by Angle. Bliss asked Rousey if she came out to show all the welts she left on her body from the briefcase last night or if she came out to admit she learned the differences between UFC and WWE. Bliss pointed out everything she did last night was “100 percent perfectly legal.” She said it’s not all bad because last night Rousey was just seconds from making Nia Jax tap. She said victory was just fingertips away and she could just taste the gold “but I guess we will never know now, will we?” Fans chanted, “Ronda! Ronda!” Bliss said fans know why she’s out there now – jealousy about the headlines being about Bliss and not Rousey. She listed all of the mainstream corporate media outlets that covered her win. She said Rousey is “irrelevant” now. Angle continued to have his hand placed on Rousey’s shoulder to indicate she needed to stay back. Bliss called Rousey an “overhyped rookie.”

Rousey pushed past Angle and tackled Bliss and began punching away at her. Angle quickly pulled her off. Rousey gave Angle a judo throw. When Bliss tried to hit her with a briefcase, Rousey ducked and punched Bliss in the belly and then bashed her with the MITB briefcase. “Rousey’s lost it!” yelled Cole. Angle pulled her off, so Rousey hit him with the briefcase nine times. Angle cowered in the corner. “You’re not my friend, you’re just holding me back!” she shouted. When four referees entered the ring, she attacked them and sent them scurrying. Rousey turned back to Bliss who was KO’d against the bottom rope. Rousey lifted her into an inverted body vice and slammed her through the table. The crowd popped and stood and cheered. Graves said there will ramifications and repercussions for what just happened. He said she went too far. Angle got up and pursued her on the stage as she put her leather jacket back on. She marched to the back. Graves told Coach to “go visit her in her cell.”

-Backstage, after a recap by the announcers, Rousey told Angle that she doesn’t need him or anyone else condescendingly telling her this isn’t the UFC. Angle said she doesn’t get it. He said he doesn’t know what to do right now. “I’m sorry, but you’re going to be suspended for 30 days. I don’t have a choice. You might have ruined your chance of ever being the Raw Women’s Champion. I’m sorry, but get your things.” She pouted, “You sound real sorry” and stormed off.

(Keller’s Analysis: Rousey is improving quickly at showing believable emotions in the live pro wrestling setting. Bliss is a good, polished heel for Rousey to play off of. That said, Ronda is coming across as petulant and thin-skinned and easily triggered which aren’t necessarily the most sympathetic traits for a lead babyface. It still shouldn’t be forgotten how far-fetched this whole scenario felt one year ago that Rousey would be in an opening segment on Raw like this.) [c]

-The announcers recapped what Rousey did to Bliss.

-Renee Young caught up to Rousey. She said after 30 days, she’s going to kick Bliss’s “pink-haired ass.”

-Back to the announcers on camera. Graves said the suspension should be 60 or 120 and she should be fined heavily. He said he wouldn’t even be against her being fired.

-Seth Rollins’ music played. As he walked out, the announcers talked about there being a pep in his step. Seth said there’s a lot of energy in the building and a buzz in the locker room and he thinks they should keep it going. He said he loved every second of Elias taking him to the limit. He said he is still standing and is still the Intercontinental Champion. As a fighting champion who is on Raw every Monday, he’s up for an IC Title Open Challenge. Graves said he admires Seth’s willingness to fight, but this is just 24 hours after his grueling Elias match.

After a brief pause, Dolph Ziggler’s music played. Then Drew McIntyre’s music played. The announcers wondered who would wrestle. Ziggler entered the ring.


Ziggler went for an early Zig Zag a second into the match, but Seth blocked it and went for a stomp. Ziggler jumped to ringside and they cut to a break. [c]

Back live, Ziggler dropkicked Seth out of mid-air on a springboard attempt and sent him falling to ringside. Graves said Seth wrestling tonight is all about his ego and he’s his own worst enemy. Coach noted that Seth’s knee was hurting last night, and Ziggler has targeted it early. Then Ziggler settled into a chinlock. Seth took the Flair flip bump into the corner. Ziggler followed up with a sleeper. Seth catapulted Ziggler a minute later over the top turnbuckle and head-first into the ringpost. Graves talked about how exhausted Seth is and said he cannot have much left. Seth rallied and then dove through the ropes and tackled Ziggler hard into the barricade. He played to the crowd and then threw Ziggler back into the ring. Drew stood behind Seth and watched with a scowl as Seth slingshot himself into the ring with a flying forearm. He scored a two count and they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Ziggler was in control, hitting a corner Stinger splash. Seth countered a neckbreaker attempt with a backslide for a two count. Seth then set up Ziggler for a buckle bomb, but Ziggler slipped free and rolled up Seth for a near fall. Seth surprised Ziggler with a ripcord knee for a near fall. They showed a wild bump during the break of Seth stumbling backward on a suplex attempt and falling backward over the top rope with Ziggler tumbling over with him. Wild.

Seth turned to talk a little bit with Drew, then he stomped the mat. He kicked Ziggler in the gut, but Ziggler avoided the stomp and then quickly kicked Seth’s knee and drove his head into the mat with a Fameasser and scored a believable near fall. Coach said Ziggler could “taste the gold.” Both were slow to get up. Ziggler stood first and set up his superkick, but Seth surprised him with a superkick. He hit a second one and covered Ziggler for a believable near fall. The fans were counting along and on the verge of celebrating. Seth went for a top rope splash, but Ziggler moved. Ziggler climbed to the top, but Seth met him up there. Ziggler headbutted him down and hit a crossbody, but Seth rolled through. He lifted Ziggler, but his leg strength wasn’t there at first. He still managed to execute the buckle bomb. He superkicked Ziggler.

Drew stood on the ring apron. Seth turned to hit him. Ziggler rolled up Seth for a two count. Seth rolled up Ziggler and pulled on his tights, but Ziggler rolled through and yanked hard on his tights and scored the three count. Seth sat up in shock. Fans were bug-eyed with shock in the crowd. Cole said Ziggler is now a six-time IC Champion. Coach said Seth put forth a great effort, but he can’t blame anyone but himself for issuing an open challenge so soon after the MITB title defense. Graves said it pains him to agree with Coach. (They’re totally leaving off the distraction by McIntyre at the end.)

WINNER: Ziggler in 19:00 to capture the IC Title.

-After the match, Seth popped up and yelled at Ziggler in frustration. Drew then attacked Seth from behind. He mounted him and pounded away. Ziggler joined in. Drew mockingly yelled “Burn it down!” Then they gave Seth their Zig Zag into the Claymore Kick. Cole did bring up McIntyre created a distraction. Coach said Drew didn’t get involved because he didn’t touch Seth. Cole said that was the silliest argument ever.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match, with Ziggler showing how good he can be in both his offense and his selling. I’ll have to see how this all plays out, because you’d think Drew would be the one they’d want to give the boost to. This has a chance to reinvigorate Ziggler, or it could just be a short transition. If this gives Ziggler a reason to wrestle more often on TV against high-quality opponents and fewer chances to yell on the microphone for no good reason, I’m all for it. I was surprised Roman Reigns didn’t run out to make the save. If they go with Seth & Roman vs. Drew & Ziggler, for instance, at Extreme Rules, it could lead to a Summerslam Fatal Four-way with Lesnar, Braun, Seth, and Reigns for the Universal Title. Then it might make sense they took the IC belt off of Seth, especially if it clears the way for Seth to be the one who beats Lesnar. I’d much rather see Seth get a one-on-one clean win over Lesnar, though. The worst-case scenario is that Seth needs a little work done on his knee for real or a break to recover from a nagging injury, although having a match of this length and the chances taken during it would point away from that.) [c]

-They showed a replay of the IC Title change and also some great fan responses.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is a good use of fan reactions. It doesn’t feel like they’re manipulating us into trying to feel a certain way. It’s just a way to highlight the emotions fans feel watching unexpected twists.)

-Ziggler and Drew interrupted Renee backstage. Ziggler said Monday Night Rollins is cancelled and everyone online can complain about it in their blog. He said it’s his and McIntyre’s show now. Drew said they told everyone and this is just the beginning – the first of many, many titles to come. He said unlike former champions before them, they won’t let this success allow them to become soft. Ziggler mocked catch phrases like “Burn it Down” and “It’s My Yard,” foreshadowing a possible Seth & Roman tag match.


Roode’s full “Glorious” entrance theme played and he made his way to the ring. Cole talked about Hawkins having 203 straight losses. Roode had his ribs taped from a Coup de Grace last night. Hawkins scored a near fall with a backslide early. Roode countered with a spinebuster and then a Glorious DDT for the win.

WINNER: Roode in under 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not against squash matches, but this was a surprise. What’s the purpose of WWE throwing this short match with a Roode win here? Maybe Graves hit on it when he said Roode needed a victory to get back on his glorious path.)

-Cole said Braun Strowman was up next. [c]

-The announcers talked about Stephanie McMahon on “Undercover Boss” last week. A graphic said it was the no. 1 show on all of TV last Friday beating every show on NBC, ABC, FOX, HBO, TBS, TNT, and ESPN!”

(Keller’s Analysis: If you didn’t see it, it’s amazing how Stephanie and the producers managed to have every touching personal moment spun into WWE doing wonderful things as a corporate for average every day people. It was heavy-handed, even for reality TV. There’s just not a real self-awareness that the way you build a brand isn’t by turning everything into how great the brand is and hitting viewers over the head with a sledgehammer about it, but just letting it speak for itself.)

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-The announcers threw to a video package on Braun Strowman’s MITB victory.

-Braun then made his ring entrance. JoJo introduced him as “Mr. Monster in the Bank.” Graves complimented Braun’s super-human performance. Cole said Brock doesn’t sweat anyone, but he’s got to be sweating a little bit because Braun can cash in at anytime in the next year. Cole said Braun is the largest MITB briefcase holder of all time. Braun talked about flipping an ambulance over with his bare hands and won a giant trophy in Saudi Arabia by tossing around grown men like bean bags “and, hell, I’ve even played a cello.” He said as great as all that was, winning MITB was the greatest. He said he stepped in the ring with seven other Superstars and he “stomped, smashed, and snatched this contract.” He said now all Brock Lesnar has to do is show his face and he will cash it in and become the new Universal Champion. “Because the Beast is going to get these hands!” he said. Suddenly Kevin Owens’ music played.

Owens walked onto the stage. Graves said he’s surprised KO can even stand. Braun said he’s surprised to see Owens out there after he threw him off a 20 foot ladder last night. KO winced and said he probably shouldn’t be out there and it hurts to just breath let alone talk to him. He said he had to come out and talk to him because he wasn’t there to steal his spotlight or get retribution, which he couldn’t get if he wanted to. He said he wanted to be the first person from the locker room who is man enough to congratulate him. He said he deserved it and he knew he’d win it. He said that’s why he tried to talk everyone else into banding together to neutralize him. He said nobody would listen to him,, though. He said it might be foolish, but he hopes he listens to him. He said he is indeed Mr. Monster in the Bank. He said now Braun needs a strategy, and that’s where he comes in. He said they share a lot in common. He said they’re not the angry monsters people think they are, but rather they’re good-hearted. He asked Braun who is watching his back. He said in fairness he hasn’t needed anyone to watch his back so far, but last night his life changed when he won the briefcase. He asked him who he can count on around there. Owens entered the ring, straining to do so.

Owens said with Sami out of the picture, they’re now left alone in need of a friend. Owens said maybe friend is too strong of a word, but maybe they can help each other. Owens said he knows what it’s like to be Universal Champion. He said after they use each other and Braun cashes in and becomes Universal Champion, he wants him to give him a title shot. “I do something for you, you do something for me,” Owens said. He suggested they start it tonight – “Monster and Man” working together. Owens said he doesn’t want his hands, he’s too hurt to deal with that. He just wanted to shake his hand. Braun grabbed Owen’s extended hand. But then he didn’t let go. Owens looked nervous as he tried to walk away. Braun pulled him in close and then lifted him for a slam. Owens slipped out of Braun’s grip and Owens retreated.

(Keller’s Analysis: That kind of ended flat. It didn’t even get much of a pop.)

-They went to the announcers. Cole asked when Owens will realize nobody likes him. They shifted to talking about the Riott Squad drawing an “R” on Bayley’s abdomen. Graves said that had to be humiliating.

-Backstage Sasha was sulking when Bayley walked up to her. Bayley apologized for how last night went. She said she was rooting for her and asked if she’s feeling okay. Sasha said yes and thanks. Bayley told her to stop now. Sasha asked, “Stop what?” Bayley said she’s knows Sasha is replaying this over and over in her mind. She said she’s surprised she isn’t watching it on her phone. Sasha admitted she was. Bayley said she’s ready to take the fight to them with her even though things haven’t been great between them. She said there’s nobody she’d want as her partner more than her. She said it can be a new start for both of them. Sasha thought about it, smiled, and shook her hand.

-They had a graphic ready to go announcing Bayley and Sasha taking on The Riott Squad.

(Keller’s Analysis: One of them better turn on the other.)

-Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt made their ring entrance. Cole complained about Maxell tweeting. Graves said Cole should be impressed a one year old can tweet. Coach said he thinks everyone on social media is one year old. [c]


As the match was about to begin, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas appeared on the big screen. Curtis, wearing a wig, mocked Matt’s “Woken Matt” schtick and teeth click at the end. Then Bo, in a Bray beard, imitated his real-life brother. Bo then pulled off the beard and said they’re not scared of Bray and Matt so they’re coming for the tag team championships. Curtis stayed in character and said it’d be “wonderful.” He told Bo he never breaks character. Bo said, “We’re the B-Team. Run!” He then pushed closed a flashlight lantern. They stared at the camera and asked if it was over yet. The camera panned up.

Bray and Matt were staring at the big screen. Then the ref called for the bell and Slater and Rhyno attacked them. Rhyno clotheslined Bray and scored an early one count. Cole said if Rhyno & Slater could win tonight, they’d earn a shot at the tag titles down the line. Hardy hot-tagged in Bray who went to work against Slater. Bray went into the crab walk. Eventually they double-teamed Slater to finish him with the Kiss of Deletion.

WINNERS: Wyatt & Hardy in 4:00.

-They went to the announcers who recapped the show opening angle with Rousey, Bliss, and Angle.

-Backstage Baron Corbin approached Angle and said Stephanie McMahon is really pleased with how he handled Rousey. Angle told Corbin to tell Stephanie he didn’t do it for her. He turned around and gulped and Corbin snickered because she was on the phone. Angle sighed and dropped his shoulders in resignation and talked with Stephanie sheepishly. They cut to a break. [c]

-Back from the break, Angle said on the phone to Stephanie, “Yes, I understand. This is big news. I’ll make the announcement later tonight. I have some ideas that…” Stephanie interrupted. Angle then said he will run everything by Constable Corbin. He handed the phone back to Corbin who continued to snicker.

-They went to the announcers who wondered what the big announcement would be.

-Jinder Mahal made his ring entrance alongside Sunil Singh. He said last night he felt the winds of change. He said while Reigns may have won the match last night, he has won the battle of self-improvement. He said just like all of them, Reigns is bitter and angry that he has found tranquility. Jinder said his opponent, Chad Gable, is living his former glory as an amateur wrestler. He said he should forget about the past and the darkness and see the light.

(4) JINDER MAHAL (w/Sunil Singh) vs. CHAD GABLE

Jinder attacked Gable aggressively at the bell. Gable came right back with a spinebuster. Cole said Gable already has a win over Jinder a couple months back. Graves defended Jinder preaching about inner peace but then getting suddenly violent. Gable continued to get sustained rapid-fire offense in against Jinder. He landed a moonsault (well, he slightly overshot) and scored a two count. Jinder took over by yanking on Gable’s arm from ringside and hitting the Khallas inside the ring.

WINNER: Jinder in 3:00.

-They showed The Riott Squad backstage smashing a laptop of someone working backstage at a table. Then they drew “R” on a black mirror wrestlers use to check themselves out before going to the ring. [c]

-Cole talked about WWE heading to Australia on Oct. 6. They showed scenes of Melbourne and then Tweets from excited wrestlers. (OUR NEWS STORY)

(5) SASHA BANKS & BAYLEY vs. RIOTT SQUAD (Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan w/Ruby Riott)

Cole said if Sasha and Bayley are finally on the same page, maybe they can stop Riott Squad. There was tension early with Bayley being kind of pushy about starting the match. Sasha didn’t look happy that Bayley was so assertive. Sasha blind-tagged herself in and did so with some attitude. Bayley returned the favor a minute later. Cole said he doesn’t get why they have so much trouble getting along. Bayley and Sasha took it to the heels at ringside. Bayley tried to talk to Sasha, but Sasha still seemed displeased with how things were going. [c]

Sasha tagged herself in after a rally by Bayley. She went to work on Morgan and hit the double knees for a near fall. Sasha went for the Bank Statement, but Morgan held onto the top rope and then kicked her and made a cover. Bayley made the save. Bayley was battling Liv at ringside when Sasha went for a tag. Sasha fought back on her own. Bayley ran into the ring to offset Morgan standing on the ring apron. As the ref escorted Bayley out of the ring, Logan hit Sasha and then Morgan rolled her up for the win. Cole said it’ll take some time for Sasha and Bayley to get on the same page. Coach said they need to work things out or go their separate ways.

WINNERS: Riott Squad in 8:00.

-Afterward, Sasha and Bayley exchanged some heated words face-to-face. Sasha shoved Bayley down hard. Bayley looked betrayed. Graves said that was just Sasha being Sasha. Cole said the friendship is fractured again.

-Backstage Angle and Corbin looked over some notecards. [c]

-Backstage Bayley chased down Sasha and told her to talk with her. Sasha said not to tell her what to do. Bayley said she’s not done with her. Sasha said she is. Bayley attacked her. They brawled. The announcers said they saw this coming for a while. Sasha left Bayley grabbing her arm on the ground.


-Angle stood in the ring and said he just can’t get the show under control. He said earlier he spoke to Stephanie. The fans booed. He said WWE officials have agreed to when Lesnar will defend his Universal Title next. He said the question is who will it be against. Roman Reigns’s music interrupted. “Here comes the Big Dog!” said Cole. Coach said it’d have been nice of Reigns waited 20 seconds so they could hear Angle finish his thought. Cole recapped that Reigns’s feet hit the floor first and he should be champion. Graves agreed and said the referee admitted he made an error so he has every legitimate reason to have a gripe. Coach said he has to look forward, through, and not dwell on what happened. Cole said Reigns is looking forward. He said he is handcuffed because WWE officials only have Lesnar defending his title every few months.

Reigns said the answer to his question is standing right in front of him. He said he beat Brock at the Greatest Royal Rumble, everyone knows it, which means he is the uncrowned Universal Champion. He said it’s no secret that Angle has some trouble running Raw. He said maybe having a full time champion who defends every single Monday night of the year would help him out. Angle said he appreciates the confidence, but since he’s already out there, he wanted to finish his announcement.

Suddenly Bobby Lashley’s music played. Reigns looked up at the screen and said with disdain, “Bobby Lashley.” Reigns even seemed like a jerk there, as if Lashley was beneath him. Lashley walked out. Graves noted that Lashley’s t-shirt says “Back to Dominate.” He said he’s back to dominate, not just be part of the roster. Coach said Reigns is right it’d be valuable to have a fighting champion every Monday night. Graves said true, but a lot of people would like to be in the position Lesnar is in.

Lashley messed up his opening line and fan seized on it. He said even before he returned to WWE, he saw Roman bang his head for three years trying to beat “Roman, I mean Brock Lesnar.” He told Roman he doesn’t have what it takes to finish Lesnar. Lashley said this may be his yard, but he’s been trying to get his hands on Lesnar since Reigns was a pup. He said he should step aside to let someone fight Brock who can beat Brock. He said he can beat Reigns, too.

Angle said they are both deserving of facing Lesnar, but so are others. Angle said at Extreme Rules, there will be a multi-person match and the winner will face Lesnar at Summerslam. Angle said he’ll reveal the competitors at another date, but they are two of them.

Out walked The Revival. They walked toward the ring and asked about earning things the old fashioned way instead of demanding things. They said they’ve been busting their backs for years to get a chance, but top guys like them stand in their way. They said it changes tonight. They said they’re the best tag and they can beat Lashley and Reigns because those two can’t coexist, and a win over them will assure them they get what they deserve. Reigns mocked them and told them to shut up already. He said if they want to come into the ring, he doesn’t mind taking them to school. He said, “As a matter of fact, if Bob over here pays attention, he might learn something too.” Angle said it’s on. [c]

(6) BOBBY LASHLEY & ROMAN REIGNS vs. THE REVIVAL (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

Lashley and Reigns didn’t get along any better than Sasha and Bayley before the bell trying to decide who would go first. Reigns opened against Dawson. A “Let’s Go Roman / Roman sucks” dueling chant broke out. When Lashley tagged in, he showed his strength and looked at Reigns, who looked impressed. Revival took over by clipping Lashley’s knee from behind and utilizing double-team moves while isolating Lashley in their corner. Dawson settled into a chinlock mid-ring. Graves said if Dash and Dawson were to win, Angle might add them to the multi-man match at Extreme Rules.

Coach said he has been hearing things backstage that there are a lot of Superstars stirring around wanting to get in this match. Graves pointed that is literally impossible because because the match was just announced. “You just exposed yourself as a fraud.” Coach tried to defend himself, but wasn’t getting far when Reigns hot-tagged in. He shoved Dash and Dawson in a corner and bashed them both with repeated forearms. He prepared for his Superman Punch and delivered against Dawson. Dash rolled up Reigns and scored a near fall. Reigns fired back with a Superman Punch on him. As Reigns signaled for a spear, Lashley blind-tagged himself in and hit a spear for the win. Lashley looked at Reigns and said that’s how it’s done.

WINNERS: Reigns & Lashley in 7:00.

-Balor told Angle backstage he’ll do whatever it takes to get in that match and hopefully win back the Universal Title. Corbin asked him what makes him think he deserves it. He said he was only Universal Champion for 24 hours before he was too injured to go on. He asked who he think he is. Owen walks in and said Corbin has a good point. Balor told Corbin he’s short-sighted and he told Owens he can’t even tell when danger is standing right behind him. Braun showed up and Owens jumped aside. Braun said he’s there to look after his buddy, Finn. He said he’d happily take on Owens & Corbin. Angle said, “This is a runaway train.” Then he walked away.

-Coach tried to tell Graves he was right because there were Superstars scurrying around telling Angle they’ll do whatever it takes to get into that match at Extreme Rules. Graves let it go because Coach still couldn’t have known that was happening if he was at the table calling the match.

(Keller’s Analysis: Coach comes across as such a thin-skinned twit sometimes. He didn’t help himself there, but he couldn’t have been more smug about it. And can we get through one week without complaining about social media. I have idea. Get off social media for a couple weeks and see if the Earth stops spinning on its axis.) [c]

-The announcers threw to a recap of the Rousey-Bliss angle earlier.


Cole said Mojo has all the tools. Graves said he has a ton of potential, but maybe there’s a missing puzzle piece that’ll never be found. Mojo mounted Jose and pounded away. They talked about bright spots in Mojo’s recent history, but his inability to keep any momentum going. Mojo chop-blocked Jose after the ref admonished Jose to break in the ropes, then gave him his finisher for the win. Coach said he loves his intensity. Mojo had a heelish demeanor. Coach said he’s all in on this Mojo. Cole said it’s a completely different Mojo than they’ve seen in the past.

WINNER: Mojo in 2:00.

-Charlie Caruso interviewed Mojo in the ring. He said WWE is more competitive than ever, and he used to be known for staying hyped, but now he’s going to be known for staying focused. Cole said he was focused tonight. Coach said he likes that message, but he has to continue it week after week now.

-They went backstage to Sasha getting in her car. Bayley ran up to her and said she’s not done with her. Sasha said she’s done with her and done being her friend. Bayley tried to open the car door. Sasha drove away. Bayley threw a plastic water bottle and hit the trunk. Nice aim. [c]

-Elias played his guitar mid-ring. He sang that Extreme Rules should be his night. He pitched to Angle he be included in the multi-man match. He said there’s nothing he can’t be and nothing he can’t do. He continued to sing his own praises, literally. The chorus included, “Ask yourself what would Elias do.”

-Renee interviewed Seth backstage regarding his IC Title loss. Seth took a deep breath and said hearing “former” champion stings to hear. Renee asked if his match at MITB against Elias had any effect on tonight. Seth said he has no excuses. Renee asked if Drew’s presence had anything to do with what happened. Seth said Drew is a problem that he has one week to solve because next Monday night he’s invoking his rematch clause and he’s taking back his IC Title.

-Finn Balor made his ring entrance. [c]


The rest of the ring entrances took place. Corbin wrestled in his dress clothes. Strowman tossed Corbin to the floor and then knocked Owen off the ring apron when he charged at him. Then he picked up Balor and threw him onto both of them. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, the heels took over on Balor.


Corbin knocked Balor out of mid-air when he attempted a comeback with a springboard. Corbin gave Balor a Deep Six as a counter to Balor lunging for a tag. Owens tagged in and went after Balor, but had to quickly tag Corbin back in. Corbin again prevented a Balor tag. Strowman had enough of the heels double-teaming Balor and knocked Corbin down and then threw Balor into his corner. Then he made the tag. The fans laughed and cheered. Strowman checked Corbin to the mat a couple times. Strowman bashed Corbin to the mat with a forearm and scored a two count, which Owens interrupted. Owens backed away sheepishly. Strowman went after him. Owens ran, but Corbin leaped off the ring apron and intercepted Strowman with a big collision. He scored a two count after rolling Strowman back into the ring. Strowman bumped hard onto the mat at ringside. Strowman  then went after Owens at ringside. Meanwhile, in the ring Corbin went for a chokeslam, but Balor countered with a DDT. He gave Corbin a running dropkick and then set up the Coup de Grace. Corbin knocked him off balance and gave him the End of Days for the win. “Wow,” said Coach. Graves said Stephanie has to be so proud of the Constable.

WINNERS: Corbin & Owens 17:00.

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2 Comments on 6/18 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Money in the Bank fallout, Rousey’s reacts to Bliss’s cash-in, what does Braun’s MITB win mean for Lesnar

  1. I see that RAW had another “heel week”. The most enjoyable thing about this below average show was Rousey beating the hell out of Angle and Bliss. RATING: D+.

  2. Would it be possible for PWTorch to provide a link to a video of the Rousey beat-down of everybody. I’v only seen it FOUR times so far during RAW.

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