HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 7/9: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including the final hype for Extreme Rules, Rollins vs. McIntyre, and more



JULY 9, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, The Coach


-Ahead of the typical show opening, a Roman Reigns/Bobby Lashley vignette aired that highlighted their current feud and promoted their upcoming match at Extreme Rules.

Heydorn’s Analysis: This feud is flawed in that neither man comes off as likable and both are supposed to be babyfaces. That said, this video framed the match in a big way and made it feel more important than the sum of its parts would lead you to believe. Well done on that front. 

-After the video, Reigns was shown walking backstage and got a loud negative reaction. He was then confronted by Bobby Lashley. Reigns told Lashley to move out of his way and Lashley told him to call him out when he gets to the ring. Lashley said that if he does, he wouldn’t come out to talk, but to tear Reigns apart. Reigns music then hit and Roman walked out to the same negative reaction.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Interesting way to start the show. Unique to be sure which is something I’m usually in favor of at least trying. 

As Roman walked to the ring, Cole and the announce team said that their match on Sunday was a clash between two massive egos. They then plugged Extreme Rules as Reigns grabbed a microphone.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I don’t like the clash of two egos narrative. Having an ego is a heel quality. Being confident and wanting to win is the babyface equivalent. The two qualities are similar but ego has a negative connotation. Cole missed with that one. 

On the mic, Reigns received loads of heat as he paced around the ring. He then said that he had a bunch of things he could talk about, but that ultimately, he was curious about what “Bob” could do. From there, he told Bobby Lashley to “get his ass out there” and that he was calling him out. This prompted Lashley to walk out to confront Reigns again. He climbed into the ring and stared a hole into Reigns’s eyes as he did so. The stare down was halted by Kurt Angle who said that a physical encounter between the two would not be happening tonight and that both men needed to save it until Sunday. Both Lashley and Reigns didn’t listen and they brawled in the middle of the ring. Seeing this, Kurt Angle sent the locker room into the ring to break up the brawl. The audience enjoyed the brawl and loudly cheered each time Lashley or Reigns kept the fight going. Eventually, Reigns got tossed back into the ring and then jumped over the top rope and to the outside to take out Lashley and almost all the members of the locker room that were working to break up the fight. After, Reigns’s music hit as he stood at the top of the ramp and started down Lashley again. After a few seconds in that shot, Reigns ran down the ramp and attacked Lashley again to a large amount of cheers. The fight then was broken up again before Lashley’s music hit and Reigns walked backstage.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked really well and got over even better with the live crowd. All of the silly insults were stripped away and the pettiness of each guy along with it. This brawl framed the Reigns/Lashley match as it should have been framed all along – two guys looking to see who is best. This alone can’t cure all of the nonsense leading up to tonight, but it certainly makes Sunday’s match more interesting. 

-Right after that segment, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James were shown backstage discussing out “insane” that brawl was. Bliss then told James that that chaos would be nothing compared to what they would do to Nia Jax and Natalya in their upcoming match. (c)


Bliss and James hit the ring after the commercial break to a nice reaction. Jax and Natalya followed and were received well by the Boston audience. The match began with Jax and James in the ring. Jax quickly took over the momentum and tagged Nattie in before the two hit James with a double team maneuver. From there, James was able to make the tag to Bliss. Upon entering the ring, Bliss quickly was taken down by Nattie and sent to the outside. As Bliss worked to climb back in and collect her bearings, the show went to another commercial break. (c)

Out of the commercial break, Mickie James had full control of the match on Natalya. Eventually, James tagged Bliss into the ring and as she entered, she taunted Jax before slapping Nattie in the face. Bliss then locked in a sleeper hold on Nattie as an Extreme Rules commercial aired picture in picture. Back in the ring, Bliss assaulted Nattie with a flurry of punches before slamming her face into the ring turnbuckle. From there, Bliss tagged James into the ring. James attempted to splash Nattie in the corner, but Nattie moved out of the way and made the tag to Jax. Jax hit the ring with great energy and cleared the ring with offense. In the end, Jax press slammed James and followed with a leg drop before covering her for the victory.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Jax looked really good after that hot tag and the audience popped for her.  

WINNER: Jax and Nattie via pinfall

-After the match, Alexa Bliss attacked Jax from behind with a kendo stick. She connected with a few swings before Jax caught the stick and attempted to strike Alexa with it. Alexa saw this and escaped the ring before she could do so. Jax then broke the stick and two and tossed it at the ramp. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Nothing too fancy here, but it worked. Jax got the win to continue a run toward the title while Bliss maintained her heel heat and attacked from behind. That attack gave Bliss added credibility and also laid a foundation for the match on Sunday in that now the audience should want to see Jax gain her comeuppance and get back at Bliss with a weapon of some kind. Smart booking. 

-Out of the commercial, Nia Jax was interviewed backstage and said that Bliss would try anything to wear her down. Jax said that Bliss won’t be able to break her and that she will break Bliss into pieces like she did the kendo stick. From there, she ended by saying that she would take back her championship.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A solid babyface promo to follow the angle in the ring. Jax told us her mission statement and was abundantly clear about what she would do to Bliss on Sunday. Well done. 

-After the interview, a recap video aired that highlighted last week’s events between Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, and the Porta-John.

-When the video ended, Kevin Owens spoke with Kurt Angle is Angle’s office. Owens said that he is a professional and that he’s shows up for work even in extenuating circumstances. He then said that he could file a complaint over what happened last week with Braun Strowman, but then showed Angle a doctors note that said he couldn’t compete. Owens then said because of that, he would hang out in the one place Braun Strowman couldn’t destroy – Angle’s office. Owens then sat down in a nearby chair as Angle appeared frustrated.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, when you have Owens say that he’ll hang out somewhere that Strowman can’t destroy. We know what will happen right? Clearly Strowman is heading to that office at some point. That said, Owens getting a leg up on Strowman in a cowardly way tonight in that office will go a long way in enhancing both Owens as a heel and Strowman as a babyface. Owens gets some heat while Strowman gets some sympathy. A win-win all around that will help a future match between both guys. 


Rawley hit the ring first before the show went to a commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, Jose finished up his entrance before the bell ring. The match began with Rawley attempting to take Jose down to the mat. Each time, Jose blocked the move with a front neck lock. Eventually, Rawley powered out of the neck lock by tossing Jose across the ring. From there, Rawley connected with a massive shoulder tackle and then covered for a two count. Out of the pin, Rawley connected with shoulder tackles in the corner before locking in a sleeper hold on Jose.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I really enjoy Rawley’s mean streak in the ring. It’s incredibly intense and will serve him well in the long run. 

Finally, Jose escaped the hold and pushed Rawley out of the ring. Rawley lept back into the ring quickly and then decimated Jose with a vicious clothesline. He then went for a pin attempt, but Jose kicked out at two. Right out of the pin, Rawley attempted another spear in the corner, but Jose blocked it and followed with strikes and a clothesline. From there, Jose went for a cover, but Rawley kicked out. Jose then attempted a series of punches on the ring apron, but Rawley countered them with an Alabama Slam. Rawley then made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rawley via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Rawley looked really good here. His ceiling may not be higher than the mid card, but within this character he has relevant mid card heel written all over him. 

-After the match, a video aired of Sasha Banks and Bayley in friendship therapy again and with a different counselor. Bayley said she was tired of being lied to and that Sasha only cares about herself.

Heydorn’s Analysis: More? What have we done to deserve this. I’m going to go scream into a pillow. 

-From there, Seth Rollins was shown walking backstage before being stopped by Jinder Mahal. Mahal called life wonderful and said that instead of Burning It Down Seth should listen to his mantra. Rollins rolled his eyes and sarcastically said that maybe Mahal was right. Then as Mahal did his breathing technique, Rollins escaped out of the shot. (c)


-After the commercial break, Seth Rollins hit the ring to a massive pop and equally massive “Burn It Down” yell by the audience.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I never thought the “Burn It Down” addition to Seth’s entrance would work. Boy was I wrong.

In the ring, Rollins grabbed a microphone gazed at the audience as they cheered for him and chanted “Burn It Down.” Seth then said that Boston knows how to party and that in the past they’ve given him a bunch of nicknames. He said now the only moniker that matters to him is “former IC champion, Seth Rollins.” He then said that the good news is that he has an opportunity to change that moniker in his upcoming 30 minute Iron Man match at Extreme Rules. From there, Rollins said that Dolph Ziggler is great competitor, but that he is still Seth Freakin Rollins.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Within this promo, Ziggler called Drew a Scottish Wookie. A cheesy line, but one that made me chuckle. Anything that Rollins does just works at this point. 

From there, Ziggler’s music hit and he walked out along with Drew McIntyre. Ziggler said he wouldn’t just bring his quickness, good looks, and psychopath McIntyre with him on Sunday, but that he would also bring his IC title. He then said that no matter what he would walk out of Extreme Rules as the IC champion. McIntyre then got on the mic and said that after Extreme Rules all he would have left would be his catch nicknames. Ziggler then got back on and called Rollins a great wrestler, but not nearly as good as him. He then predicted a possible five or six nothing loss to which Rollins told him he’d been dying his hair too much. Ziggler then told Rollins that his jokes are funny but that you don’t win Iron Man matches by doing cross fit moves, but by racking up victories. He then told Rollins that at Kent State he racked up 121 victories. Rollins responded by asking Ziggler how many of those wins McIntyre helped out with. This angered McIntyre who said he knew where he was going and that was to the top. Rollins then interuppted by saying that the only place Drew was going was wherever Dolph told him to. This angered Ziggler and McIntyre which made McIntyre challenge him to a match. The crowd cheered loudly and Rollins accepted while mocking McIntyre. McIntyre then hit the ring to beat up Rollins, but Rollins escaped and then smiled at the top of the ramp.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A few cheesy parts here and there, but ultimately it worked really well. Rollins is so hot right now anything he says is met with loud cheers so his response wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was Dolph Ziggler’s time on the mic. He didn’t yell as much and backed up his talk with tangible stats on his wins. I really liked how Ziggler related his Kent State experience into a reason why he would be better suited for Iron Man rules. Plus, McIntyre vs. Rollins is can’t miss as far as I’m concerned. 

-Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were shown backstage dressed as Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy before the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Dallas and Axel walked out and cut a promo as Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. They said they would dethrone the “Delusion Of Worlds” as champions before the real Hardy and Wyatt interuppted. Hardy said the time for fun and games was Ovah and that at Extreme Rules they would eat them and delete them. Wyatt then chimed in and said why wait until Sunday before uttering “we’re here.” The lights then went out in the arena and turned back on with Hardy and Wyatt in the ring behind The B Team. This prompted The B Team to jump out of the ring ahead of the match.


Hardy owned the beginning part of the match after crushing Dallas’s skull into each level of the turnbuckle. Hardy then elbowed Dallas in the head which sent him to the outside of the ring. Hardy followed Dallas to the outside and nailed him with a suplex before rolling back into the ring as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: There just isn’t much to this program right now. It’s hanging on by a thread and needs to conclude on Sunday. Hopefully it does so in the confines of a good match. 

When the show returned from commercial, Hardy continued beating up Dallas to maintain control of the match. Hardy then locked in a sleeper hold as an Extreme Rules ad aired picture in picture. Back in the ring, Hardy still had momentum whipped Dallas into the bottom rope which caused him to slide out of the ring. Axel checked on him as the referee started his count. Hardy then followed to the outside again and whipped Dallas into the ring barricade. After, Hardy attempted the Side Effect on the steel steps, but Dallas blocked it. Dallas then rolled in the ring and Hardy followed to hit that move there. Instead of covering, Hardy hit the Side Effect again. From there, he pulled Dallas to the ring apron for a suplex to the floor. Axel distracted Hardy and Wyatt responded by taking him out. As this happened, Dallas hit Hardy with a move by using the top rope and then covered for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Dallas via pinfall

-After the match, as The B Team was celebrating the win, the lights went out. When they turned back on, Wyatt and Hardy were shown staring at the celebrating team. From there, they hit the ring and took out both B Team members before the show kicked back up to the announce team.

Heydorn’s Analysis: The match was it was. It gave the program a bit more momentum heading into the match on Sunday, but nothing of significance. Based on the outcome tonight, history would tell you that Hardy and Wyatt will go over Sunday. The Revival watching on during this match leads me to believe they could be in line next to challenge for the titles. That is a serious feud for the Hardy/Wyatt team that makes sense and will make for good television in the weeks to come. 

-Cole then announced breaking news from the desk of Kurt Angle which was that the match between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins was finalized and would take place later in the night.

-Lashley was then interviewed by Renee Young. He said that he usually has respect for everyone he steps in the ring with. He then said that he absolutely does not respect Roman Reigns. He then said that after they fight on Sunday, Roman would not walk out of the arena. Lashley then peered at the camera and said “believe that.”

Heydorn’s Analysis: I would have left it at the brawl. That did the job. This promo took some steps backward and went into high school jock territory again.

-After the interview, Tyler Breeze handed fashion shirts to the Riott Squad. They responded by saying that they don’t do fashion, but that they riot. They then ripped the shirts in half and walked away. (c)

-Out of the break, Alexa cut a selfie promo and said nothing was more exhilarating than smashing a kendo stick onto Nia Jax. She finished by saying that Jax can say all she wants about her, but after Sunday she’d have to call her Extreme Raw Women’s Champion.

(4) EMBER MOON vs. LIV MORGAN w/ Sarah Logan

Moon came out first to a nice response from the crowd. As she did, the announce team cued up a recap video of the events that took place last week between her and Morgan. Morgan walked out next and did so with Sarah Logan. From there, the match began with both women tying up before Moon took Morgan down with an arm drag. Moon then attempted a super kick, but Morgan dodged out of the way and then regrouped in her corner with Logan. After, Moon took Morgan down again, but before she could gain any further momentum, Morgan rolled out of the ring. (c)

When the show returned, Morgan was in control of the match and planted Moon with a DDT off the second rope. Morgan then covered, but Moon kicked out at two. From there, Morgan locked in a choke hold while yelling.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Morgan has a ton of work to do when it comes to her in-ring game. That DDT was impressive though. Moon sold it like a million bucks too. 

Eventually, Moon created the separation by dropping Morgan on her back which caused the hold to break. After both women got to their feet, Moon charged for an attack but Morgan bent backwards to avoid it. She then crushed Moon with a clothesline. From there, Moon got to her feet and sent Morgan crashing into the turnbuckle. Moon controlled the match from there and connected with a couple knees to the face before connecting with a fall away slam. After, Logan distracted Moon to allow for a roll up by Morgan. Moon kicked out at two and then rolled Morgan up for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Moon via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Decent little match that Moon shined in as usual. With Moon lost in the shuffle a bit right now it’s important that she wins matches and maintains that star-like feel. Matches like this one accomplish that goal. 

-After the match, Finn Balor was interviewed. Balor was about to answer the first question, but was interuppted by his tag team partner, Bobby Roode. Roode commented on his and Balor’s physical features before saying that he and Balor would be victorious. Roode than did his glorious yell before Balor discussed what Corbin had been saying about his size. In response, Balor said that he is twice as good as Baron Corbin and that he’d prove it in their match. From there, both men walked off as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: It feels as if Roode senses that there is no passion for him within his audience right now. I’m with him on that. At the same time, Roode had a heelish glow to him in that promo. Something to watch today and into Sunday at Extreme Rules. 


-Out of the break, Kevin Owens and Kurt Angle were shown in his office discussing the smell. Ziggler and McIntyre then walked in the office and Angle informed them that if Drew loses, he will be barred from ringside on Sunday during Ziggler’s match. Ziggler and Owens argued about it before Drew chimed in and said that it would be ok. He then told Angle that he could try to make Rollins’s road as easy as he wants, but that he wouldn’t be getting through him. From there, he and Ziggler walked out.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’m way too happy that McIntyre didn’t moan and complain like Ziggler and Owens did. NOT doing that really fit with his character and the verbiage he’s preached since he came up to the main roster.

-Elias was introduced and strummed the guitar before Elias said that he had been off the last two weeks because he was recording his debut album. The crowd erupted for this news. Elias then sang a song that ripped on Boston, Bobby Roode, and Finn Balor.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Elias continues to be in the conversation of “biggest reaction” on the show. I’ll preach until I’m blue in the face that he needs to cool it on the trolling though. It prevents him from truly taking his heel character as far as it can go. That said, turning babyface is in his near future. 

During the middle of the song, Elias stopped and said that the audience just doesn’t appreciate him and his skills. He then told the crowd that someone does appreciate him and proceeded to introduce Constable Baron Corbin.


Corbin hit the ring to a decent reaction and the announce team plugged his match on Sunday against Balor as he walked to the ring. When he got there, Corbin grabbed a mic and asked Elias if he could have a try at singing. He then told Elias to cue up a lullaby and asked Elias if he knew Itsy Bitsy Spider. Corbin then sang about crushing Finn Balor as the audience booed him.

Heydorn’s Analysis: C’mon. Itsy bitsy spider? Yes, it got some heat, but it’s embarrassing at the same time.

Right when Corbin finished, Balor’s music hit and Finn hit the ring. As he made his walk, Cole highlighted the Twitter exchange that he and Corbin had over the weekend. Roode hit the ring next and did his full glorious entrance. (c)

Out of the break, Roode had a head lock firmly hooked in Elias. Elias then escaped, but Roode kept the momentum by hitting an atomic drop and side Russian leg sweep. After, he went for a cover, but Elias kicked out at two. Eventually, Elias halted Roode’s momentum with a stiff knee to the face. This allowed for a tag to Corbin. Upon entering the match, Corbin locked in a sleeper hold while a picture in picture commercial for Extreme Rules aired. When the action returned in full, Roode made the tag to Balor and Balor cleared the ring after dropkicks and a slew of other moves. From there, Balor attempted his over the top rope dive, but was tripped by Corbin on the outside. This distraction allowed for Elias to attack from behind before the show went to a break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: For as hot as Elias was going into MITB against Rollins, it’s surprising to see him playing second fiddle to Corbin here. 

After the break, Corbin and Balor were battling in the ring with Corbin firmly in control of the action. Corbin tagged Elias into the match who locked in a side head lock as the audience booed. Those boos turned into cheers as Balor worked to escape the hold and make the tag to Roode. Finally, Balor escaped and then connected with the Sling Blade on Corbin. He then tagged Roode into the ring to a loud response. After entering, Roode crushed Corbin with a variety of moves including a nice neck breaker. Roode then jumped off of the top rope, but was caught and then choke slammed by Corbin. Corbin then covered, but the pin was broken apart by Balor. Right out of the pin, Corbin knocked Balor to the outside of the ring. From there, Roode was able to connect with his top rope neck breaker and followed that with a cover. Elias broke up that pin. In the end, Corbin got the victory after a chaotic brawl between Balor and Corbin. Within that brawl, Balor was left outside of the ring which allowed Corbin to climb back in and hit Roode with End Of Days for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Corbin and Elias via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: This match existed solely to further the Balor/Corbin feud. It succeeded in that it progressed the feud a bit, but like the tag team title match program, this program doesn’t have enough substance. Nothing about it has the fans truly invested. 

-After the match, Owens and Angle were in his office as Braun Strowman entered. Owens hid behind Angle which prompted Angle to confirm to Owens that he would not be fighting Strowman tonight. Angle then announced Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman in a steel cage match on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Owens was surprised, angry and fearful. Braun was thrilled and then sniffed the air and said he smelled fear. From there, he sprayed Owens’s mouth to get rid of the smell. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not a surprise to hear this match announced. The cage match stipulation I suppose makes sense in that Owens has continually ran away from Braun. That said, wouldn’t you? A key part of this story is missing in that a reason for Braun chasing Owens around every arena hasn’t been clearly defined. Because of that, Owens gets sympathy every time Braun has been on his tail and he runs away. This program has always had elements to it that don’t add up. The cage match stipulation is another one on that long list. 

-Out of the break, Michael Cole and the announce team recapped the opening brawl between Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns. From there, Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns backstage. Reigns said that he didn’t have any respect for Lashley until he saw the fire in his eyes tonight. Reigns then called himself a dog in the ring. From there, he ran down Lashley and said that he would then beat him on Sunday and then move on to bigger things. Reigns finished by saying that “Bob” would move onto somewhere else.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not Reigns’s worst promo in the world. Like the Lashley promo though, I would have done the brawl and left it at that. That got the best response they could have hoped for going into Sunday. 

-After the interview, the announce team ran through the entire Extreme Rules card on Sunday.


Rollins hit the ring first to another massive pop and walked down the ramp as the show went to break. (c)

After the break, McIntyre made his way to the ring with Dolph Ziggler at his side. The match began with both men tying up in the middle of the ring. From there, Drew backed Rollins into the corner and talked trash to Rollins before Rollins moved back into the middle of the ring. Then, instead of a tie up, Rollins connected with a batch of left hooks to Drew’s face before attempting a takedown. As he did, Drew lifted him up and pushed him away before knocking him down with a shoulder tackle. Right after, Drew locked in his own head lock with Rollins firmly on the mat. Eventually, Rollins escaped and nailed Drew with a dropkick that sent Drew bouncing off the ropes. As he came off of them he crushed Rollins with a shoulder tackle and then covered for a two count. Out of that pin, McIntyre brutalized Rollins with chops to the chest before locking in another submission that focused on the shoulder and neck of Rollins. Rollins escaped relatively quick, but Drew then nailed him with an overhead suplex. From there, Drew went for a pin, but Rollins kicked out at two. Right after the kick out, Drew locked in the shoulder submission again before laying in more chops to the chest.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Wow. McIntyre looks fantastic within this monster heel assault. He’s precise with his in-ring work and the facial expressions mirror that work. Rollins selling for him helps, but Drew is carrying his share thus far.

Rollins attempted to get the momentum of the match back in his favor by utilizing kicks that sent McIntyre out of the ring. Rollins followed those with a swinging dropkick through the ropes which connected. McIntyre then slammed Rollins on the apron to regain control as the show went to break. (c)

Out of the break, McIntyre was still fully in control of the match after literally tossing Rollins across the entire ring. From there, Drew chopped Rollins again before taunting him and stomping his fingers. Eventually, Rollins used his quickness to knock McIntyre off of his feet. Rollins then hit the Sling Blade before connecting with two straight suicide dives.


Rollins then connected with a spring board clothesline and then made the cover, but McIntyre kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Rollins nailed McIntyre with stiff elbow shots. He then connected with the Blockbuster before covering again, but again, Drew kicked out at two. Out of the attempt, Rollins cued up The Stomp, but it was countered by McIntyre. Right after the counter, Rollins took a reverse Alabama Slam from McIntyre which Drew followed with a cover. Rollins kicked out again, but McIntyre immediately continued his offense by crushing Rollins with a power bomb. McIntyre then covered again, but Rollins kicked out. Out of the pin, Drew lifted Rollins to the rope for a suplex. Rollins escaped and then connected with a step up enziguri that caught McIntyre in the ropes. As Rollins tried to capitalize, Drew caught him and threw him off the top rope. As Drew went for a cover, Rollins countered with a kick to the midsection which he followed with a Falcon Arrow. Rollins then made the cover, but only got a two count. In the end, Rollins battled back but was ultimately distracted by Ziggler at ringside. He was able to hit Ziggler with The Stomp, but McIntyre clocked him after with the Claymore for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: McIntyre via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Really good match between these two. If you had doubts about Drew McIntyre as a main event talent, this should help alleviate them. Rollins continues to be on another level right now. He is one of the few acts in the WWE that get’s a genuine passionate response that furthers his cause in the ring. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: An average show overall, but a show that I thought helped the PPV on Sunday. There are holes in many of the Raw matches for Extreme Rules. Tonight’s show patched a few of those holes up. This is particularly true for Reigns and Lashley. That brawl helped correct course a bit to bring the match to a place where it won’t get openly dismissed on Sunday night.

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