DOJO PRO TV REPORT (Season 1, Episode 10): MJF vs. White Belt

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

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Commentary: Marc Warzecha

DOJO PRO presents the ultimate professional wrestling opportunity. A gauntlet competition in which 13 independent wrestlers fight their way up the ladder. The winner of each match receives the Dojo Pro White Belt and continues on. At the top, the Dojo Pro Black Belt, and a shot at the Ring Of Honor World Television Championship.

Opening video.

-In the studio Matt Lott recapped Aaron Solow beating Ricky Starks by referee stoppage in under two minutes. Solow then issued an open challenge, which was answered by Cheeseburger, whom he also defeated.

-Backstage with Aaron Solow. He said what happened to his tag partner was unfortunate. Starks shouldn’t have been in the ring. If Cheeseburger had beaten him he would have gladly handed over the white belt to Burger. He hasn’t seen much of MJF’s wrestling but he’s certainly heard him speak a lot.

-Video package on Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He’s better than us and we know it. He grew up in Plainview, Long Island, New York and did caviar tastings, skiing, luge… He had a scholarship to Yale. When he first saw wrestling on TV he thought the idea of two guys wrestling in their underwear was ridiculous but he looked into it and the money’s pretty good. He’s only 22 but it’s talent over tenure.

Solow said MJF hasn’t said anything about him specifically so he’ll let him do his thing. MJF said Solow is a good kid but the white belt was just handed to him. That doesn’t take talent. What takes talent is becoming the youngest and fastest rising star in this business [like MJF has].

(Pageot’s Perspective: Terrific mic work from MJF as usual. If you don’t already consider him a big star he certainly will be in no time.

MJF was trained by Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck. He’s the current Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, competes for Major League Wrestling, and has been confirmed to be the illegitimate son of Colt Cabana.)

-Solow made his entrance first with the white belt around his waist. MJF walked out slowly with his scarf around his neck. He feigned crying to mock the fans. Ring announcer Dominic Malnar handled the introductions. MJF interrupted him to give him instructions. Malnar introduced him as the two-year vet. He’s better than you and you know it. The referee is Amanda Lee.


MJF with a kick to the gut. Running shoulder tackle. Handspring over Solow and leapfrog. MJF offered a handshake. Solow was skeptical but shook and ducked a cheap shot from MJF. Dropkick from Solow sent MJF to the floor. Solow with a catapult over the ropes but MJF moved. MJF with a high jump flip over the ropes of his own. “See what happens when your parents aren’t siblings?” MJF yelled. But focusing on the fans allowed Solow to take him down with a flip over the ropes of his own. Solow went up top and MJF pulled the referee in front of him. Solow driven shoulder-first into the ring post. MJF stomped on Solow’s hand. MJF worked over Solow. Solow eventually came back with an elbow from the top rope. Solow with an exploder suplex. Solow went up top again, MJF pulled the ref n front of him again, so Solow leapt over her to him with a crossbody. Double stomp to Solow’s arm. Olympic slam from MJF for a two-count. They traded forearms in the middle of the ring with Solow getting the better of it but MJF spit in his face. Eye poke from MJF, which the referee gave him an earful for. Superkick and spinning roundhouse kick from Solow. MJF locked in the armbar but Solow got his foot on the ropes. MJF with a hands-free piledriver on Solow who was hung up over the middle rope. Back to the armbar. Solow with a crossface. MJF almost made the ropes but Solow rolled over and kept it in. MJF tapped.

WINNER: Aaron Solow in 12:17 to retain the Dojo Pro White Belt.

-Solow will defend the white belt against Shane Strickland on the next episode. Interviewer Rob Johnston joined Solow in the ring. Solow said he’s happy he made that little rich punk tap out. You better believe Solow’s no underdog. He called out Strickland and Jeff Cobb and said he’s coming for the Dojo Pro Black Belt.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Best match of the series so far by a wide margin. Solow is quite good but MJF has it all. He’s going to be huge. If you’re getting to see him wrestle on these small scales now enjoy it because you know it’s not going to be long until NXT comes calling. He would have been my personal favorite to win the whole series because MJF in Ring Of Honor would be a blast and ROH desperately needs more heels. MJF and his estranged father Colt Cabana being in the same promotion offers a lot of storyline possibilities too. But the nature of any tournament, gauntlet, or series like this almost inevitably means a babyface wins so on our next episode we’ll find out whether it’s Solow or Strickland who will defeat Jeff Cobb in the finals and earn an ROH television title shot against Punishment Martinez.)

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