8/1 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 8): Paul London, Son of Havoc, Pentagon Dark, Cage, Killshot, Daga, “Darewolf” P.J. Black

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #8 – “The Rank of the Reptiles”
August 1, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Aired on Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-The show opened with a recaps of The Mack’s relationship with Big Ryck and eliminating Mil Muertes from the Gift of the Gods match, Vibora-Mundo, Cage-Pentagon and the Gift of the Gods championship match.

-Title Card

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to show. Striker recapped the situation between Cage and Pentagon. He said they would be competing tonight in tag team action. Vampiro said that Cage and Pentagon will choose their partners.

In ring: Santos introduced Daga who was already in the ring. His opponent tonight is PJ Black

1 –  DAGA (w/Kobra Moon) vs. “THE DAREWOLF” P.J. BLACK

They worked each other’s arms to start the match. Daga then knocked down Black and went for a cover. Black countered Daga and hit a suplex then picked up Daga and locked him in a submission. Black hit another suplex then cinched an arm submission. The two exchanged chops and forearm attacks. Daga rolled over Black an hit a DDT then locked in a choke hold. Black caught Daga and hit a reverse suplex and held on for a dragon sleeper. Daga escaped and beat down Black in the corner. Black rolled through and kicked Daga then went to the top turnbuckle. Daga tripped Black then climbed the turnbuckle himself. Daga hit a frankensteiner from the but Black rolled through and tried to pin him. Daga rolled through and locked in a wrist lock for the win. 

WINNER: Daga at 7:30.

Post match: Daga held onto the submission as Kobra Moon yelled out to summon Vibora and Drago to the ring. Vibora went to hit a tombstone on Black, but the rest of The Worldwide Underground came out for the save. They cleared the ring except for Vibora. Black and Mundo grabbed kendo sticks and tried to beat down Vibora. Eventually they knocked Vibora out of the ring and he regrouped with Moon, Drago and Daga. Moon told Mundo that the Reptile Tribe is in his future and he must accept or perish. Mundo told her if they want him so bad to come back to the ring and take him. She said next week they will face his team and if they win he must join them. If Johnny wins then Kobra Moon must grant a wish. Johnny agreed to the deal because he said someone is going to win something next week.

-The Mack was preparing for his match tonight when he was interrupted by Catrina. She said that he crossed Mil Muertes and he is coming for revenge. Mack said to tell Mil to back off. Catrina told Mack that death swirls around him. She suggested he breathe it in just like his cousin. Catrina then pounded on a locker door. Mack yelled Big Ryck then it was revealed that a skull with an eye patch and cigar was in the locker.

In ring: El Dragon Azteca paced around the ring and said that last week may have been the most difficult fight of his career. He said it was all worth it though because he won the Gift of the Gods championship. He said that this belt guarantees him a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship which he plans to win. He said he would be dishonoring his mask and his ancestors if he does not win. He explained that his tribe was the most legendary of all the seven Aztec tribes. He said he wants his name to be apart of that legacy. Until he fights for the LU title he will face anyone who thinks they can take his championship away from him. He won’t back down to anyone. He ended by saying he won’t take off this belt until he competes for the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha 4.


In ring: Santos announced that the next match is for the Trios Championship. She introduced The Rabbit Tribe already in the ring followed the Trios Champions.

2 – THE RABBIT TRIBE (PAUL LONDON & SALTADOR & MALA SUERTE) vs. Trios Champions THE MACK &  KILLSHOT & SON OF HAVOC – Trios Championship match

Killshot begun the match with Paul London. London got backed into a corner then everyone entered the ring for a brief brawl. Killshot and Mala Suerte were left in the ring. Havoc quickly tagged in. Mala Suerte got the best of Havoc then tagged London. London landed some vicious strikes on Havoc. Havoc hit a backbreaker then London rolled to tag Saltador. The Mack came in the ring and took down Saltador. London and Suerte pulled Mack to the outside. Killshot prevented Suerte from a dive a attack. Killshot dove to the outside then Havoc leaped off the turnbuckle. Saltador hit a third dive. Back in the ring, London climbed the top rope. Killshot and Mack followed him up the turnbuckle. Saltador and Mala Suerte climbed up and Havoc got underneath for the superplex. Killshot took down London and Suerte in the ring. Killshot trapped Saltador on the turnbuckle and hit a double stomp. Mack came from behind and hit Suerte with a stunner followed by a splash. Mack rolled over allowed for Killshot to steal the pin from Mack.

WINNER: The Mack, Killshot and Son of Havoc at 7:21 to retain the Trios Tag Championship.


In ring: Santos introduced Cage as the first competitor in the tag match. Cage grabbed the mic from Melissa and introduced King Cuerno as his tag partner. Next our was Pentagon. Pentagon grabbed the mic and announced that he would be taking on both Cage and Cuerno by himself.



Pentagon landed strikes on both men to start. Cuerno fell to the outside. Cage was worn down then rolled ot the outside. Pentagon dove onto both of them then tossed Cage into a row of seating. Cuerno surprised Pentagon from behind then brought him back to the ring. Cage suplexed Pentagon back into the ring. Pentagon laid in the middle of the ring allowing Cuerno to hit a frog splash and Cage to hit an elbow. Pentagon fought back against Cuerno, but Cage tripped him allowing Cuerno to gain control. Cage tagged in. Pentagon hit some kicks but was met with a big knee from Cuerno on the assist from Cage. Cuerno then hit the Thrill of the Kill. Cage then dismissed Cuerno from the match then slammed Pentagon for the win. Striker explained that Cuerno was just hired gun by Cage.

WINNER: Cage and King Cuerno at 5:47.

Post match: Cage grabbed a couple chairs from under the ring. He set one of the chairs under Pentagon’s head. Cage struck Pentagon over the head with another chair. 

-Drone shots over a desert. Mundo emerged in some ancient ruin and said they have to hurry because Daga and Kobra Moon have probably figured out there is no “serpent’s ball”. Taya said they has to be the place because it stinks so bad. Mundo wanted to hurry then expressed his hatred for snake a la Indiana Jones. They snuck into what appeared to be an ancient snake throne room. They were spotted by chained Drago who let out a yell. Vibora attacked them from behind. Vibora held onto Mundo for a choke hold. Groggy Taya grabbed a baseball bat and knocked out Vibora. Mundo and Taya romanced for a second then Taya cut off Vibora’s head before the two escaped. 


Well, I mean that one way to handle a grudge. Why wrestle your adversary in the ring when you can just sneak into their home and cut of their head? It seemed to me that was a lot easier than preparing for a match.

The episode felt like it had some weird editing. It felt apparent that they had cut out some spots during the Daga vs. Plack match. The cuts during the promo between Moon and Mundo also felt off because the director didn’t focus much on Moon as she was talking. It’s possible they did some post work on her promo. 

This episode really showed how there will be more of a focus on in-ring promos as opposed to the backstage segments. LU was never really known for long in-ring promos, but that seems to be more of the norm with the budget cuts not allowing them to have more backstage segments. Those segments really helped to set LU apart from the other wrestling products out there. 

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