8/6 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Ronda Rousey’s live televised debut match, more Summerslam developments

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AUGUST 6, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Matt Koon to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Jacksonville.

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-They opened with a timestamp of 8:45 p.m. last Monday and then showed Kurt Angle threatening to terminate Paul Heyman if Brock Lesnar didn’t show up in the ring. Then they showed Brock telling Heyman he doesn’t care about the WWE Universe. Then Angle later in the night forcing Reigns out of the arena, but popping Constable Corbin with a backfist to the face before leaving. Then Heyman telling Lesnar that Angle will fire him if he doesn’t go out to the ring, so do it “if for no other reason than you’re my friend,” followed by Lesnar saying “we’re not friend, Paul.” Then at 10:58 p.m., Heyman center ring near the end of the show as Heyman said Lesnar isn’t coming out to the ring, followed by Angle terminating his deal just a second before Lesnar finally came out. Lesnar, though, then gave Angle an F5, scared Corbin into leaping out of the ring, and then shoving Heyman to the ground. They put dramatic music behind the clips.

-Cole welcomed fans to Raw. (He even said they were in Jacksonville, Fla. Oh, that’s right, Jacksonville has an NFL team, so WWE is proud to be there.) Angle said tonight will be “an” historic night because Ronda Rousey will be making her Raw debut. He said Ronda, just like every other Superstar on Raw that shows up every week, is a champion in his book, but he can’t say the same thing about Lesnar. Corbin said, “Watch it, Kurt.” Angle said he has to get something off his chest. He said since Heyman was able to get Lesnar to the ring before the end of the show last week, he still has his job. He said he’ll be interviewed by Renee Young tonight.

Suddenly Roman’s entrance music played. He walked to the ring to his usual mixed reaction as Cole talked about “the Big Dog” not caring about the “polarizing” response fans give him, but saying this past week he thrives on it. The director found fans cheering for Roman and someone holding up a “I came to see Roman” sign. (Wasn’t there one of those last week just like it?) Reigns entered the ring and told Angle that he has a lot of respect for him “as the Raw general mana-ger-ger,” slurring his word as he said it. He asked who is going to protect his yard if he sends the Big Dog home early. He said he should have known better. “And that’s why Brock Lesnar rag-dolled you around the ring last week,” he said. He asked Corbin why he was smiling. He said Corbin ran as soon as Lesnar looked at him “like a scared little old…” at which point Angle jumped in.

Angle said nobody likes what Lesnar did last week, from the top on down. Reigns asked if they’re going to suspend Brock Lesnar indefinitely and try to postpone the match at Summerslam. “You cannot do that.” (This is some lousy unnatural sounding dialogue executed poorly. Reigns leaped to conclusions that made no sense.) Angle assured Reigns that match is on. Fans cheered and some booed. “I just hope you kick his ass,” Angle said. Corbin said that’s quite the soundbite. He scolded Angle for being unprofessional for picking sides. Corbin said Angle is lucky Lesnar isn’t there. Reigns said if Lesnar was there, Corbin would just run away scared. Corbin said he was worn out last week because he beat Finn Balor, who actually won the Universal Title unlike Reigns. Angle said Corbin could have acted like a man last week. Corbin asked if Angle is really an example of a man. He made fun of him shuffling to the ring each week. Corbin said Stephanie McMahon is the commissioner of Raw, whereas he’s just a match-maker. He said Stephanie made him the Constable because Angle can’t be trusted. Angle said Corbin is right that he just makes matches, and he sees one right here. He booked Reigns vs. Corbin “right now!” Corbin wasn’t happy. Reigns was. Corbin then surprised Reigns with a punch to the face as the bell rang and even before the referee arrived at the ring.


Reigns gave Corbin a Superman Punch and the referee slid into the ring and counted a sudden near fall. Corbin slipped to ringside to regroup. Cole plugged Rousey’s match later as they cut to an early-match break. [c]

Corbin had Reigns in a headlock after the break. Coach and Cole, preposterously, tried to sell viewers on the idea that Summerslam could be Reigns’s last opportunity at the Universal Title. Graves said Reigns has earned every opportunity he’s had at Lesnar, but Lesnar has had his number. (This sounds so manipulative to the point of insulting the audience even more than usual.) The commentary shifted to talking about Corbin. Cole said his power has gone to his head. Reigns eventually fought out of the headlock and awkwardly kicked Corbin and then collided with him mid-ring and then clotheslined him over the top rope. He played to the crowd to a mix of cheers and boos, but both faded quickly. Reigns gave Corbin a Drive-By. (The move named after driving up to someone and shooting them dead, then driving away.) Corbin rammed Reigns into the ringpost. [c]

After another break, Corbin amazingly had Reigns in another mat hold. (The predictability of mat holds coming out of the break is getting ridiculously, beyond cliched. And it kills the crowd because they’ve caught on and it just makes the match feel scripted for TV and not at all about them.) Reigns fought his way out of the hold after coming back live and utilized several of his four moves to fight back including a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Reigns threw clotheslines in the corner as fans counted along. Corbin countered a Superman Punch with a Deep Six for a near fall. Cole and Coach sold it as a possible finish, but Reigns kicked out. Coach said it’s as close to three as you’ll ever get. A minute later Reigns scored a near fall after a Superman Punch. Cole hyped all of the incredible near falls. The fans were popping for near falls, but the momentum died after each one as the pace of getting going again was pretty slow. Reigns stood and played to the crowd to a mixed response. Meanwhile, Corbin rolled out of the ring. Balor walked out and cut off Corbin so he couldn’t escape. A frustrated Corbin walked backward toward the ring where he was met with a flying Superman Punch. Back in the ring Reigns hit a spear for the win.

WINNER: Reigns in 19:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Despite the announcers touting the match as something special, it wasn’t. It was okay, but Reigns’s move set is so small for 2018 and it get exposed against a guy like Corbin who isn’t able to make up for it with a wide array of moves or wild bumps. And the announcing was so heavy-handed in trying to manipulate fans and steer them toward Reigns being more special than he is and the match being more special than it was, it was tough to stomach. I also question having Reigns take that long to beat Corbin. It helps that Corbin beat Balor, but I don’t think the match did a lot to build up Reigns as someone who has momentum going into his match with Lesnar.)

-Afterward, Balor entered the ring and stood over Corbin as he sat up. Balor smiled and gave him a running dropkick followed by his double-stomp off the top rope.

-They showed Rousey chatting with Natalya backstage.

-They showed Bobby Roode admiring himself in a mirror. [c]

-They showed the announcers standing at their desk. They commented on highlights of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler attacking Seth Rollins backstage last week.

-Backstage Seth walked up to Angle and said his focus has been on getting the Intercontinental Title back at Summerslam, but Drew kept interjecting himself. He said he wanted to take care of both of them. Angle told him to find a partner and he can take on both of them tonight. Seth smiled.

-They showed Roode and Mojo Rawley getting into a fight in the locker room last week.


They cut to an early break after Roode made a comeback a minute into the match with a clothesline and a failed attempt at a Glorious DDT. [c]

Back from the break, Mojo had Roode grounded with a bear hug. Cole talked about how Mojo interned as a seventh grader at Morgan Stanley and went on to get an MBA in business. Cole said people “in the sports entertainment business” have told him that Mojo is finally getting serious about his career. Graves said he’s known Mojo since he arrived and he was always concerned with staying hyped and partying and social media and looking cool for the cameras, but now it’s about business for him. Roode eventually signaled for the Glorious DDT, but Mojo blocked it and shoved Roode into the corner. When he charged, Roode lifted his boots. Roode leaped at Mojo, but Mojo caught him lifted him onto his shoulders. Roode slipped out and landed a Glorious DDT for the win.

WINNER: Roode at 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nice finishing sequence with various counters. Up until then, pretty basic stuff. Roode beating Mojo tends to indicate Mojo’s push is limited to this – a little more TV time but he’s not being protected for even an IC Title level feud. This also takes away the Roode losing streak that I hoped would lead to a heel turn, which would be a much-needed jolt to his mundane main roster run.)

-Backstage a WWE production crew member frantically listed all the things they needed from Elias. He told him to calm down because he’ll make sure everything goes perfectly if he just does his job. He strummed his guitar briefly. [c]

-Elias sat mid-ring and played some guitar. Fans cheered. He asked who wants to walk with Elias. They cheered and chanted along. He said some of the biggest names in music are scared of what he has already accomplished. The screen plugged “Walk With Elias” on iTunes. He talked about his documentary. “If you’re not keeping up, WWE Network stands for Walk With Elias Network,” he said. He asked fans to silence their cell phones and hold their applause until he finished. Fans then booed him.


Elias asked the three-man camera crew to get a close-up on the fingers because that’s where the magic goes down. He said they should circle around him, “like you’re orbiting around the sun and I’m the center of the WWE Universe.” He asked the director to blur out the crowd’s faces and replace them with a more attractive crowd. He said anything that helps him forget he’s in Jacksonville. Elias badmouthed Lashley a few times, then began playing again. Lashley then interrupted. Lashley said he saw Elias’s documentary and he thought it was an accurate portrayal of who he really is. Elias said at times it portrayed him as egotistical and out of touch and vain. Lashley said, “As opposed to what?” Elias said Lashley’s comeback has been a joke. He listed everything about Elias being a joke – his boots, his guitar, his scarf, his documentary, his album, everything. Elias stared him down. He said the next time his name comes out of his mouth, what he does to him in response won’t be a joke. Elias told the camera crew to leave with him. He threw the clipboard at Lashley and then attacked him. Lashley came back with a spinebuster. Lashley then instructed the camera crew to film his delay-drop vertical suplex. Cole said, “This is embarrassing for Elias.” Coach said that will never see the light of day (even though, you know, it just aired live on USA Network.)

-Graves plugged a sit-down interview with Paul Heyman and Renee Young later.

-Backstage Drew and Ziggler were discussing their match against Seth later. Cole wondered who Seth’s mystery partner would be. He noted that Dean Ambrose is still out recovering from triceps surgery, so it won’t be him.

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s a good idea to make it clear it won’t be Dean since that seems (a) the obviously choice; and (b) anyone else might seem like a letdown unless they didn’t warn fans it’s not Dean.)

-The Authors of Pain made their ring entrance. [c]

-They went backstage to Tyler Breeze pitching himself to Seth. Reigns walked in and said it wouldn’t be Breeze. “I’ve got your back tonight,” Reigns said. Cole wondered if that meant Reigns would be his partner later.

(3) REZAR (w/Akam) vs. TITUS O’NEAL (w/Apollo Crews)

Cole touted Titus’s charity work, including handing out 15,000 backpacks. Titus made a comeback a couples minutes in and splashed Rezar in the corner. Akam distracted him, though. Coach asked why he stopped. Rezar then gave him a boot to the face and a one-armed spinebuster for the win.

WINNER: Rezar in 3:00.

-They showed Kevin Owens talking with Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh backstage. Cole said “The Kevin Owens Show” returns tonight. [c]

-A graphic showed Seth & Reigns vs. Ziggler & McIntyre later.

-The Kevin Owens Show: Owens sat on the side of the stage and introduced a man whom he said has become his personal guru, Jinder Mahal. Owens said at first he was skeptical of Jinder’s advice, but thanks to him he’s never been more relaxed. He said after Extreme Rules, he thought he’d live the rest of his life in pain. He said because of Jinder he was able to play with his kids without feeling his spine shift. He said they share something special. He interrupted Jinder, which seemed to throw Jinder off a little. He said Braun tried to take everything from him, so at Summerslam he’s going to take his Money in the Bank away from him. He again interrupted Jinder the way Wayne Bloom used to interrupt Mike Enos on those AWA Destruction Crew interviews. Owens shouted that he will then go on to finally reclaim his Universal Championship. He said he’s never been the same since he lost the title. Owens said what has to happen is one more match between Jinder and Braun. Jinder didn’t seem to love that idea. Owens called for Braun to come on out. Braun didn’t come out. Owens said Braun doesn’t want a piece of Jinder. Suddenly the stage began rocking a little. Braun stood up and knocked over the stage from underneath. He let out a big yell. His music played as Owens, Jinder, and Sunil recovered on the floor. Strowman entered the ring. Cole said he wants his rematch. [c]

(4) JINDER MAHAL (w/Sunil Singh, Kevin Owens) vs. BRAUN STROWMAN

Owens tried to steal Braun’s briefcase, but Braun chased him down and took it back. Owens retreated up the ramp. Strowman then threw Jinder across the ring. Owens snuck up and tried to steal the briefcase again. Strowman chased him to the stage and punched him, and then grabbed his briefcase back. Jinder tried to get at Strowman from behind, but Strowman whacked him with the briefcase. Strowman was DQ’d for hitting Jinder with the briefcase. The announcers said it was inadvertent and self-defense, but if that happens at Summerslam, Braun loses his MITB briefcase. Owens gloated on the stage. Coach said KO doesn’t care how he wins at Summerslam.

WINNER: Jinder via DQ in 2:00.

-They went to the announcers on the stage who talked about Reigns and Seth welcoming an honorary member to The Shield at a live WWE event last night. They showed a clip of a fan with Down’s Syndrome being made an honorary member. Cole called it “an incredible, an emotional moment last night.”

-Backstage Corbin put Angle on the phone with Stephanie. Angle wasn’t happy with the news he heard from her. [c]

-A video package aired on the Reigns-Lesnar feud including footage of the “controversial finish” at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Reigns said, “There’s no leader when you have a champion like Brock Lesnar. He clearly doesn’t respect this place. I’m sick and tired of seeing this fool disrespect my lifestyle, my family business. It has to end.” They showed media headlines about Brock confronting the UFC Champion. They showed Mike Rome trying to interview Lesnar after Raw last week, and Lesnar grabbing him and shoving him. Then Graves asked Reigns in a sit-down setting about what he plans to do at Summerslam. Reigns said he’s going to do what the WWE Universe has been waiting for him to do for the past year. He said he’ll win the Universal Title and set a true standard for a champion.

-Graves said he could see in Reigns’s eyes that he’s prepared for battle. Cole noted that this is the 486th day that Lesnar has been Universal Champion.

-Seth and Drew made their ring entrance. [c]

-Backstage Corbin informed Reigns that Stephanie doesn’t want to jeopardize the main event of Summerslam, and since he’s already had a grueling match, he is forbidden from wrestling again. Reigns said it’s a good thing he doesn’t care what Stephanie says. Corbin said Stephanie thought he’d say that, so if he wrestles, he will forfeit his title match at Summerslam. Corbin said it appears Seth’s match is now a handicapped match. Reigns asked Corbin if his ribs were alright. Then he punched Corbin in the ribs. Coach said, “You’d think at some point Corbin might see that coming.”

(Keller’s Analysis: It seems quite a stretch to believe Seth couldn’t quickly find another willing partner. Also, is Stephanie a total jerk on a power trip or a hero to women and everyone who has daughters everywhere in the world?)


Cole said upper-management keeps sticking it to Reigns. Cole said this match could be a massacre and the IC Title match might be off, so apparently Stephanie doesn’t care about that. Seth began with a flurry of offense battling both heels coming at him. Seth leaped into Drew’s arms, but Drew stumbled and they landed awkwardly. Seth’s knee almost looked like it got twisted on the landing, but thankfully he was okay. That was scary for a few seconds. The heels worked over Seth for a while until he yanked Drew off the ring apron and then threw him into the ringpost. Seth rallied against Ziggler in the ring and knocked him over the top rope with a clothesline. He then did his running dive through the ropes, driving Seth into the barricade. Cole wondered if Rollins could pull this off tonight. He hit Ziggler with a springboard clothesline back in the ring and then played to the crowd. He went for The Stomp, but Ziggler moved. Seth caught Ziggler mid-air and gave him a buckle bomb. Ziggler tagged Drew, but Seth didn’t see it, and Drew surprised Seth with a clothesline. Cole said Drew said on social media that he’s dangerous in part because of his high IQ and he can see outside the box in how to administer punishment. Seth’s momentum against Ziggler was cut off by Drew, and then Ziggler superkicked him for the three count. The crowd was flat for the finish, both surprised and deflated. Cole said he thought McIntyre was the legal man.

WINNERS: McIntyre & Ziggler in 7:00.

-Cole narrated a mini-bio on Alicia Fox while he hyped the Rousey match-up later.

-B-Team made their ring entrance to their new entrance theme featuring “B-Team, B-Team, Go Go Go!” It’s catchy. Cole was bewildered. Coach said if you love high school sports, you’ve got to love it. [c]

(6) THE B-TEAM vs. THE REVIVAL (Dash & Dawson)

A soundbite interview aired with Revival. Coach talked about Revival bragging about their wrestling IQ. A few minutes into the match, the lights went out and the Bray Wyatt graphics flashed. Suddenly B-Team were gone and Bray was on one side of the ring reaching for a tag, Matt Hardy on the other. They entered the ring and beat up The Revival. Cole said Bray and Hardy are done playing games. They posed above The Revival, who were flat on their backs mid-ring. They showed Bo and Curtis lying on the mats at ringside.

WINNERS: No contest in 3:00.

-They showed Heyman getting mic’d up for his interview with Renee Young. [c]

-The sit-down interview began with Heyman in tears with his eyes red from crying. She asked where he and Lesnar stand now. Heyman sniffed and shrugged and said he doesn’t know. He said Lesnar has disconnected his phone and he hasn’t been able to reach him through intermediaries. Heyman said it’s obvious Lesnar doesn’t want to take his call. When Renee quoted Lesnar saying Heyman isn’t his friend, but just an employee, Heyman accused her of enjoying this. Heyman said his children consider his children to be their friends. He said this isn’t how he envisioned it ending. He said they were supposed to ride off into the sunset together with the Universal Title on one shoulder and the UFC Title on the other, with him declaring Lesnar the “reigning, defending…” He trailed off. Renee asked if Lesnar still needs him at this point in his career. Renee asked if Heyman has his eye on anyone else as a potential client. Heyman leaned in and asked if that question wouldn’t have been inconceivable a week ago. She asked who will win at Summerslam. He said he’s known Brock for 16 years and he’s never seen Lesnar like this. He said he’s never seem him more focused and driven, “and I know this isn’t a word we like to use around here, but I’ve never seen him more violent.” He said against this Lesnar, Reigns doesn’t stand a chance. He took a deep breath and leaned back.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was tremendous. It was next-level performing for WWE TV and really put everything else so to shame, they actually shouldn’t allow it on Raw. As convincing as it was, I’m still not at all convinced it won’t be revealed to be a big ruse. But Renee asked all the right questions in sincere fashion that led everyone down the road of this being for real. It was a great touch to ask if Heyman has his eye on anyone else as a new client.)

-They went to the announcers. Cole said he’s never seen Heyman like that and it was chilling. Then they shifted to a recap of the Braun-Owens stunt from earlier. Then they hyped the entire Summerslam line-up.

-The Riott Squad made their ring entrance. [c]

(7) RIOTT SQUAD (Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan) vs. SASHA BANKS & BAYLEY

They cut to an early break. [c]

After the break, they showed Logan headbutting Bayley out of mid-air during the break. She grounded her with a cobra clutch afterward. Sasha looked on with concern. Sasha eventually got the hot-tag. She landed her double knees off the top rope on Logan, but Morgan broke up the pin. Bayley threw Morgan out of the ring, then leaped off the top rope, but someone in all black yanked her out of the way. Ruby Riott unmasked and reveled herself. Logan rolled up a distracted Sasha for the win. Coach said, “How good is it to see the leader of the Riott Squad came out to help her girls.”

WINNERS: Riott Squad in 11:00.


-Charly Caruso interviewed Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox. Bliss was upset that Caruso’s first question was about Rousey. Charly asked Fox about facing Rousey. Fox acted as bizarre as always as they went to a clip of Fox attacking Rousey last week. Bliss dismissed Caruso. Bliss thanked Fox for her contributions to WWE. It was almost ominous, as if she was portending the end of Fox’s career. She shifted into complaining about Rousey not appreciating her and not being deserving of a title shot. Rousey made her ring entrance.

(8) RONDA ROUSEY (w/Natalya) vs. ALICIA FOX (w/Alexa Bliss)

After the bell rang, Fox told Rousey, “This is my house.” The crowd chanted “Ronda Rousey!” Rousey caught Fox’s arm on a clothesline attempt and swept her to the mat. Fox rolled to the floor. Graves said he wasn’t sure if it was a psychological issue or an unconventional strategy regarding Fox’s approach to the match. Bliss distracted Rousey, so Natalya yanked her off the ring apron. Bliss shoved Natalya into the ringpost seconds later. Bliss yanked on Rousey’s leg from behind. Fox then punched away at Rousey in the corner. As Fox gloated, Rousey stood and got that serious look. She threw a barrage of backfists and jabs and bodyshots. She whipped Fox over hard twice with judo throws and then a third time right into the bottom rope. Fox rolled to the floor. Rousey went after her and threw her into the ringside barricade. Back in the ring Bliss distracted Rousey again, but when Fox charged, Rousey threw her across the ring. Rousey then stared at Bliss as she locked on the armbar and got Fox to tapout.

WINNER: Rousey in 3:00.

-Caruso interviewed Rousey afterward. Rousey said it feels great to be able to focus now solely on Summerslam. Bliss ran into the ring. Natalya oddly backed away and didn’t intervene, but Rousey handled things just fine. She whipped Bliss out of the ring and then said at Summerslam she will take the title from her at Summerslam. She slammed the mic down. Her music played. Natalya raised her arm in the air. They hugged as Cole signed off.

(Keller’s Analysis: That worked just fine. It went about as you’d have predicted it would and should.)

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Matt Koon to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Jacksonville.

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4 Comments on 8/6 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Ronda Rousey’s live televised debut match, more Summerslam developments

  1. I am not happy knowing that WWE is willing to bury most of the women just to make Rousey look good. I will really be annoyed if WWE takes the brief case from Strowman and gives it to Owens.

  2. Pat, they buried ALL the women for Asuka and then lost interest and buried Asuka. WWE/Vince still don’t know what to do with women unless it involves gravy or barking. So, let’s get this weeks sexist comment out of the way… lol… Ronda and Carmella and the rest, if you have to adjust your top during an intro or match to cover your boobs… go to the back and see Sasha’s husband, he appears to be a world class seamstress [seamssir?]. For once I didn’t zoom the VIMO past the first 15 minutes…. nope ONE HOUR JUMP. Came back for hour two and wondered, where is the other two thirds of the raw cast? Seems to be like an independent show, same 20 people. It is an incredible example of WWE’s skill to make me bored with Owens, Jindar, Braun heck even Foxy and we know I like crazy. I watched this 3 hour show in 20 minutes with the use of Wade’s Notes in case i missed something. I didn’t. BTW, Heyman’s makeup was nice… at least I hope that was makeup and he didn’t go old school and have Braun pop him a couple back at the farm.

  3. Paul Heyman learned from the best in the industry, and it goes all the way back to Fred Blassie, Grand Wizard and Captain Lou Albano, and also watching Bobby Heenan.

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