MIZ & MRS. TV REPORT 8/7: Sarah K’s report on C-section news, CPR class, expensive pasta, wedding ring challenge, baby shopping

By Sarah K., PWTorch Specialist


AUGUST 7, 2018

The show opens with Maryse trying to get her wedding ring off because her finger is swollen. Miz googles solutions such as ice and wrapping the finger with string. They are not successful. Roll the show open. Maryse’s due date was Apr. 6, precariously close to WrestleMania. Miz does not want to miss ‘Mania for anything. Footage of the Miz and the Miztourage is shown.

Moving along in Total Divas style – as if we have the attention span of a gnat – Miz and Maryse are outside at a cafe. Miz takes fan pics. Maryse has a craving for truffles. She gets pasta with truffles. In contrast to the terrible attitudes I’ve watched the Bella twins express when it comes to food – what a pleasant surprise it is to watch Maryse devour that pasta with zeal. And then the bill arrives. Miz’s dinner was $45, Maryse’s was $600.

Moving along, Maryse and Marjo are in the car en route to some appointment discussing how much Miz wants to be there for them all but can’t. Meanwhile, backstage at some WWE event are Miz, Rhyno, Heath Slater, and Curt Hawkins – and his wife with their baby in a stroller. Miz is astonished by how many accessories the baby has. Meanwhile Maryse and Marjo arrive slightly late at CPR class. Marjo is sleeping through the class. She manages to be funny about it. The Miz comes home and gets to hear all about CPR class. Miz is bummed about missing it, but in a genial way — as always. Miz and Marjo then end up outside playing with a hose.

Miz is outside washing the car when a guy shows up delivering food for Maryse. It’s truffle pasta. Yes, this is her pregnancy craving, for realz. Deep down inside, Miz wishes she had a cheaper craving. Moving along, Miz is in the kitchen wearing an apron. He’s bought some sort of truffle pasta for like $7.99 and he’s making it as Maryse arrives to announce that she’s spoken to her doctor and she’s going to have a C-section for safety reasons.

Maryse was evidently planning on having a natural child birth. The moment is interrupted by their dog Mocha slurping water from a bowl loudly. Miz then presents Maryse with his homemade truffle pasta. She pretends to like it and feeds it to the dog as Miz turns his back. He points out that he can see her reflection in the kitchen windows. Oops. Miz tries some of the pasta himself. “It tastes like shit,” he admits.

Miz and Maryse then go shopping for baby stuff. He missed the CPR class, so he’s making up for lost time. Miz then has to figure out how to put a baby carrier and stroller into their car. Yeah, it’s a moment.

Back from commercial they’re at a doctor’s appointment. Maryse has gained 37 pounds thus far in the pregnancy. Miz, ever the gentleman, tells her she looks beautiful. He hams it up for the ultrasound. Miz and Maryse are then scheduling the C-section. Miz and Maryse are both happy that they can schedule it – so that they can both be present. Moving along, Miz has ordered the real truffle pasta from a restaurant.

Miz apparently got Maryse something that can be pulled out of an envelope as a surprise, but we get a teaser for next week’s episode about how Miz wants to film the birth, so, we have no idea what was in the envelope until after the commercial. Miz got a certificate from CPR school. Evidently he went with Dolph Ziggler. Black and white footage is shown of the two of them dancing while practicing CPR on a baby dummy. Dolph is also CPR certified. Miz asks if she’s happier that he got the CPR certificate or the truffle pasta; Maryse admits that she’s not supposed to eat the pasta based on pregnancy weight gain / water retention. She suggests they could feed it to the dog. Miz vetos the idea. Miz eats the pasta, as he paid for it. The show ends with Miz supine on a couch, full from eating all the pasta.

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