WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS 8/7: Keller’s report on Summerslam developments including The Bar vs. New Day in tag tourney finals, Miz’s answer, Nakamura-Orton-Hardy

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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AUGUST 7, 2018

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

Tonight after WWE Smackdown, join me live with guest cohost Travis Bryant from the PWTorch East Coast Cast to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Orlando.

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-After a brief introduction by Tom Phillips announcing they were emanating from Orlando, Fla., Randy Orton made his ring entrance. He strode to the ring soaking up boos. Phillips said this is the most dangerous Orton they’ve seen in some time. They showed the announcers on camera who continued to talk about Orton’s new volatile attitude and lack of restrictions on how he’ll approach his opponents.

Orton’s music stopped, and fans booed and then some cheered. Orton threw to a clip of what he did to Jeff Hardy last week. He asked the fans if they still believe. He said watching fans squirm was one of the main reasons he did what he did to Hardy last week. He said he has vowed to take out every Superstar fans put on a pedestal and dismantle their precious identities they love so much. “I will become so violent that you will want to change the channel,” he said. (Paul Heyman noted last night Raw that “violence” isn’t a word Vince McMahons like to be used often on WWE TV.) He said fans are hoping Hardy comes to the ring to save the day, but he won’t. He said he will wipe out every Superstar the fans respect because he doesn’t get the respect he deserves from either the fans or everyone in the back.

Orton built his case by talking about his resume points, including that he was the youngest man in the locker room when he first won the World Title, and he’s won it 13 times since. He talked about headlining major PPVs. “But you still don’t respect me,” he said. (I still don’t think this aspect of his gripe rings true with fans, as he was respected if not revered despite B- performances on the mic and in the ring for years.) He closed by saying, “R-K…” and then dropping the mic rather than giving fans what they want.

-Backstage they showed The Bar talking after watching Orton on a monitor.

-Becky Lynch and Charlotte had an awkward moment as they tried to talk to each other about last week. Charlotte said she wasn’t trying to ruin her moment. Becky said she gets it and they both want the same thing, “which is probably why we get along so well.” She said it put her in a tough position because she wants to be happy for her, but she wanted Carmella one-on-one. “So the hill I have to climb got a lot bigger, but what else is new?” she said. Becky said she’ll prove she’s the best by beating the best at Summerslam. Charlotte asked if they’re good teaming later. Becky said, “Of course, we’re not Sasha and Bayley.”

-Carmella walked out with her WWE Smackdown Women’s Title belt. Phillips said she’d be on commentary for the next match. [c]

(1) CHARLOTTE & BECKY LYNCH vs. THE IICONICS (Billy Kaye & Peyton Royce)

Becky came out to her music first. Then Charlotte came out to her music separately. Finally the IIconics. Kaye said Orlando is the saddest place on Earth. They called Charlotte overrated and a bad dancer who lost to Carmella twice. They high-fived. Then they pretended they couldn’t even see Becky. Fans chanted “Boring!” at them. Then they saw her and said she’s once again in Charlotte’s shadow. “Poor Becky, always a bride’s maid but never a champion.” Charlotte and Becky dominated early, so the IIconics retreated to ringside. Charlotte launched onto them at ringside with a slingshot crossbody block. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split screen. [c]

The IIconics took over during the break. After the break ended, Charlotte surprised Kaye with a small package. Then they each gave each other a boot to the face and went down hard. Both tagged in their partners. Becky went at Royce with a flurry of offense and then played to the crowd. She hit her exploder suplex and then kipped up. She followed with a top rope forearm for a two count. Charlotte tagged in and landed a moonsault off the top rope onto both IIconics. Well, she landed on their connected arms and they both bumped to the mat. Charlotte then applied the figure-eight as Becky leaned in the corner seeming less than thrilled she wasn’t the one scoring the victory. After the tapout, she then got up and hugged Charlotte, and Charlotte tried to make sure she was okay with how things went. Becky’s face conveyed conflicted feelings. Carmella stood on the announce desk holding her belt up, taunting Charlotte and Becky. Byron said he cannot wait until Summerslam to see who walks out as champion.

WINNERS: Charlotte & Becky in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Becky’s facial expressions are hitting just the right notes. Both Becky and Charlotte seem good-intentioned, but just victims of ambition and circumstances.)

-Renee Young interviewed New Day backstage. Well, she tried, but Kofi put on a blond wig and said he’s Kramer King and took over the interview. He asked his partners questions in a cartoon character voice. They celebrated that they nailed it and then handed the mic back to Renee.

(Keller’s Analysis: Uhhh.)

-A clip aired that was taped earlier of Miz accepting Daniel Bryan’s challenge to face him at Summerslam.

-Graves at ringside said that’s an incredible act of altruism from the A-lister. Byron said he scored an exclusive interview with The Miz later. Graves was upset and made a cartoonish “upset face” toward the camera.

-They showed A.J. Styles backstage. Phillips said he’d reply to what Samoa Joe said last week about letting down his family next. [c]

-Backstage Becky told Charlotte there is nothing like teaming with her best friend, but in two weeks it’ll be a different story. Charlotte said they’ll have to be great against each other then. They shared an intense stare.

-Back to the announcers, they threw to a video package highlighting what Samoa Joe said last week about Styles. Byron said he’s sure Styles is dedicated to his family. Styles strutted to the ring with his t-shirt that says “Run the Place.” Graves said Styles has the birthdays of his four kids tattooed on his side. Phillips, void of human emotion, said Joe is doing everything he can to try to get in the head of Styles. Fans chanted “A.J. Styles!” Styles said Joe made it personal last week, but he wants to be a great WWE Superstar for his family. He said he’s away from home for over 200 days a year and he misses birthdays and his kids playing little league sports. He said he celebrated 18 years with his wife on Aug. 5, but the reality is his wife is basically a single parent because he can’t be there. They cut to Joe backstage chucking as he watched the TV monitor, his eyes swollen and darkened. Styles said they give their kids everything they need and, on special occasions, they give them what they want. He got emotional as he said what pisses him off the most is Joe knows his wife and knows his kids and “long before this was the house that A.J. Styles built, we both shared the cockroach-infested apartment complex and shared stale pizza together.” He said in a matter of minutes he threw a decade of friendship away because he mentioned his family. He said he won’t let his hands get on the title. He said at Summerslam, he’s not only not walking out as WWE Champion, at Summerslam Joe will be lucky to walk out at all – period. His music played and they cut to Joe laughing backstage.

(Keller’s Analysis: This promo said more about WWE’s need to take some of those immense profits and give wrestlers some damn time off to be with their kids on their birthdays and see more little league games than it did to make me want to see Styles and Joe fight.)

-Backstage Lana was doing armbar curls with resistance bands when Rusev walked up to her. Fans chanted “Rusev Day” briefly. Rusev told her she was right last week, he should have been more supportive. He said he’ll be at ringside for her match against Zelina Vega so it’ll be a happy Rusev Day. In walked Aiden English who asked to be heard. He said he wanted to apologize, and if he wants to hit him afterward, so be it. He told Lana his intentions were good and he doesn’t know who he is without them. He said, “I’m sorry.” Fans applauded. Rusev paused, then said, “Fine, we forgive you.” Cheers. Lana and Rusev smiled. Rusev told English they forgive him, but it’s probably good if he doesn’t follow them to the ring.

-Zelina Vega made her ring entrance, accompanied by Andrade Cien Almas. Graves said “Miz & Mrs.” airs right after Smackdown. [c]

(2) LANA (w/Rusev) vs. ZELINA VEGA (w/Andrade Cien Almas)

Lana drove her shoulder into Vega in the corner a few times, but Vega fired back with a spinning elbow and then dropped to the floor. Lana kicked her and then threw her back into the ring. Graves said Vega is “no slouch in the ring herself.” (Gee, what a compliment. I’ll say that Graves isn’t a big dork on commentary, either.) After Almas stood on the ring apron and distracted Lana, Rusev charged at him at ringside and knocked him down hard. Fans cheered. Rusev then threw him hard into the ringside barricade. Zelina kicked Rusev from behind. She aimed for his head and instead overshot his shoulder. Rusev sold the back of his head anyway. Almas then shoved Rusev into the ringpost. Lana kicked Vega in the head and then climbed to the top rope. English ran out and drove Almas hard into the ringpost, but it also knocked Lana off balance. Vega then gave Lana a running double knees in the corner for the three count.

WINNER: Vega in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Lana’s bump off the top rope felt completely disconnected from English driving Almas into the ring apron, but the point was still made. Poor English, with the best intentions somehow backfiring again!)

-Renee interviewed Shinsuke Nakamura backstage about defending his title against Jeff Hardy at Summerslam. Nakamura said he’s mistaken because Hardy was “erased” last week. Renee said he wasn’t actually erased, despite what Orton said. He said he plans to erase what’s left of Hardy and leave nothing for Orton. In walked R-Truth and Tye Dillinger. Truth said he wants a match against Nakamura at Summerslam for the U.S. Title. Nakamura asked why he’d do that. Truth said he’s going to pin Carmella to earn the title shot. Tye said that’s not how it works. More hijinks ensured and it led to Truth challenging Nakamura to a match tonight.

(Keller’s Analysis: Tye being the straight-man trying to keep Truth on track is amusing, but this wasn’t one of the better – i.e. funnier – segments Truth has been part of.)

-Byron stood up to go conduct his exclusive interview with The Miz. [c]


-Phillips confirmed Truth vs. Nakamura would take place later.

-Byron stood mid-ring and introduced Miz. Miz showed up on the big screen. He asked why Miz wasn’t in the ring. Miz said that question is why he’ll always be a second-rate commentator. Byron said since “Total Bellas” was recently renewed for a fourth season, does he feel “Miz & Mrs.” can achieve similar success. Miz said the first two episodes had more viewers than the entire season of “Total Bellas” so they’re doing just fine. He said there’s not one bad review on “Rotten Tomatoes.” He said that’s because he’s a big star. Byron said since he will be facing Bryan at Summerslam, does he have anything to say to the WWE Universe. Miz said he does, and he hyped his reality show airing after SD. “You won’t believe what happens to yours truly when I have to learn CPR.” He said Bryan will need that skill to resuscitate his career after Summerslam. Byron asked if now that the match is finally going to happen, what if he can’t back up his words. Miz said as Bryan has been obsessing over him while working in his backyard garden, he was building a movie career. Miz said he should be representing WWE as champion. He said Bryan needs a match with him and he’ll happily embarrass him at Summerslam. He said he’s done sharing the spotlight with someone who hasn’t earned it. He got into a state of rage as he said he’s not putting up with Bryan calling him soft. He said he isn’t hiding from Bryan, and at Summerslam he’ll expose Bryan for what he is and always will be, “which is beneath me.” He told Byron to go find that bearded bozo. Suddenly Bryan attacked Miz and his two bodyguards. Miz broke a vase over Bryan’s head.

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Graves said he’s known Bryan for years and he’s never seen him like this. Phillips said it’s clear Miz has gotten under his skin. Graves said it’s to the point of obsession and he’s concerned about what happens when they get in the ring at Summerslam.

-Nakamura made his ring entrance. [c]


R-Truth sung his song on his way to the ring and the crowd ate it up. Truth took Nakamura over with a huracanrana early and then took him down with a leaping wheel kick. Truth splashed Nakamura in the corner, but Nakamura soon came back with a spinning hook kick. He followed up with a leg scissors and armbar. Truth reached the bottom rope to force the release of the hold. Nakamura stomped away at Truth and hit the Kinshasa for the three count.

WINNER: Nakamura in 5:00.

-A promo aired with The Bludgeon Brothers who said the torture is not over as another match takes place, but they’ll be eager to break whoever wins both mentally and physically.

-The Bludgeon Brothers made their ring entrance. [c]

-They stayed with the “action” during the break which showed three unknown wrestlers warming up in what appeared to be an unintentional spoof of New Day’s act. This was a strange segment to air on split-screen because the context was missing.


Graves said the opponents of the Bludgeons was a team called 3SK. Total squash.

WINNERS: Bludgeons in 2:00.

-The announcers hyped the entire announced Summerslam line-up.

-The Bar made their ring entrance. [c]

-The New Day made their full ring entrance.

(5) THE NEW DAY (Big E & Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods) vs. THE BAR (Cesaro & Sheamus) – Winner gets tag title shot at Summerslam

Byron said he invited New Day to have pancakes with his mom. Phillips said, “That’s a weird thing that just came out of your mouth.” They showed a lot of pancake signs in the crowd. Fans loudly chanted “We Want Pancakes” at the start. Xavier threw pancakes into the crowd. The Bar controlled most of the first few minutes. [c]

Kofi fought back after the break and tried to get a tag, but Cesaro stopped him. Kofi, though, backdropped Cesaro over the top rope and then crawled over to tag in Big E. Sheamus also tagged in, but Big E took it to him including a belly-to-belly. He swiveled over Sheamus. When Cesaro tried to interfere, Big E knocked him off the ring apron. Sheamus schoolboyed Big E for a two count. Big E came back with a urinage for a near fall. Kofi gave Cesaro an S.O.S. a minute later for a two count. “The action is insane,” said Graves. Kofi dove at Sheamus at ringside, but Sheamus caught him and gave him a rolling senton. Back in the ring, Cesaro and Sheamus double-teamed Big E and scored a near fall. The crowd popped for the kickout. Big E withstood a sustained beating and they cut to another break. [c]

Cesaro landed a superplex on Big E and then Sheamus landed a top rope kneedrop for a near fall. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Big E kicked Sheamus out of the ring, but Kofi was still hurt from earlier. He crawled back up onto the ring apron and got the tag from Big E. He suddenly had a ton of energy and took it to Sheamus and Cesaro. Twenty seconds earlier he could barely make his way up onto the ring apron for a tag, and suddenly he looked 100 percent. It was too much too fast to be at all believable. He leaped onto both heels at ringside, then back in the ring landed a double stomp to Cesaro’s chest. Sheamus broke up the pin attempt. When Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise, Cesaro caught him. Sheamus tagged in and gave Kofi a double backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus waited for Kofi to stand and went for the Brogue Kick, but Kofi ducked. Kofi then gave Sheamus a dropkick to the face and tagged in Big E. Big E set up the Midnight Hour, but Cesaro intervened. Then Cesaro and Sheamus delivered a White Noise double-team, but Kofi broke it up. More “This is awesome” chants. Cesaro gave Big E a Cesaro Swing and then applied the sharpshooter mid-ring. Xavier played his trombone to get a “New Day Rocks!” chant going. Sheamus stopped Kofi from interfering to help Big E. Kofi gave him a DDT on the floor. Big E powered up and nearly escaped. Cesaro shifted into a crossface mid-ring. It seemed they were filling out some time here before the end of the show. Big E lifted Cesaro as he still had the crossface locked on. Then Kofi and Big E delivered Midnight Hour and the crowd loudly counted “1-2-3” and popped big for the finish.

WINNERS: The New Day in 26:00 to earn a Smackdown Tag Team Title match at Summerslam.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good tag match. The crowd ate it up and popped big at the end.)

Tonight after WWE Smackdown, join me live with guest cohost Travis Bryant from the PWTorch East Coast Cast to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Orlando.

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  1. Vega then gave Lana a running double knees in the corner for the three count.

    WINNER: Lana in 3:00.

    So, Vega pinned Lana, BUT Lana won? This sort of thing seems to be happening rather often lately. Who’dda thunk it?

  2. Great edition of Smackdown. I could do with the relentless Miz and Mrs spots i counted 9 tonight, NONE for 205LIVE which is a damn shame those guys work really hard. New Day v The Bar was one of the BEST matches this year a really strong match and Sheamus looked like he legit hurt his back towards the end of the back, I feel sad The Bar and USO`s aren`t going to be part of Summerslam this year which is really sad. And Lana is getting better every week God love her she`s trying and i appreciate that. I hope Becky wins at Summerslam i`ll be disappointed if she don`t, And where`s Sanity? What is the direction with the Iconics? Great show and Keith Lee tommorow on NXT!!

  3. To give some background on the We Want Pancakes chants.

    Kofi was absolutely launching them into the crowd, some even as high as the upper lower bowl, to every section but the immediate stage left side of the ramp up. The chant started up at the ramp and moved it’s way back.

    People really just wanted to have some fried bread thrown at them.

  4. (Keller’s Analysis: Uhhh.)

    I think we should call this a #3. It can be used for at least half the WWE booking and save Wade some time doing 5 hours of live recap in a 24 hour period.

    Kenny: I think 205 Live is a bigger dead man walking than Aiden English.

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