PARKS’S TAKE: Summerslam brings an opportunity for WWE to put an emphasis on big babyface victories

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist


Vince McMahon often crows about how WWE is all about putting smiles on people’s faces. At Summerslam, WWE can do just that with a number of popular babyfaces who could have an opportunity for their moment(s) in the sun. Will they, though? Or will WWE’s love-hate relationship with the audience tilt more toward the “hate” side Sunday night? A lot of positive momentum could swing the company’s way with the following results:

-Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar won’t make everyone happy. But those who want the Universal Title back in regular rotation will be ecstatic. So too will the fans who have never wavered on Reigns. Even those who dislike Reigns may even be satisfied that at least the man was finally “crowned” so we can all move on now.

-The bully heel Samoa Joe could get his comeuppance from the Face That Runs The Place, A.J. Styles. Joe made things personal by going after Styles’ family in a promo a couple weeks ago, with Styles coming to his own defense in a promo response last week. Styles has earned his spot at the top of the Smackdown brand. Joe could be a long-term opponent for him, but even so, a Styles win would not be out of the question.

-Ronda Rousey beating Alexa Bliss will perhaps cause some resentment because of how quickly she ascended the ladder, but most fans seem to be all-in on her. Bliss is such a great heel anyway, seeing Rousey destroy Alexa would certainly pop the crowd huge. Rousey has been “accepted” by the WWE Universe, so the worry of a backlash is minimal.

-The return of Dean Ambrose to the side of Seth Rollins changes the complexion of the Intecontinental Title Match on Sunday. It would only be fitting for Ambrose to hold Drew McIntyre at bay while Rollins defeats Dolph Ziggler. Rollins, already one of the most popular babyfaces on Raw, would likely get a thunderous reaction to winning the IC Title again, especially in celebration with his amigo, Ambrose.

-Becky Lynch was in position to get her long-awaited one-on-one match for the Smackdown Women’s Title, until her friend Charlotte returned from hiatus. It has made Becky’s path to the championship a little more rugged, but it could be all the more sweet if she can defeat two women instead of one to win. Carmella’s run as champion should be nearing its end, and the fans identify with Lynch as a Daniel Bryan-like underdog.

-The Miz has been antagonizing Daniel Bryan for years, and their match has been appropriately billed as years in the making. There’s certainly enough background here to do a lengthy feud, and if that’s the case, Miz may have to win the first match in the series. Bryan winning over Miz at Summerslam, though, because Bryan is such an effective babyface and Miz such a great heel, would pop the crowd huge. If it is a one-off (for now), it could be a building block win for Bryan to work his way up the card.

WWE has positioned their booking at Summerslam to the point that a number of babyfaces could get big wins, and big reactions from a notoriously active Brooklyn crowd. We’ll see how happy WWE decides to send these fans home.

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  1. Rousey and Reigns winning won’t make me all that happy. I’ve seen more than enough. Rousey’s barely had a cup of coffee in the WWE, and Roman’s just not that interesting without the Shield. They’ve been shoved so far down our throats though, it practically makes John Cena seem underutilized for all these years.

    This card does look to be a babyface victory heavy show, though.

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