10 YRS AGO – WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT (8-15-08): Hardy vs. Shelton, Edge hypes Summerslam match against Undertaker, Kendrick vs. Scott Goldman, plus Festus, McCool, Triple H

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

Edge (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)

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The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com five years ago this week…

WWE Smackdown review
August 15, 2008
Taped 8/12/08 in Norfolk, Va.
Aired on the CW
Report by Greg Parks, Torch Team Contributor

-WWE Open.

-Clips aired of last week’s attacks, eventually revealed to be perpetrated by Edge.

-Smackdown Open.


Interesting that they lead off with this match. JR mentioned Bobo Brazil beating Blackjack Mulligan in 1978 in Norfolk for the U.S. Title. Couple near-falls early for Jeff. Shelton slithered his way out of a Twist of Fate attempt and took a breather outside the ring. Shelton showed his aggressive side once he got back into the ring. Jeff made his comeback and made a pin, but Shelton got his foot on the rope. The show then went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back with Shelton in a headscissors. Shelton displayed his strength by powerbombing Jeff into the corner turnbuckle. Benjamin got a very near fall after a Samoan Drop. After dodging a Stinger Splash, Jeff jaw-jacked Shelton and both men were down. Shelton ducked down early on a Hardy clothesline, which made for an ugly exchange. Jeff hit a second-rope Whisper in the Wind for two. Shelton tried to sunset flip Jeff off the apron into a powerbomb, but Jeff landed a hurricanrana instead. In the ring, Jeff set up for a Swanton, but MVP came out of nowhere and pushed him off the top rope, drawing the DQ.

WINNER: Hardy, by DQ, at 15:33. This match was better than last week and was probably bordering four stars until the finish, which was pretty much the same as last week. I know they’re trying to get the heat on MVP, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth after such a good match.

After the match, MVP tried to hit his running kick on Jeff, but missed and hit Shelton. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, then Swanton on MVP, then the Swanton on Benjamin.

-Backstage, Vickie sat nervously in her office. Victoria came in and wanted to ask for something, but Vickie just wanted to talk. Victoria said she hadn’t seen Edge or Taker today. Victoria offered to look for them, but Vickie wanted her to stay with her. She said both Edge and Taker were there. Vickie began to cry.

-Triple H is in action tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Vladimir Kozlov faces Festus later tonight.


How many times has McCool defended the Divas Title since she won it? I don’t recall many. I guess Maria is taking Cherry’s spot as Michelle’s designated tag-team partner.

Maria started with Maryse, and this could be bowling-shoe ugly. Hey, what is Scott Armstrong doing refereeing on Smackdown? The girls did a few moves then some trash-talking before Maryse tagged Natalya. Natalya used her power to sidewalk slam Maria. Maria fought out of the heel corner and through Natalya’s legs (which looked strange, since she wasn’t backed that far into the corner) to tag Michelle. She added some athleticism to the match, including a forward suplex on Natalya. Maryse distracted Michelle enough for Natalya to dump McCool on her back and roll her up for three.

WINNERS: Natalya & Maryse, at 3:05.

-Triple H will be in action, still to come.

[Commercial Break]


I like Kendrick’s music. It’s simple, but it works. Kendrick, as usual, did some mic work. He wondered if anyone on the roster brings more to the table than he does. Ezekiel spoke for the first time, saying “not a single one” does. Kendrick said he wrestles for himself. This Goldman character (the former Colt Cabana) got his own entrance and music. He even did an inset interview, joking about being on the screen in two places at once. Well, it wasn’t as bad as Evan Bourne.

Goldman got a few reversals, but Kendrick used some hard kicks to the head to put things in his favor. Kendrick applied the Camel Clutch. Goldman made a comeback and did a Goldust-like jumping-butt-to-the-face move. Kendrick quickly finished it with The Kendrick.

WINNER: Kendrick, at 2:39. Good continuing of Kendrick’s push, and the fans are booing him, which is good.

After the match, Zeke gave a hard shoulderblock to Goldman.

-Backstage, Eve was joined by Triple H. Clips of the arm-wrestling contest last week were shown. HHH reassured everyone he’d be healthy enough to beat Khali at Summerslam. Kenny Dykstra walked into the picture and said he was facing Trips tonight. He said it was an opportunity of a lifetime, and he’s going to take advantage of it. Trips said he admired Dykstra’s “spirit” (zing!), but he picked the wrong guy on the wrong day.

[Commercial Break]

-Jim Ross and Tazz plugged that WWE was the number one program on any network last Friday night, save for the Olympics.

-Great Khali and Ranjin Singh came out. Khali did some mic work that was translated by Singh. He said we witnessed his power last week and that Triple H may be great (gotta get that compliment in there), but Khali is greater. His only focus is the WWE Championship. Singh told Triple H he’s done everything in WWE and to get out while he still can. Because if he doesn’t, Khali will take everything from Trips at Summerslam. During Triple H’s entrance, Singh joined Ross and Tazz on commentary, while Khali stood next to him and watched the match.


Dykstra started off hot, putting some shoulders into Triple H’s gut in the corner and hitting him with a clothesline and some right hands. Triple H came back with some clotheslines and a spinebuster. Pedigree, and that’s all she wrote.

WINNER: Triple H, at 1:24. I feel like they’re not utilizing HHH like they could be…..

After posing with the belt, Triple H went to confront Khali at ringside. Singh tried to stop him, but HHH threw him into the ring. He challenged Khali to come into the ring, and he did. Triple H met him with punches and tried to hook the Pedigree. He couldn’t, but instead he clotheslined Khali over the top rope.

-Big Show (remember him?) is in action next.

[Commercial Break]

-Festus takes on Vladimir Kozlov later on tonight.


Braddock got an entrance and music too. Braddock was immediately thrown over the top rope by Show. Big chop to the chest, followed by that sleeper-into-a-throw by Show. Right hand to the head and it’s over.

WINNER: Show, at 1:30.

-MVP stole the mic from Eve backstage, who was trying to get an interview. He talked right to Jeff Hardy, cutting a good promo, saying all the pain Jeff has felt lately won’t compare to what he feels at Summerslam.

[Commercial Break]

-Backstage, Victoria was keeping Vickie company. Vickie said after what Edge did with Alicia, she still felt something for him. But that disappeared after last week. Vickie began panicking, saying she needed to get out and asked Victoria to pull her limo around.

-Another R-Truth vignette aired.

-Kozlov…..Festus…..up next.

-Victoria wheeled Vickie to her limo. Before she could get in, Edge appeared from inside, and the fright knocked Vickie to the floor. Edge said they were going to have fun tonight, and helped her back into her wheelchair. He said she’ll be taking a ride to hell.

[Commercial Break]


Entrances are taking place at 9:29, EST. Could we be blessed with a twenty-minute showdown? That would be…..well, something. Festus punched away at Kozlov, who was able to get his hands up to block some of them. But he couldn’t block the uppercut. The two took their fight to the outside and Kozlov threw Festus into the steps. In the ring, Kozlov mounted Festus and hit him across the face with forearms. Bear-hug applied by the Russian. Festus came back, smacking Kozlov in the head, then he bodyslammed him. Hard clothesline from Festus. Festus continued on offense and went for his jumping shoulderblock, but Kozlov headbutted him into the chest for the pin.

WINNER: Kozlov, at 3:26. Kozlov’s selling has improved, it seemed like.

[Commercial Break]

-The Raw Rebound aired.

-JR and Tazz ran down the Summerslam card.

-Edge was continuing to torment Vickie backstage, by wheeling her around like a madman. Vickie was screaming in terror the whole time. Edge told her the ride wasn’t over…..as he was taking her to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

-Edge wheeled Vickie to the ring. Edge sat Vickie down on the mats at ringside, and Edge sat next to her. Edge told her they were just going through a rough patch. He said he wanted everyone to see the good times, then he put his arm around her. He showed a video of him apologizing to her, spliced in with video of them in love. It included Vickie saying Edge would face Taker in Hell in a Cell. The video continued with Foley on the Cutting Edge and last week’s attack on Chavo. Edge said he wanted her to apologize to the Undertaker for doing all “that” to him. She screamed it and he told her she was pathetic. He said she cause all of the pain and suffering. Edge said Vickie wanted him to burn in hell, and he is. He said it felt like his brain was burning from the inside out. He promised her that Taker would burn in hell with him. Edge insisted they shouldn’t wait ‘til Summerslam and that they should fight right now. Edge said he’s show Taker the purest form of hell he’s ever been in. By this time, Vickie was laying flat on her back on the ringside mats. He said their vows could represent his match at Summerslam: “‘Til death do us part.” Edge took in the scene, kneeling over Vickie as she continued crying, as the show ended. Edge was awesome here, clearly on the brink of insanity.

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