8/29 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 12): Drago vs. “The Savage” Jake Strong, Jack Evans vs. Xo Lishus

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch Contributor


Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #12 – “Til Death Do Us Part”
August 29, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Aired on Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-Show opened with a recaps of The Reptile Tribe-The Worldwide Underground and Johnny Mundo’s proposal to Taya, Jake Strong-Drago and XO Lishus-Jack Evans.

– Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Ricky Mundo were all in the locker room preparing for the wedding later tonight. Black told Johnny that they had a surprise for him later tonight. Mundo’s former tag team partner Joey Wrestling walked in (Formally known as Joey Mercury in WWE when Mundo was known as Johnny Nitro in the tag team MNM). Mundo expressed his excitement for Joey’s arrival by making him his best man. Ricky pointed out that PJ was supposed to be best man. Mundo jokingly apologized to Ricky letting him know that by default he has been demoted to ring bearer and maybe his doll could be the flower girl. Mundo put on his shades and exclaimed that this is going to be the best night of his life. He looked at his friends and they all began to play air guitar. They all stopped and told Ricky to stop. Johnny took away Ricky’s air guitar and they all walked off leaving Ricky behind. Ricky’s doll told him that he it hopes Ricky plans on keeping his vows to it. Ricky gave a menacing grin.

-Title Card

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker said while the temple is usually known for violence, tonight is the temple of love because of the wedding between Taya and Johnny Mundo later tonight. Vampiro hyped XO Lishus vs. Jack Evans coming later on. Striker then threw to Famous B who would serve as guest ring announcer tonight.

– Famous B sat in the crowd while he did introductions. He introduced Jake Strong followed by Drago.



The fans got behind Drago to begin the match. Strong landed some early strikes. Strong beat down Drago in the corner then slammed him. Drago tried to make a comeback, but Strong took him down by the leg. Strong continued to work Drago’s knee then moved onto working the arm. Drago kicked free then went to the top turnbuckle. Strong caught Drago, but Drago was able to reverse into a DDT. Drago attempted a pinfall, but Strong powered him off launching Drago into the crowd. Drago charged after Strong, Strong countered and lifted Dargo into the crowd. Strong brought Drago back into the ring and hit his corner splash. He followed it up with an ankle lock for the win.

WINNER: Strong at 4:51.

Post match: Strong grabbed Drago’s nunchucks and attempted a another ankle lock. AeroStar came out for the save and helped Drago to escape further beatdown.


-Famous B said the next contest will be a No Mas match. The rules work the same as an I Quit match. B introduced Evans who was already standing in the ring. Next out was XO Lishus.

(2) XO LISHUS vs. JACK EVANS – No Mas match

Evans screamed at XO telling him he is the founder of modern Lucha and someone like him does not deserve to be in the ring with him. XO had heard enough and attacked Evans. XO took the action to the outside. Evans fought back and hit a splash off the ring apron onto XO. Evans continued to beat down XO by bashing his head onto the announce table. XO leapt onto XO and hit a neckbreaker. Evans came firing back with a flying knee off the apron. Evans strangled XO with a chain and tried to get XO to say No Mas. XO broke free and flipped onto Evans driving his knees into Evans torso. Evans climbed up the temple and and leapt onto XO. Evans asked XO, “what do you say?”. XO said, “f***you.” (yes, the actual word). Ivelisse got involved and tried to beat down Evans. XO was able to take advantage by bringing Evans back into the ring and cinching in a crossface. Evans would not quit. XO came back by wrapping his legs around Evans head then driving Evans’ head into the mat. Evans reversed the hold into an armbar. Evans brought a steel chair into the ring and hit XO over the head. Evans setup the chair and laid XO on top of it. Evans headed to the top, then out came Joey Ryan. Ryan tried to convince Evans not to do this. Evans pushed Ryan out of the way, but Ivelisse knocked Evans off the top rope. XO locked in an arm bar in the middle of the ring leading to Evans saying No Mas.

WINNER: XO at 11:13.

Post match: Ivelisse embraced XO in the middle of the ring. Ryan came in and tried to convince them that he was on their side. XO and Ivelisse were not sure they could trust Ryan. They then all came together and celebrated.


-Evans crawled to the backstage area in front of Johnny Mundo and his entourage. Black told Evans to go put on his tux. Black looked to Johnny and said he doesn’t think JAck will make it to the wedding tonight. Ricky asked Johnny if he could take his place instead of holding the stupid the rings. Johnny fired back at Ricky telling him that the rings are not stupid but he (Ricky) is. Joey Calmed down Johnny. Johnny said he was excited to do this with his two best friends. Johnny played air guitar with Joey and PJ then rolled out. Ricky’s doll told him it is was time to do the job that it asked him to do. Ricky gave another menacing grin.

-Famous B sat in his wheelchair by the altar in the ring. He announced himself as the minister of love then plugged himself to minister weddings by calling 1-423-GET-FAME. He said the would even have Dr. Wagner and Texano attend for a “small fee”.

B introduced Johnny accompanied by his two best friends Joey Wrestling and PJ Black. Striker and Vampiro commented on the lime green theme of the wedding. All involved wore lime green suits and dresses. B introduced the bride Taya accompanied by her maid of honor Brenda.

-Backstage Ricky was preparing for his plan for Johnny. Ricky walked up stairs carrying bolt cutters. Ricky looked into a red light and heard grunts. The doll asked Ricky what he was afraid of. The doll became more aggressive towards Ricky’s hesitation and told him to just do it. Ricky walked towards a door and broke off the lock then ran down the stairs. Matanza emerged from the room and made his way down the stairs.


In ring: Famous B stood up and began the wedding ceremony. B asked the crowd if there was anyone who believed that these two should not be together, speak now or forever hold your peace. Antonio made his way to the temple. Antonio said he didn’t come out here to object to the wedding, unlike his son Dario he actually likes Mundo and Taya. Antonio said before it is made official he wanted to give them a gift. He then asked for the bell to be rung. Caterers brought out tacos and Antonio told them he brought tacos for everyone.

Taya gave a short speech about the great times she has had with Johnny and how she looks forward to being with him for the rest of their lives. She ended the speech by saying tonight they will put the slam in slam town. Mundo grabbed the mic and joked about how he finally found someone he loves more than himself. Mundo went on to compliment Taya and how happy he is to finally be marrying her. B asked Mundo and Taya for the “I do’s.” Mundo said I do while Taya jokingly said si. B said it was now time for the presentation of rings. Ricky walked out holding the rings in one hand and his doll in the other. B told Ricky that he needs the rings not his stupid doll. Mundo kicked Ricky out of the ceremony telling him he was not needed. B requested Mundo and Taya place the rings on each other. As B was about to announce Mundo and Taya as Newly weds, Matanza came down to the ring took out everyone including Famou B in his wheelchair. Matanza grabbed Black and choke slammed him through the taco table. Mundo tried to fight Matanza but was thrown over the top rope and through another taco table. Taya’s face was busted open with blood and tried to fight Matanza. Matanza hit the Wrath of the Gods then dragged Taya to the outside and slammed her into the wedding cake. Ricky looked on from the crowd laughing with doll.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Of course every wedding in wrestling ends in some sort of destruction or swerve. That being said, this wedding was pretty fun. The characters involved had been set up well and the story made total sense. Ricky had been treated terribly by The Worldwide Underground so it was time for him to make his attack. This sets up plenty of potential matchups down the line. It’ll be interesting to see what Antonio thinks of Matanza’s actions since he said he likes Mundo and Taya. Will there be consequences for Ricky or Matanza or will Antonio’s love for violence trump his affinity for Mundo and Taya.

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